Report about Searching for the Demon Foxes
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Report about Searching for the Demon Foxes


SCP-2953 (by Jailors),
neo-Tamamo (by IJAMEA),


鳳翔千仞 龍飛在天
蓍鬯通神 松栢需材
比之人類 何貴何賤
夫大道之害 莫甚於矜心 

Fenghuang flies about a thousand fathoms, Dragon's surge touches the firmament.
The yarrow and turmeric is adherence to the deity, the pine and fir will be a mainstay of structure.
Compared to the kinds of men, which are greater and which are lesser?
Generally speaking, nothing is more serious than self-importance in hindering a Great Way.
Regarding mankind greater and all other things lesser,
that is the root of the self-importing mind.

Hong Dae-yong, "Catechism of Eusan mountain"
from Books of Relaxed House12

Forging a sapient being into something else, even into another sapient being, must be considered as sin without the consent of that being. However, there is no end to people's greed, as they repeat the same mistakes over history. This is one of those trials of greedy and the tale of its product.


Traits: We will not describe the details of this procedure for two reasons. First, the Jailors are hoarding the essential preparation material, the Killing Stone (J: Sessho-seki, K: Salsäng-seok), so explaining it is meaningless. Second, we must discourage this damn atrocity and subdue anybody who is willing to attempt the procedure.

The basic concept involves making a sapient being into an artificial demon fox by the Killing Stone. The stone is the alleged remains of Tamamo-no Mae, a legendary demon fox killed in 12th century Japan. According to the memorandum3 prepared by IJAMEA, the stone causes vulpine polymorphism when a sapient being4 has contact with it. It may also make one into a demon fox by injecting its active principle into one's vein.

Nature: The history is a function of constant and variable. The constant is the material base, and the variable is a person's will. When the will is strong enough, it can alter history-reality — leading to thaumaturgic consequences.

One of the strongest wills is one of vengeance. When someone who holds a strong grudge dies, their will forms an ectoplasm and develops into a malevolent spirit called a "resentful phantom" (K: 寃鬼 weon-gü 원귀) or "vengeful soul" (J: 怨靈 on-ryō おんりょう). Resentful phantoms seek their vengeance and exploit living beings to achieve its goal. Possession is its most common means, the worst case resulting in the erosion of the living body, making it into its former appearance. Resentful phantoms can be convinced to leave the realm of the living by aiding its vengeance. However, if the target has died or has been killed independently from the phantom, it will never accept that its vengeance has become no longer possible and go berserk.5

Even the strongest will of vengeance cannot avoid the passing of time making it weak and faded. But the will can be preserved if there is proper "Shell" that can store it in. For example, the Killing Stone of Tamamo-no Mae.

History & Associated Parties: From 1936 to 1945, IJAMEA had performed a series of experiments on the human body to summon Tamamo-no Mae ("Operation Dakki"). They extracted the material from the Killing Stone and injected it into Korean subjects.

In 1939, IJAMEA succeeded to make one subject into a seemingly perfect demon fox, following countless trials which produced numerous abominations. However, their "neo-Tamamo" lacked proper sapience. Her678 intelligence was on the level of a newborn baby, while she had the body of an adult demon fox, including the nine tails.9 She then escaped the IJAMEA facility and began a serial murder spree, crawling in the night of Pusan. IJAMEA retrieved her, but failed to symmetrize her intelligence with her physical and magical abilities. They wanted to make her into a war machine and fed her living humans. This made the problem worse.

In 1945,1011 the Jailors found the Killing Stone from the facility, but the neo-Tamamo disappeared into thin bloody air, leaving the mangled corpses of IJAMEA researchers.

We obtained some IJAMEA memorandum regarding their Killing Stone experiments in 1985 Japan. Since then, we had sought the trace of neo-Tamamo,121314 though it went cold by 2009, when two reports were submitted on a well-known Korean creepypasta blog. They independently claimed that they had an encounter with a strange humanoid, covered with long white hair and blurry facial features. Their alleged witnessing took place 10 years ago and 25 years ago from the posting date, in 1999 and 1984 respectively.

The location of both witnesses was Woodsorrels Mountain. Woodsorrels Mountain is a dead volcano located in the center of Pusan City, the last whereabouts of neo-Tamamo. This so-called "Woodsorrel-Mountain Tiger" became a very popular cryptid on the internet. Many threads had been posted, and the common things found between them were:

  • Covered with very long white hair, resembling a Ghillie suit.
  • Hallucinatory abilities, most notably vocal mimicry.
  • Long hair preventing the observation of its face, save for the gruesome glitter of eyes and sharp teeth.
  • High maneuverability, enabling it to climb the mountain very fast.
  • Luring humans by vocal mimicry to prey on them.

