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Item #: SCP-5335
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site–81 Dr. Jean Karlyle Aktus Dr. Imogene Stewart Pi-6 ("Clown Wranglers")

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-5335 collectively refers to three genetically identical humanoids that all identify themselves as some variation of "Agent McNeal", formerly an FBI:UIU operative. As of the January 19, 2019, none of the iterations of SCP-5335 have been successfully contained.

This report contains all relevant data gleaned from the FBI:UIU case file, as well as additional data gathered in the ongoing attempt to apprehend SCP-5335. Due to the sensitive nature of this case & the potential for continued security breaches on the part of SCP-5335-1, -2, & -3, apprehension of all three iterations have been given a high priority. MTF Pi-6 ("Clown Wranglers") has been assigned to the ongoing investigation primarily for their expertise in encountering and capturing bozomorphic entities.

SCP-AI webcrawler ΛΞ-207 "Wallbanger" has been reassigned to trawl for any forum or social media postings indicating the current or prospective location of GoI-233. Due to the anomalous nature of GoI-233's mode of travel, additional predictive analytics have been added to ΛΞ-207's codebase in an attempt to more successfully ascertain where they will appear next.

In the event that one or more of the SCP-5335 instances be contained, these procedures should be updated to include the contained instance's archived containment procedures.


SCP-5335 was originally a highly decorated Special Agent with the FBI: Unusual Incidents Unit. According to the FBI:UIU personnel file for Special Agent McNeal, the subject in question was initially described as slight, dark-complexioned, and of indeterminate gender.

Recovered Photograph, SCP-5335-2 & -3, c. unknown

SCP-5335-1 appears to generally fit this description, but they have successfully evaded capture since they were first apprehended by the FBI:UIU on January 23, 1935. SCP-5335-2 and -3 have both exhibited the ability to radically alter their physical form and identity to appear as a variety of baseline humans. This ability does not seem to be entirely under their control, and it only triggers upon the "death" of the current instance.

This massive cellular regeneration produces a fully-grown adult human and appears to select physical characteristics at random. The only constant has been that the entities have been reported to retain a high degree of physical aptitude, and their memories and abilities appear unaffected.

The current appearance and dispositions of any of the SCP-5335 iterations is unknown.

Attached Addenda


SCP-5335 was originally brought to the Foundation's attention after the ongoing mutual exchange of files between the Foundation and the FBI:Unusual Incidents Unit began in 2███.1

Initially created to investigate the activities of GoI-233 “Herman Fuller’s Circus of the Disquieting”, the FBI:UIU's case designation was modified to include a kidnapping charge after Special Agent McNeal was captured by GoI-233 operatives. This was subsequently updated again once it became known that SCP-5335 had begun to actively collaborate with GoI-233.

Since jurisdiction over SCP-5335 was passed to the Foundation, MTF Pi-6 ("Clown Wranglers") have engaged repeatedly with SCP-5335 with limited success.

In March of 2012, Pi-6 agents were able to apprehend SCP-5335-2, and it was transferred to a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-81.

Shortly after the initial interview, Site-81 experienced a security failure, and SCP-5335-2 was able to breach containment with the assistance of -1 and -3. To date, the twelve days that the Foundation had custody of SCP-5335-2 represents the longest that the Foundation has been able to contain any of the SCP-5335 instances.

While much of SCP-5335's history prior to their joining GoI-233 has been stricken from the record, the Foundation was able to locate the single living person that could possibly shed some light onto who Agent McNeal was when they were actively an FBI:UIU agent.

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