Scp 5347
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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The seal to SCP 5347 be kept in a locked safe in the supply room at all times only level 3 personnel have access to this for research. The can serves as an air freshener due to the breeze only emitting every four hours.

Description: SCP 5347 is a cylinder-like object with a height of thirty centimeters and, a diameter of 8 centimeters. Made of an unknown stonelike subsistence on the outside with the word carved on it "Can of winds". Through testing it was found that the longer the seal was placed on SCP 5347 the more pent up energy would be produced.

When tested one D-Class was sent in the room to open the object after it was closed for two days. The d-class opened scp 5347 and was blasted at the wall losing consciousness instantly. Feeling the bottom of the can it was solid as was all areas of the can. As of order of Dr. Chancy The can was to be left open in the break room. All researchers and other staff describe the produced to smell “sweet”. Further testing of various flora smells led the scent matching that of lotus fruit. These winds and smell produced have no anomalous effects.

Acquisition log: On the date of 6/3/2001 three tornados that were recorded at one hundred kilometers per hour appeared within one point six kilometers outside of Gatlinburg no survivors when the Federal Emergency Management agency was sent in during clean up two SCP 5347 was recovered emitting a gust of six kilometers per hour . Agent Gwenn Smith who was undercover Fema agent retrieved the object taking about two weeks extra to return due to as quoted in the debriefing “the winds melting off the stress.” The agent was thoroughly disciplined and the object was recovered.

Journal was recovered with entries detailing the use of SCP 5347 by a person named Marvin Carlson. The body was recovered and found through autopsy revealed severe damage to the hypothalamus.

2 hours is all I wanted to pitch my idea to the council is that too much? Removing me from the building won't stop my plans.That's ok though no one will stop this dream not my wife's sudden outings not this stupid council and especially not that sheriff Burrough smith.

Word spread fast of that meeting came in and was told I was fired. I have enough savings for a year but my reputation in town is ruined. Coming home to my wife had a long argument. She's wrong I could have had that meeting if only that damn council had listened. It was loud enough to get the neighbors to call the sheriff Burrough came of course instead of bullying me he was much calmer today leering at my wife as well. Told him everything a museum for weather with all beautiful exits a little place for kids to see what a small tornado looks like. It's not a stupid idea that's a waste of time Burrogh you understand nothing of my genius! Well only noise complaints were made for two thousand dollars. I don't know how he gets away with these things. At least I have my health and my dream will come eventually.

Well I told my wife I'll be out of town for a job interview for a week I put my work to the side. Followed her with my car Burrogh house just as large and ugly as ever with my wife's pickup in the driveway. After getting beaten bloody by Burrogh I realize that my failure at providing that dream to my wife was the problem. Oddly enough I found this can in my car I never remembered I had that can it felt familiar though. I'm going to find what it does.

Seems the longer the top is on the can the stronger the wind becomes every time I opened the seal. If I can't get my dream done with work then I'll take by intimidation I'll become the wind king.

I didn't mean for this to happen I only wanted to scare them into building my dream. Dammit the whole building went up and came crashing down. My head was in circles rock must've hit me the time also felt of I could've sworn it was in the morning when I went to the council meeting not the afternoon. I guess the idea needed more work but pulling off the seal with the string was much more effective than I thought by now Burrogh is gonna be after me. By some miracle I found the can and seal.

I can't take it anymore. Sleeplessness is too much after that horrendous ordeal the detainment Burrough I feel it's better to end my own life. I thought I could make it come true. Why leave my wife in someone else's hands? Especially burrough so tomorrow I'll end it all with this can the guilt the pain everything.

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