Simartar's Author Page
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Dr. Artar SCP-4579 in containment.

Name: Dr. Simon Artar

Serial Number: 54859-ZTI-394

Clearance: Level 1


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Profile: Some dude that pretends he can write sometimes. Greatly dislikes clowns.1 Can play five instruments with varying degrees of skill, and occasionally attempts to sing. Can be bribed with strawberry milk.

Disciplinary Report 28/12/2022: Dr. Artar reprimanded for his performance in Site-██'s annual talent show. Trombone confiscated, later testing determined horrendous sound quality to be entirely non-anomalous. ██ personnel treated for hearing damage.




The Rampart, the Rogue, and the Renegade:

A Clean, Fast End:

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