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Agent Trauss with his vehicle (photographer credit: Information Breach Publications)

ID #: C-51174

Name: Agent C. Trauss

Hire Date: ██/██/20██

Personnel Class: C

Clearance Level: 4

Personnel Information: Agent Trauss is an Offsite Response Driver for Site-42, tasked with tracking and detaining human and sapient anomalies in the Wilmington, NC area. He is a former member of Mobile Task Force Lambda-12, and has served at Sites 42, 19, 81, and 66. He lives on-site at Site-42 and is unmarried with no children.

Foundation Certifications: L4 Amnestics Administration (Tier III), L4 Tactile Resistance Training (Tier IV), L4 Biochemical Exposure Resistance Training (Tier III), L3 Cognitohazard Exposure Resistance Training (Tier II), L4 Handguns (Tier V), L4 Rifles (Tier V), L4 Defensive Driving (Tier V), L4 Pursuit & Capture Training (Tier V)

Civilian Certifications: High School Diploma

Employee Record: 1 strike(s) personal misconduct (remediated 2017)


"A good addition since the masquerade broke. Not sure what sort of attention-grabbing disasters would have arisen had he been a field operative before that point."
-Eric Radford, Director of Site-42

"I've seen a D-51174 on one occasion, but not a C-51174… questionable."
-Dr. Argent, Site-66

"Please tell the page editors to put the umlaut back in my name in the database."
-Agent Trauss

"A Jeep? Seriously?"
-███████ ███████, Personnel Director of Region III Northern US Sites

"A Jeep? That's great!"
-███ ███████, Personnel Director of Region I Southern US Sites

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