It seems that oppressive organizations, such as Foundation and GOC, have dismissed this information or found nothing from their investigations. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that internet threads about the Woodsorrel-Mountain Tiger have not been suppressed. Moreover, some stupid comic and movie were made following the "Woodsorrel-Mountain Tiger" fashion, but they did nothing to prevent it.15

However. We found her, in the year of 2020, in the course of demon fox searching program.

She was dwelling in the grotto, undiscovered before because it was covered by the debris flow of volcanic boulders. More than 70 years, she had been burrowing under this flow, coming in and out through the gaps between boulders, preying on animals, including the hikers and local people falling behind their group.

It was a hard thing to deal with the nine-tailed fox, even though she was an imitation without intelligence and suffering from chronic malnutrition. We managed to capture her after fierce combat overnight. Yeon's sigil arts arts was helpful to subdue her. With a dog collar branded with a special sigil,16 we returned safely to our base in front of the Library.

Cap17 argued that she must be killed. Her argument was interrupted by a message from Midnight, stating that the Serpent's Nest is against her death.1819



The flow of volcanic boulders, covering the grotto where we found her.

Observations & Stories

Let's start a discussion about the treatment for this… entity. As we are a society of free people, speak freely. It was not my idea to induct me into a captainship in the first place, so nevermind my position.
May I speak the Nest's mind again?
Yeah. And get lost when you finish it.
The Nest is against her death for two reasons. First, the Hand is neither the Jailor nor the Executioner. They say that we must keep the line that makes us different from the oppressors in this world. Second, they want to prevent the extinction of the demon fox, a species of great wonder. Even though she is an artificial one, she can be helpful in dealing with the crisis of the extinction of the species.
Shouldn't we follow their direction?
The Nest is not our upper echelon. We can take account of their advice, but it's not mandatory. If our consensus disagrees with them, we will say fuck them and do what should be done. So, should I start? Or is there anybody else who wants to speak?
You do.
Okay. First of all, I cannot agree with the conservation of the demon fox race. This blood must be extinct for the good of all people, both normal and anomalous. We don't need to be an Executioner to kill a mosquito or to sterilize bacteria.
Wow, though I already knew it, it's quite disturbing to hear your hateful statement against your own race directly from you.
Turn off that damn speaker until our discussion comes to a conclusion. Now you shut up and just listen, Midnight. This is our problem and no more meddling is welcome.
Midnight has asked me to turn on her speaker again.
Ignore her.
Sure thing.
Uhm, is it right that this entity was originally human?
Cap. I think it is improper to treat her like normal demon fox. She was previously a man, a normal human being.
Yes. But his mind is nowhere to be found. This is just flesh transformed by a resentful phantom, and a beastly soul is dwelling in it. We cannot say that he is her.
How can we be sure? Maybe his mind is trapped within the depths of her consciousness. If we interact with her properly, we might find a way to bring his mind back. Or at least teach her norms and morals to be a proper humane being. It is unjust to deprive her this possibility.
My thought differs from yours, sis. Even if we acknowledge her status as a human being, what about her crimes since the 1945? Nah, I've heard that the Japanese fed her with living men and women. Her life itself has been a continuation of crimes against humanity since she was created. She is criminally liable for her life, and a death penalty is unavoidable.
We must keep in mind that she does not have a balance of intelligence for her body and magical abilities because of the isolation and experiments by IJAMEA. Her maneating predation was an expression of instinct for survival, not intentional.
What's the difference between a guilty human needing to be hanged and a harmful beast needing to be exterminated? She must be killed anyhow.
I think he is trying to say that most demon foxes kill and prey on humans intentionally by their free will constructed through their experiences. But in this case, she didn't. Am I right?
Yes, thank you, Heuiji.
Considering the evidence found from her hideout, it might be true that she preyed on any animal, not particularly humans. Maybe it is the reason why she was not caught by public concern or agents from oppressive organizations for the longest time.
So, it seems that the main issue is how can we penalize someone without humane ethics when this unethical life is caused by segregation from human society, not by her free will.


We have sent the neo-Tamamo to Tōno Yōkai Reservation via the Hand in the Japanese archipelago, instead of killing her. Maybe she can learn about humanity by our Japanese comrades' support.2021

However, there are still some unsolved problems. What should we do when she realizes that her crimes are unforgivable? Any way we slice it, the presence of victims devoured by her is undeniable. The worst case scenario is if she absconds with proper intelligence. If this happens, there will be no way for us to avoid the blame.

To prevent this disastrous accident, we put suppressive charms (禁制) on the neo-Tamamo before sending her to Japan. The key needed to release those charms is kept by the captain.

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