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Item #: SCP-5665

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5665 is to remain designated SCP-5665.

Description: SCP-5665 is the lack of any object, entity, phenomenon, or otherwise anomalous occurrence designated SCP-5665. SCP-5665 possesses an intrinsic property of SCP-5665, preventing SCP-5665 to exist as anything other than SCP-5665. To clarify, SCP-5665 is SCP-5665.

SCP-5665 is theoretically contained by its nature as SCP-5665. So long as SCP-5665 is designated SCP-5665, SCP-5665's anomalous properties have not manifested. Attempts to reclassify or alter SCP-5665's designation as SCP-5665 have resulted in failure. Attempts to prevent SCP-5665 from being SCP-5665 are to continue.

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