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Item #: SCP 5955

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: SCP 5955 is located at Site 19 and is covered in a 2 m layer of ice and it is to not be unfrozen under any circumstances. SCP 5955 is contained in a 3 m x 3 m x 4 m cell surrounded by 1 m thick steel plated walls, with one guard outside of the cell at all times

If ever to be unfrozen SCP 5955 will lash out in sheer rage and strangle any thing to death within seconds.

Description: SCP is 5955 is an eight tentacle cephalopod each tentacle stretching from 1-2 m long. Otherwise the main part of the body is 2 m x 1 m x 1 m. If SCP 5955 is to be unfrozen it is to immediately refrozen. If not SCP 5955 will grow to the size to any space that it is in. Weather that is a 4 m x 4 m x 4 m room or a 20 m x 13 x 15 m room, it will grow to that size.

Incident Reports:

File One: A guard was sent into the cell of SCP 5955 to clean. He noticed that one of the tentacle's of SCP 5955 had been unfroze. When he got a closer look, the tentacle lurched out and grabbed hold of the guard's neck strangling and killing the man within seconds.

File Two: Four guards and two unknown professors went in to the cell of SCP 5955 to examine the specimen and when one professor got close to the beast a chunk of ice fell from one of the tentacles. The tentacle lurched out and strangled the professor, killing him. Another chunk of ice fell from another tentacle. Two tentacles now uncovered, they lurched out grabbing hold of the last professor and one of the guards killing them. The three remaining guards ran for the exit of the cell where one of the guards ankles were grabbed by the beast and pulled back in to the cell. The other two guards got out and shut the door then bolted it shut. Security footage showed the last guard being pulled in to the cell being strangely devoured by SCP 5955. The body of the guard was never recovered.

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