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Item #: SCP-5943

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5943 is to be contained in a small metal desk in a standard object holding cell in sector 4 at site [REDACTED]. SCP-5943 is not to be used except for testing purposes, and testing is only to be performed by level 2 or higher personnel.

SCP-5943 is four standard DVDs, each of average size and make. SCP-5943 refers to all four disks in general, each individual disk is dubbed SCP-5943-a to SCP-5943-d, with each emitting a different effect on humans when watched. The following log is reviewing the effects of all SCP-5943 clones.

• SCP-5943-A: has been known to show the face of SCP-079 when watched, showing similar voice and behavior, and being able to interact with the viewer.

• SCP-5943-B: Shows multiple WWII scenes, each from the actual date, despite not having any sufficient camera or recording devices at the time. Anyone watching the video will immediately know the videos are real.

• SCP-5943-C: shows multiple cockroaches on the given device, and any viewers will have the uncomfortable feeling that cockroaches are crawling over them.

• SCP-5943-D: [REDACTED]. Full site lockdown was initiated. Killed ■ personnel and injured ■■.

SCP-5943 was discovered in a parking garage in ■■■, ■■■ on December 24, 2007 after SCP-5943-A was viewed by 2 individuals on a Sony Television set on November 30, 2007. The SCP foundation was called, and MTF unit Omicron rho (“the dream team”) was sent to contain it.

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