A Semi-comprehensive List of Mobile Task Forces

Disclaimer: If this document confuses and scares you, and you don't understand what it is, read this guide until you feel better.

The following list is not to be considered a canonical record of Mobile Task Forces within the Foundation universe. It is intended as a tool for writers, and is not considered 'official' by any stretch of the imagination.

If you spot an MTF that's not on this list, or create a new one for your own SCP article or tale, feel free to insert it. If the number is already taken, just add a new entry below the original. Likewise, if you spot an MTF in this list that's no longer in existence, or goes by a different name/number, feel free to delete it! This is primarily a collaborative project, so any additional help would be greatly appreciated. The formatting for adding a new item to the list is as follows:

|| MTF number || Codename || Works it's used in || Brief descriptive passage1 ||

Task forces marked with a '•' have had their entries fully verified. Please don't verify your own entries.

Wait to make sure your article's staying in the positive ratings2 before adding the Task Force here: it's a pain to go through and clean up afterwards.


Many thanks to CrayneCrayne, who provided the basis for this using arcane computer majix, and Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus, who put in a frankly ridiculous amount of work tidying this up.

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