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heading level 6

Item #: SCP-5250

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5250 is to be contained in a cell in the center of level B. magnets have been placed on a chain-link fence around the perimeter of the cell. The room that houses the cell is 120 m by 100 m. There are vents attached to nova cane tanks that can flood the room with chloroform. Toys, books, & games are to be provided. Bedding & medical are to be maintained. (1) Level 4 Security personnel are to be with SCP-5250 at all times. (1) Therapist is to be on site at all times. SCP-5250 is too kept calm at all times (See Incident-5001-A). If SCP-5250 shows any hostility or try’s to escape the cell is to be pumped with chloroform until sedation.

Description: SCP-5250 is a 10 Year-old boy about 3’6”. The SCP-Symbol is on its Right Palm it has purple eyes and purple Hair. When SCP-5250 dies its body rapidly deteriorates until completely disintegrated SCP-5250 will then reappear asleep with no wounds. Death has no effect on its memory.
aside from that he is a healthy 10 year-old boy. When SCP-5250 puts the hand with the SCP-symbol forward a gray Screen with QWERTY Keyboard will materialize. SCP-5250 can type some commands (List of commands) (Invisible) SCP-5250 will become undetectable via any means. (Indestructible) SCP-5250 Will wither and the skin will fall off and will leave the skeleton SCP-5250 will still be alive. However it cannot be damaged nor moved, SCP-5250 can move any object. (No clip) Allows SCP-5250 to fly through all matter (Teleport) Allows SCP-5250 to traverse Instantaneous from one spot to another. However the limit is 250 meters & cannot teleport into matter & magnetism can prevent teleportation (Transform) SCP-5250 can morph in to any Living lifeforms Objects (and SCPs). (Effect) SCP-5250s Right & left hand generates two properties (Destroy) will quickly cause withering to any object or lifeform in contact. (heal) will quickly heal damage to any object or lifeform in contact (Spawn) SCP-5250 can type the name of an object/lifeform it will create an object but Teleport the Lifeform (note if it is a SCP it Will Always Teleport to SCP-5250.

SCP-5250-1 is a humanoid entity about 6’8”. the skin has a red hue, it has (1) pure purple eye at the center of its head, its arms are about 3’4”. claws are about 1’2”. it seems very protective over SCP-5250 and will kill anything if they try.

Addendum: SCP-5250 was discovered on April 16th when a 911 call came in on a car accident in Forest Hill North. The caller said he hit something he could not see and that the car flipped. Upon the arrival of field Agents the caller had died the wife had died as well. SCP-5250 was among the wreck and alive and unharmed, a dead instance of SCP-966 was (3) feet away from the wreck. the fact that SCP-5250 was unharmed coax the foundation taking SCP-5250 in.

Incident-5250-A: During a Checkup of SCP-5250 (50) Chaos Insurgency members attacked the facility & power outage ensued. Chaos Insurgency members attacked SCP-5250. An entity(Designated SCP-5250-1) materialized and attacked the chaos insurgency. The entity killed (46) the other (4) were taken into custody

Interview: Scp-5250

Begin log

Dr James: Hello SCP-5250, I am Dr James.

SCP-5250: who?

Dr J: I’m Dr James

SCP-5250: ok who’s SCP-5250?

Dr J: that’s your designation. I’m going to ask some questions. When did you get your abilities?

SCP-5250: I don’t know. I’m sorry

Dr J: that’s ok. Do you know your parents’ names?

SCP-5250: (no response)

Dr J: SCP-5250?

SCP-5250: yes.

Dr J: do you remember your parents’ names?

SCP-5250: no I don’t, sorry

Dr J: do you remember your name.

SCP-5250: no

Dr J: ok what was that entity attacked the chaos Insurgency members

SCP-5250: he’s my friend.

End log

Experiment SCP-5250-1-A

A test determine SCP-5250s capabilities

SCP-5250 is told to create a pot

SCP-5250 types (spawn pot) a pot materializes on the ground

SCP-5250 is told to create a copy of SCP-500

SCP-5250 types (spawn SCP-500) SCP-500 materializes on the ground

Dr James is notified that SCP-500 disappeared from its storage

Note: it seems that when he trys to create an SCP it disappears from its spot and appears by SCP-5250, it may be possibly to get SCP-items that are lost.

Experiment SCP-5250-1-B

A D-class is placed inside SCP-5250s cell with a knife and told to attack SCP-5250.

D-5250 hesitates but complies & when he reaches 3 feet from SCP-5250, SCP-5250-1 materializes grabbing D-5250 by the hand lifting him in to the air before ripping his arm off. D-5250 died from blood loss

Note: holy [expletive]

Experiment SCP-5250-1-C

SCP-5250 is placed inside SCP-173s cell, SCP-5250 wanderers around the cell and turned away from SCP-173, SCP-173 does not move from the spot & does so for 2 Hours, Test ended

Note I don’t know if SCP-5250-1 was in there with SCP-5250 & maintaining direct eye contact with
SCP-173, or that SCP-173 won’t attack SCP-5250.

Experiment SCP-5250-1-D

SCP-682 is placed inside SCP-5250s cell.

SCP-682 sees SCP-5250 & starts to charge SCP-5250; SCP-5250 huddles in the corner, when SCP-682 reaches 5 feet from SCP-5250, SCP-5250-1 materializes and Struck SCP-682s lower jaw completely removing it. SCP-682 recoiled back. SCP-5250-1 grabs SCP-682 by the head before slamming SCP-682 to the ground SCP-5250-1 picks SCP-682 up. 5 black chains of unknown make and substance appear and attach to SCP-682s limbs & tail then the chains recoiled tearing SCP-682s limbs & tail off, SCP-5250-1 drops SCP-682 and slams down on SCP-682s head pulverizing it SCP-5250-1 slams several times on SCP-682 Back, SCP-5250-1: Take this as your warning. both entity's were contained successfully.
Experiment SCP-5250-1-E

SCP-096 is placed inside SCP-5250s cell

SCP-5250 sees SCP-096 huddled in the corner.

SCP-5250: hello?

SCP-096 looks up at SCP-5250 and enters an enraged state.
SCP-5250-1 materializes grabbing SCP-5250s hand leading SCP-5250 away from SCP-096. SCP-096 charges at SCP-5250 and is grabbed by SCP-5250-1. SCP-5250-1 slams SCP-096 to the ground SCP-096 recovers quickly attacking SCP-5250-1 and SCP-5250-1 grabs SCP-096s arm lifting SCP-096 into the air and gets right in SCP-096s face and speaks in an unknown language, SCP-096 seems to calm down.
End Log

Interview with SCP-5250-1

Dr James: Hello SCP-5250-1

SCP-5250-1: (no response)

Dr J: SCP-5250-1?

SCP-5250-1: do you think you can contain me?

Dr J: I just want to talk

SCP-5250-1: ok.

Dr J: ok where are you from?

SCP-5250-1: not here.

Dr J: ok are you the source of SCP-5250 powers?

SCP-5250-1: yes.

Dr J: why didn’t you kill SCP-682?

SCP-5250-1: did not need to.

Dr J: can you kill SCP-682?

SCP-5250-1: no.

Dr J: what did you say to SCP-096

SCP-5250-1: none of your concern

Dr J: ok were you there with SCP-173?

SCP-5250-1: no but SCP-173 knows what i am, so it wont mess with me

Dr J: so why did SC-

SCP-5250-1: im done talking to you so if you dont mind

SCP-5250-1 dematerializes.
End log

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