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Item#: SCP-5708

Containment Class: Safe Level 5/5708
Object Class: Prodest1 Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site–Q7 Michael Strauss Haru Akimoto MTF Zeta-17

Special Containment Procedures

Archived Containment Procedures: SCP-5708 is held within Laboratory-2 at Site-Q7, access is restricted to Project Midgard personnel with Level-4/5708 Clearance or above. The Site-Q7 Research and Development Team are to perform the necessary repair in order to prepare SCP-5708 for operation.

All five instances of SCP-5708/A live communally within Secure Humanoid Housing Unit 4 and have Level-1 Basic Clearance. Subjects have permission to assist SIte-Q7 personnel with clearance-appropriate operations.

Update 2019/12/20: SCP-5708 is held within Security Chamber-5 in preparation for Operation Bifrost, access is limited to personnel with Level 5/5708 clearance.

The remaining two instances of SCP-5708/A live communally within Secure Humanoid Housing Unit 4 and have been given Level-1 basic clearance, subjects have permission to visit clearance-appropriate areas of Site-Q7. Due to their advanced age monthly medical evaluations are to be performed.


SCP-5708 upon containment, circa1950.

SCP-5708 is a cylindrical transportation device originating from an alternate reality and capable of extra-universal translocation. The inside of SCP-5708 features a central control panel, rear control panel, six microscopic particle accelerators, and seven passenger seats, along with several components of unknown function, some of which are damaged. When activated, SCP-5708 will open an extra-universal wormhole around itself transporting the capsule into alternate realities. Due to damage and an insufficient supply of the unknown fuel required, testing of SCP-5708's capabilities are inconclusive.

SCP-5708/A is the collective designation given to the six human passengers of SCP-5708 upon its arrival in our reality. These subjects were personnel of various fields, all members of a project ran by the U.S. Department of Defense of their reality. All six subjects are non-anomalous aside from their place of origin. Upon arrival SCP-5708/A-6, Thomas Murray, was quarantined and died shortly after from injuries sustained before arriving in our reality.

Update 1988/5/18:

The rear control panel within SCP-5708, which was identified as the navigational equipment, has been repaired. SCP-5708 uses unknown predetermined criteria for selecting realities in which it can enter. SCP-5708 has a total of eight realities to which it can translocate, one of which is our reality. These realities have been given the designation of Reality Y9/01 through Reality Y9/08; Reality Y9/09 would be the now collapsed reality SCP-5708 originated from.

Update 1995/5/18:

The fuel remaining within SCP-5708 has been successfully reverse-engineered and designated Compound-5708/Z. Production of this compound for testing has been approved and current estimates indicated that a sufficient supply will be available by the year 2021.

Update 2000/7/25:

All six particle accelerators within SCP-5708 have been repaired and tested using an outside power source; output meets or exceeds all set performance indices.

Update 2009/6/14:

Two of the components with previously unknown purpose have been discovered to be a reality stabilizer and a reality destabilizer. It is theorized that this is what allows SCP-5708 to de-manifest from one reality and re-manifest in another.

Update 2017/9/30:

The last unknown component has been identified as a dark energy sensor. Data output indicates that this sensor traces the source of dark energy to an extra-universal location outside of any known reality. It is theorized that the dark energy present in the eight available realities is being drawn to this location. This phenomenon2 has been designated as a narrative-sink, wherein the affected realities are being drawn to a void below known reality.

Update 2019/2/23:

Repair of SCP-5708 as progressed sufficiently to allow for full-scale testing. A reanalysis of the navigational systems has revealed that the total number of possible destinations is now 7. It is unknown whether the previously included reality no longer fits the predetermined parameters or has succumbed to the narrative-sink.

Attached Addenda


On 1950/5/26 SCP-5708 manifested above a convenience store in Danner, Utah, before falling approximately 30 meters and crashing into the store. Local reports of a UFO crash began to spread prompting the immediate response of a local Foundation investigation team. Additional concealment and response teams were put on standby. The investigation team deduced that SCP-5708 was extra-universal in origin due to the presence of asbru particles3 detected by the Vescio-Lee Device.4 Due to the extra-universal nature of the anomaly, Site-Q7 and Project Midgard requested it be transferred to their facility. The Site-Q7 concealment team enacted Cover-Story 6B47 (fallen satellite), and all further civilian investigations were discontinued.

Upon opening SCP-5708, the SCP-5708/A instances began pleading for Foundation personnel to help SCP-5708/A-6 who was profusely bleeding from his abdomen. All six subjects were quarantined after SCP-5708/A-6's wound was found to be infected with SCP-4608-1 seeds. Several seeds were removed and flash frozen for testing before the rest started to hatch and incineration protocols were enacted, SCP-5708/A-6 did not survive this process. The remaining SCP-5708/A received full medical evaluations and after being determined as human, were treated for injuries and malnutrition. The SCP-5708/A instances were placed communally within a Site-Q7 Secure Humanoid Housing Unit. It was at that time SCP-5708/A-1, Steven Thompson, made himself known as the leader of the group and demanded to speak to whoever was in charge. All SCP-5708/A instances remained in the housing unit for 3 days without contact from Foundation personnel, after which SCP-5708/A-1 was removed and questioned by the investigation team.

Interviews SCP-5708/A

Operation Bifrost Proposal

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