Sr. Researcher James A. Harkness' Personnel File
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Name: Sr. Researcher James A. Harkness ("TheBillith")

Clearance Level: 4

Current Assignment: [DATA REDACTED PER O5 REQUEST]

Biography: Born 31 July 1979 in Hoboken, NJ, Sr. Researcher James Harkness was recruited out of university by the Foundation during their 1999 campaign for members of the then-fledgling Mobile Task Force Rho-9 ("Technical Support")1. Since then, he has been working closely with technology and information-based SCPs.

During routine evaluations, it was deduced that Harkness possesses a high cognitohazard resistance and therefore has been utilized with study of several powerful cognition-affecting SCPs in his 18 years of service. He currently resides in Site-34's personnel lodge.


For approximately twenty minutes per day, the front and back doors of SCP-2853 unlock and open via an anomalous means. The doors will close and reseal themselves after this interval has passed.

Sound waves performed synchronously as described within the parameters of the sheet music have a minor reality-warping effect, the strength of which is amplified the longer the pieces are played without error.

It is assumed that SCP-3959 is able to freely access and travel through the internet if it is available. Therefore, Site-01's servers must be located on an off-grid private server network. Encryption and tight restriction of information going in and out of Site-01 has successfully deterred SCP-3959 from breaching Foundation servers any further.

Note: This also includes supplementary page SCP-3959 (LEVEL 5 Clearance) and a short tale Redact Your Life.

It's been in Site-44 for as long as anyone can remember, and, honestly, no one knows where the fuck it came from. It's locked in with a bazillion gizmos, and they all show up randomly on the sides of the box. Anything- keypads, combination locks, time-based Sudoku puzzles, you name it.

Note: This also includes collaborative page SCP-????-J EXTENDED EXPERIMENT LOG

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Note: This also includes offset page SCP-META-EX-J-OFFSET

Upon the manifestation of SCP-3545-1, individuals who travel through the boundaries and out the opposite side will find themselves transported to an alternate location.

Subjects report a brief period of unconsciousness following death that lasts approximately fifteen minutes. After this period, the subject's consciousness will be translocated to another copy of SCP-2759 seemingly not located on Earth, designated SCP-2759-E1.


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