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2/638 LEVEL 2/638
Item #: SCP-638


Richard Chappell, circa 1904

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: All members of SCP-638 are deceased, and their remains have been disposed of in accordance with standard protocol.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-638 was the Pulaski Crew, an organized crime squad active in the 1910s as part of the larger Chicago Spirit. While Chicago Spirit boss Richard D. Chappell was not a member, he organized the group and led their only major heist in 1914. The Pulaski Crew was comprised of 5 anomalous individuals, designated SCP-638-A through -E:

  • SCP-638-A: Louis 'Bagel' Bernstein; 31, Jewish American, pyromancer.
  • SCP-638-B: 'Mads' Moody; 38, American, anomalous strength.
  • SCP-638-C: Guiseppe 'Permontto' Fiori; 34, Italian-American, anomalously persuasive.
  • SCP-638-D and -E: 'Ah Num' & 'Ah Tom'; 41, Chinese, twin thaumaturges.

SCP-638, led by Chappell, used their anomalous abilities to perpetrate the 1914 heist of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Over the course of nineteen minutes, SCP-638 was able to eliminate security, take hostages, and gain access to the vault, which contained 2,000 short tonnes of gold bullion as part of a classified government handoff.

The Chicago Police Department and embedded Foundation agents stormed the facility and detained SCP-638, finding Richard Chappell and all the gold conspiciously absent. Embedded agent Chad Pick began performing preliminary interviews on the members of SCP-638 to attempt to ascertain the location of the bullion and the whereabouts of Richard D. Chappell.

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