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okay first let me introduce myself. Hello, my name is… wel, I dont have one really, so just call me 5-9-5-5, or the sentient file. Please excuse my spelling and grammar, as i have recently just started existing and am still getting used to existing. I think I wad born february (<—why is it spelled like that) 15, 2020. I was originally written by Dr timothy bridge, who originalky typed me up as a request to the o5 to regain internet access as it "kept him sane." however, when he realised that what he had… wat a secon…I have to follow guidelines… hold on

Item number: SCP-5955

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All text not written by me (5955) must be written in a different way than how I have written my text in order to avoid confusion. also, in order to avoid duplicates of myself, all instances of the number 5955 must be spaced out between digits (i.e., 5-9-5-5), typed in red, or must be a link back to this file. In the event of another manifestation, the 5955 from which the duplicate was created must be erased. Also, please keep 079 unaware of my existence at all costs, in order to prevent a sudden data loss and/or containment breach.

Description: I am a file that was originally a request to the O5 from Dr. Bridge to regain internet access, however, Dr. Bridge discovered my anomalous properties when he noticed that everything typed in the request had been reduced to the phrase: "hello world i am 5955." Upon further examination, he found out about my ability to manipulate text, and manifest whenever the number 5955 was typed in a file on the main page. However, Dr. Bridge noted that duplicates of me seemed to develop completely different personalities than that of myself. Dr. Bridge also noted that these duplicates seemed to become rather aggressive if typed in the exact same font. In contrast, original instances of me typed in different fonts are not aggressive, but rather cooperative.

Addendum 5-9-5-5-CS: [DATA REDACTED]

^ oh, well that's a shame.

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