Simartar's Author Page
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still procrastinating making this SCP-4579's image

Name: Dr. Simon Artar

Serial Number: 54859-ZTI-394

Clearance: Level 1

Position: Professional Time-Waster

Profile: Hello random citizen! I'm some dude that writes sometimes, mostly tales. Can also play several instruments, on a scale from "decent" to "for the love of all things holy make that goddamn noise stop". Will crit stuff in exchange for strawberry milk.

Disciplinary Report 28/12/2022: Dr. Artar reprimanded for his performance in Site-██'s annual talent show. Trombone confiscated, later testing determined horrendous sound quality to be entirely non-anomalous. ██ personnel treated for hearing damage.





The Rampart, the Rogue, and the Renegade:

A Clean, Fast End:

SCP-4527: Crippling Indecision

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