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"Our existence deforms the universe. THAT'S responsibility.” - Delirium, The Sandman, in 'The Kindly Ones'.


Subject has been spotted on Brighton beach selling lavenders and wildflowers.

Zachary (Maxwell to his friends) does a whole lot of nothing around here. However, he is a prize-winning writer and photographer who is happy to devote as much time as he can helping people with their drafts. At the time of writing, don't expect the most prompt of responses.

When not critiquing or generally being awesome, he writes. Here are some things he wrote.

The Kit Series

And Then, Kit Slept.

'Wait. He hadn’t smoked in nearly five years. He had just flicked his vaporizer into the void. Fuck, not again.'

Kit's Bloomin' Adventure.

'"Lick my iliac crest," he found himself begging, his hands still digging into the spongy form that was the being.'

Kit's Brotherhood.

'“We should close the window,”


“Because I don’t want to jump out of it.”'

The Duvet Queen.

'Faintly, he remembered writing something about someone, but, as always, had decided against posting it.'

Kit's Horror Hospital of Horror.

'He was used to insane shit. But he was mainly used to dealing with that insane shit in person.'

That One Time Kit Tried to Kill Himself.

'Kit is never Knowingly Violent.'

Loskon in the Making.

'He thought of the amnestic in Kit's tea. He thought of the mission he was supposed to complete. He thought of the time Kit pretended to be dead. He thought that maybe he had done the right thing.'

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby Pt. 1

'Laying in the box, the baby's face went red, and she grunted, and a godawful smell flooded the air. Kit reflexively put his free hand over his nose, other arm cradling the box. "…Shit." He muttered. "…Literally."'

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby Pt. 2

'Kit tasted a spoonful of the lumpy porridge, then instantly regretted it. "This stuff is disgusting, if you don't mind me saying."'

Maxwell's Creepypasta One-Shots

It Might Have Been.

'Linked hand in hand, mother and child both knew as soon as they hit the threshold, Katie would disappear.'

You Never Visit Me Anymore.

'Her grave was simple. “Memento Mori”, it said, because that’s all that could be read clearly on her arm in red Sharpie at the beauty spot.'

Two Ships, Passing in the Night.

'It was as if all the painful and joyous events had never happened. And no one needed the corpses of empty houses to remind them, so something bigger than nature dismissed the buildings as useless.'

The Price of Beauty.

'You can get everything rebuilt these days. Your tits, your arse, your face…'

Here Lies Art (and Photography) Maxwell Has Done

Other Things Maxwell Has Given Minimal Input To_

Zachary has only been helpful to the site once when he kinda sorta helped with a crosslink guide.

What'cha Up To, Maxwell?

He's still working on things, and wants to let you know that something big respectably medium-sized is coming soon. He's not working on things right now. At least not in the public eye. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

He's back, bitches.1

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