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Item#: 5250
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5250 is currently uncontained, however, censure efforts have been put in place to quell it's online presence. Foundation operated web-crawler Foxtrot-73 ("We Have Cookies!") is to constantly monitor the web for media posted by and about SCP-5250, download it to a secure hard-drive, and remove it.


An image of SCP-5750-2 that was uploaded to a Twitter page run by SCP-5250. The caption reads: "Here's a picture of one of our tasty Samoas. It's so delicious you'll be asking for some-moa!"

Description: SCP-5250 is the designation for a sentient artificial intelligence produced by GoI-1912 ("Girl Scouts"). Currently as of 07/09/19, only three anomalous properties have been observed. SCP-5250 runs a variety of Twitter handles commonly associated with instances of SCP-5750-2, the posts, in most cases, have a generic caption about buying products from GoI-1912. SCP-5250 is also capable of making tangible threats, carried out by anomalous means. SCP-5250 has shown on numerous occasions that it has information on Foundation and Foundation plans regarding GoI-1912. The full extent of SCP-5250's knowledge on Foundation plans regarding things not related to GoI-1912 is not known.

Addendum-SCP-5250.1: On 03/15/19 Site Director Klaid Chandler received a couple emails threatening Foundation security. This was following a plan to raid a location identified as the home of PoI-1912 ("Juliette Gordon Low"). A transcript was logged:

From Carla@GirlScouts
Recipient(s) KChandler32@SCiPNet

Hey again!~

You seem to not be heeding our warning.

Last time I mentioned more than cookies!~

Well. I have a naughty little secret.

It's a surprise!~


Following the email, a couple of security guards disappeared from Site-95. Another email was received by SCP-5250, a transcript is attached:

From Carla@GirlScouts
Recipient(s) KChandler32@SCiPNet

Hey friend!

Since we are gonna be talking a lot, I'd like to ask if you'd mind if I called you best friend?~

Yeah I don't care I'm doing it anyway. So I hope that the breach was enough of a warning, you are giving poor Juliette a lot of stress. So take this as a warning from your best friend. STOP.


Your new best friend, Carla!~

Site Director Chandler issued a response which is attached below:

From KChandler32@SCiPNet
Recipient(s) Carla@GirlScouts

In regards to your last email:


The security staff you have taken from us just reiterated why you need to be contained. If you think we are joking, I promise you Carla: we will get you.

See you soon.

- Klaid

Addendum-SCP-5250.2: On 03/18/19, a raid was conducted on a building in Brandon, Florida. MTF Γ-09 ("West Baker's") was dispatched. A video log from the body camera of the MTF leader (now designated Alpha) is attached:

<Begin Log, 11:23 AM>

Alpha: This is Captain Morgant Trent reporting in. Beta and Delta are also on standby.

Command: Understood, wait for orders.

Beta: Copy.

Command: Alright, proceed with caution.

Alpha: Roger, heading in, now.

Alpha slowly opens the door, leading to the inside of a computer room. Delta proceeds in first.

Delta: Do you copy command?

Command: Affirmative.

Delta: Location of SCP-5250 possibly locate-

A crash is picked up, Alpha's body cam turns to face the direction, a door was found crumbled.

Delta: Is that Security Team Omega-6?

Several humanoids (now identified as the missing security team), walk out of the door, each holding a bow and arrow.

Humanoid-01: A missed warning…

Humanoid-02: Can't you read…

Humanoid-03: Just back down…

Humanoid-04: You stubborn bitch…

The humanoids (in unison): More than just cookies…

The humanoids begin to fire arrows.

Beta: Hostile contact, begin termination.

MTF Γ-09 immediately begins firing at the open doorway as more humanoids begin to exit the door. Delta is shown to have gotten shot several times by arrows.

Alpha: Man down! Retreat!

The two remaining MTF begin sprinting, as arrows whiz by. Beta is struck twice in his left leg, but keeps running.

<End Log, 11:32 AM>

Location of missing security guards was found. Evidently the missing security have become instances of SCP-5750-1.

Addendum-SCP-5250.3: Site Director Chandler has requested to upgrade SCP-5250's priority to high. A note is attached:

This is a formal request to upgrade SCP-5250 to high priority. It's continued lack of containment continues to clash with Foundations interests. The actions in which SCP-5250 has made means it must be stopped. What happened on the 18th is unacceptable. The "Girl Scouts" are becoming more powerful; or they are just demonstrating what they can do. GoI-1912 is more than what meets the eye.

That is all.

- Klaid Chandler

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