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Date Time Workshop/Seminar Host Done?
04/14/2019 1 PM EST Review Workshop for Critique Seminars taylor_itkin DONE
05/05/2019 1 PM EST Dialogue Writing Workshop taylor_itkin DONE
05/26/2019 8 PM EST Writing Memorable/Interesting Characters AdminBright DONE
07/14/2019 1 PM EST Crit Seminar 2.1: Quick Crit taylor_itkin DONE
07/20/2019 6:30 PM EST Finding and Using CC-Complaint Images Elogee Fishtruck DONE
08/25/2019 3 PM EST Writing Flash-Fiction SCP Articles A Random Day DONE
09/07/2019 6 PM EST Improving Your Prose The Great Hippo DONE
09/15/2019 1 PM EST Crit Seminar 2.2: Line-by-Line and Nitpick taylor_itkin NOT DONE
10/12/2019 5 PM EST How To Hecking Read (Critically) SoullessSingularity NOT DONE
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