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The joke SCP that this test log belonged to has been deleted. I'll take advantage of the newly orphaned page to say a few words about joke SCP articles, how to write them, and how to react to their deletion. Please understand that this piece is not aimed at any author in particular, but rather to everyone on this wiki who has ever tried or wanted to try to write a joke SCP article.

When joke SCP articles suck, they get deleted just like normal SCP articles that suck. I acknowledge that this might cause some of you a bit of heartache. I truly do grasp the nature of your pain. You put a lot of (admittedly misplaced) effort into that abnormally messy literary prolapse article, and as an author, you are wounded by its negative reception. I understand. I don't care. As a rule, neither does anyone else, so it's best you move on to something else with a minimum of bitching.

That said, on to the helpful hints!

The first trick to writing a good joke SCP is to start by actually having a joke. For those of you already lost, Wikipedia defines "joke" as

…a short story or ironic depiction of a situation communicated with the intent of being humorous.

What you should get from this is that a -J SCP article should be humorous. Intentionally. Ideally, it should be humorous in the way you as an author intended, but if that doesn't pan out… well, go back and reread that second paragraph for me real quick. It's generally a good idea to make sure that your idea of "humor" synchs up with the majority of your readers, as well. You don't tell Jew jokes at a bar mitzvah.

The second trick is to make sure that the writing in your joke SCP article is good enough to be an SCP article. We do not give bad writing a pass just because it's a -J. When you write, you must always use proper grammar and syntax, capitalize correctly, and not bore the reader out of their mind. We have a pretty good guide on everything else it takes to write an SCP article, broadly speaking.

Now, if you have made sure that your article is both funny and well written, chances are good that it will be well received. If it isn't, grab a buddy and have them run it past those two criteria. Try sending a PM via wikidot or our helpful IRC chatroom to some of the users who downvoted your work. Chances are, you've done something stupid and easy to fix.

Finally, keep in mind that there is no penalty for having an article deleted. It happens to the best of us. Actually, it generally doesn't, but the point is that it could. If after multiple tries your article idea just isn't working out, let it go and come up with something else. Whining or getting angry will never, ever help you. For more on that, reread the second paragraph on this page.

The other users on the site are often good for suggesting ideas or images for new writing projects, so it's worth asking around for a new concept. It may be that joke SCPs just aren't your thing, in which case we do have the regular SCP article option or a fiction section you could add to instead.

To sum up, a good -J article is
a) funny, and
b) well written.
If your work is deleted, ask someone why, but accept it and move on without complaint.


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