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An interior view of Site-947.

Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-947 (Hereby referred to as Site-947) has been purchased by a Foundation front company. Civilian access to Site-947 has been restricted. Personnel working in Site-947 are required to undergo monthly psychiatric evaluations. Personnel are not allowed to remain at Site-947 after 22:00 and may not enter until 06:00. All personnel are to evacuate Site-947 upon sightings of SCP-947-1 until the demanifestation of the instances.

SCP-947-2 is to be filled with plain concrete at 19:00 daily. Several containers of sand have been placed around Site-947 in order to mitigate the resulting effects should this not be feasible. No personnel are allowed within the basement from 21:00 to 07:00.

No personnel are allowed on the third floor of Site-947 between 20:00 to 08:00.

Description: SCP-947 refers to a set of phenomena relating to the abandoned ███████ Hotel and Casino, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

SCP-947-1 refers to a set of spectral entities that manifest within Site-947. SCP-947-1 manifest most often between 22:00 and 06:00, although manifestations have been recorded at various times. SCP-947-1 instances are silent, and are either unwilling or unable to interact with anything other than another SCP-947-1 instance. Body language of SCP-947-1 instances suggests extreme emotional discomfort. SCP-947-1 instances will generally demanifest approximately one hour after manifestation. There are currently nine (9) recorded individual variants of SCP-947-1.

Personnel working around SCP-947-1 for extended periods display increased prevalence of immunodeficiency disorders, insomnia, and depression. Currently, there are no known ways of directly interacting with SCP-947-1.

SCP-947-2 is a fault located in the basement of Site-947. When not sealed, SCP-947-2 will slowly widen. Sealing SCP-947-2 with concrete will stop the widening process. The amount of unfilled space within SCP-947-2 appears to correspond with the frequency of SCP-947-1 manifestations. All foreign matter present within SCP-947-2 will disappear completely at 18:18 daily.

At 03:00, various objects currently not attached to the walls, ceiling, or floor will disappear from their current location and reappear incorporated into SCP-947-2. Objects will be crudely modified to fit inside SCP-947-2 so as to leave little open space. This only occurs if SCP-947-2 is not completely filled in by 03:00 and if suitable objects are present within Site-947.

SCP-947-3 (Note removed).

SCP-947-3 refers to a door on the third floor not present in the original floor plan. Its current positioning suggest it would be used as a side entrance to room 321. However, to date, all attempts at opening SCP-947-3 have failed.

A handwritten note appears on SCP-947-3 each day at 18:18. To date, the note has been identical across all iterations. Aside from its spontaneous appearance, the note possesses no anomalous properties. The author of this note has not yet been identified.

Addendum [947-1]: As of 11/10/1988, SCP-947-2's rate of expansion appears to have increased. In addition, SCP-947-1 manifestations have increased in frequency. Recommending increased funding towards Site-947 in order to research more efficient containment methods.

Addendum [947-2]: As of 23/10/1989, new containment procedures have been implemented to more effectively seal SCP-947-2. Mid-day SCP-947-1 manifestations have decreased by 90%. A slight increase in manifestations in the basement and third floor compared to other floors has been noted.

Addendum [947-3]: SCP-947-1 have recently been recorded converging around SCP-947-2 at 03:00, attempting unsuccessfully to reopen SCP-947-3. This behavior is to be considered normal, and any change in this behavior is to be reported to Site Command.

Document 947-A: The following note has been found attached to SCP-947-3 on a daily basis since containment began in 8/11/1978.

I really shouldn't have to tell you this, you know? I mean, I assume your mother told you about the importance of fostering good relationships with others.

I know, I know. You're a powerful person. You don't need anyone else; I mean, you already have what you wanted, right? Why be a good person if it doesn't satisfy your cravings and ego?

Still, I don't believe I ask much from associates or hell, even my customers, you know? Bit of honesty, trust, not attempting to stab me when my back is turned; stuff that comes with a lot of agreements. I understand you feel the need to hurt others who get in your way, or perhaps feel a compulsive need to do so, but come on. Can't you focus your targets on something more appropriate, like someone who actually has it out for you? I mean, it still won't fill that empty part of your soul, but hey, it's useful for someone.

Whether I'm telling you this because you're a thief, cheater, or just all-around terrible person doesn't really matter. Truth is, I actually don't care what you do with the rest of your life. Steal more from me, make me look like a fool, hell, just be an annoying human being. I can't stop you now, and probably can't do anything to you in your current lifetime.

I just wanted you to know that you'll be thinking of this note much later on, and if you can't move on afterwards, it's probably your own fault.

You'll know what I mean.

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