Site 19 Intern Page
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Personnel Name: Mohen Cristobal

Clearance: 2

Date of Birth: ██/██/2000

Info: Mohen Cristobal currently works as an assistant within Site 19, aiding in documentation, study, and paperwork pertaining to contained anomalies. It is not known exactly when Cristobal began their internship at Site 19, nor how.

We kinda figured he was like, one of the O5's kids or something
-Dr. Eckert Letner

Director Samantha Ortiz

I didn't think we had interns.
-Mohen Cristobal

Notable events: Cristobal has little, if any significance as a member of the Foundation. Records indicate that the only noteworthy event on an otherwise insignificant record was when Cristobal was relaying coffee to wounded officers during a containment breach when they accidentally spilled hot coffee over SCP-682, causing SCP-682 to cry.

Cristobal has been responsible for the documentation of the following anomalies:

In addition, there is one known artistic depiction of SCP-2743 currently under custody of the Foundation.


Image drawn by the unknown alias "Mharti"

Good Jorb

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