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The Foundation is a global, clandestine organization with an iron grip on all media, literature, and public knowledge. They operate within a strict hierarchy of Researcher to Site Director to Overseer to ensure that humanity remains in perpetual and blissful ignorance. They will and have contained God, and no one seems to care.

Everything is as it must be.

Site-17 is the second-largest Foundation containment facility, housing hundreds of researchers and containing twice as many anomalies. Corruption has slowly festered within its ranks. The embodiment of the anomalous is knocking on reality's door. Someone has stopped to listen to a humanoid's sobbing.

Is everything as it must be?

Site-17 is on the brink. There is always the slowly-beating thrum of anticipation, always the knowledge of something bigger, always the end just out of reach. So keep your head down, and your nose to the grindstone. You don't have to like what we do here; you just have to do it. If you start having dreams, consult a psychiatrist. If you start feeling ill, look past the blood. If you start losing your memories, don't bother. That's just how it is in this place.

Nothing is as it should be.

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Section I: Lessons

SCP-4051: Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter
by Nagiros

SCP-4051 is a male humanoid which can create temporary Class-E wormholes to extradimensional spaces populated by a theoretically infinite number of a unique item. Efforts to utilize it to the Foundation's benefit are ongoing.

SCP-4260: The Subdirective
by Nagiros

SCP-4260 refers to the consciousness of an essophysical entity which has permeated itself through the known universe. The effect of SCP-4260's existence has been well documented by almost every sapient culture.

Your current version of the Automated Passive Amnestization System (APAS), installed at Site-17, is up to date and all systems are online. What now?

Section II: Shatterproof

SCP-4175: Friends Made, and the Void
by Nagiros

SCP-4175 is a Level-I Humanoid Apparition which can be viewed in the reflection of a bathroom vanity mirror.

"His first name is Samuel. Last name is Veras. He's a Class V reality bender, and we have no idea how to keep him contained. The Foundation's never seen anything like him before."

SCP-4415: Humanoid Containment Chamber #λ045
by Nagiros

SCP-4415 is a set of extradimensional locations accessible through the door of the former Humanoid Containment Unit #λ045 at Site-17. They are inaccessible to non-anomalous persons.


SCP-4855: Mind Like a Steel Trap
by loddite

SCP-4855 is a 74 year-old African-American female, legally named Ms. Edwina Drake, of ██████████, North Dakota. SCP-4855 is immune to informational, psychological, memetic, and antimemetic anomalies.

Systems Patch
by Nagiros

Hello, Nathaniel. Will you be implementing my interface update tonight?

SCP-4755: When We Are Omnipotent
by Nagiros

SCP-4755 designates the ultimate purpose of conceptualization, which is containment.

by cybersqyd

SCP-4518 is an anomalous group of humans that are visually identical, approximately 30 year old white males. Attempting to count the number of SCP-4518 instances causes the number of instances present to increase.

Series Details


The first tenet of Site-17's fiction is that the Foundation is, at its core, evil. It is a hierarchical, bureaucratic institution which seeks to enforce ignorance as law and is plainly hostile to the world at large. It worships the greater ethical good but has no method of defining what that good is.

Perhaps, the researchers within the Foundation have not realized this. Perhaps even the Overseers are likewise deluded. But the ones who have been trampled beneath the weight of the Foundation's transgressions are not so blind.


The second tenet is that Site-17's fiction is a prelude to happiness. The world may be under the Foundation's thumb, but goodness persists regardless. Characters live, they love, they care for one another. Old structures are groaning beneath their antiquity, and giants are in motion on the dim horizon.

Wherever there is a shadow, there is light. Site-17 is only an examination of its world's temporary darkness.


Preferably, articles written for Site-17 should incorporate one or more of the following elements into their fiction:

  • Inclusion of, or references to, established characters or events within the Site-17 lore
  • Ethics Committee interactions
  • Humanoid anomalies
  • Essophysics or the AMEC Database
  • Thematic interest in secrecy, truth, and/or the sacrifices made to maintain the Veil

In any case, feel free to parent your article to this page and add it here when it's posted. The applicable tag is deepwell-catalog.

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