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Item #: SCP-5199

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5199 is to be kept in a 7 foot cell at Site ██. It is to be given a range of different foods to each of its heads weekly, and must be kept an eye on by any staff that has a security clearance higher than a level 2.

Personnel escorted by guards to SCP-5199's cell are then allowed to feed the three heads in a specific order. 'Bone' is to be fed first, any meat will do, then 'Mud' is to be fed, any vegetables will do, and then Stick is to be fed either meat or vegetables. All food is to weigh up to 7.6 grams.

Description: SCP-5199 is a three-headed, flightless bird the size of an Emu. While its body is grey, its three necks are different colours. Purple, pink and brown. The heads of SCP-5199 all resemble different emotions and just like its legs, which only have one claw, are made of bone.

SCP-5199-1 has been nicknamed 'Bone'. It has a strong and aggressive temperament and must always be addressed to first. SCP-5199-1's neck is the colour brown. Its beak is crooked and bent down pointing towards its neck. The inside of its beak are a row of small, sharp teeth. 'Bone' is completely carnivorous and can be extremely hostile.

SCP-5199-2 has been nicknamed 'Mud'. It is weak and clearly shy towards any human and the other two heads. The only time it becomes hostile is when SCP-5199-3 is injured. SCP-5199-2's neck is the colour purple. Its beak is curled and pointing upwards. Unlike 'Bone', SCP-5199-2 doesn't have any teeth. 'Mud' is completely docile and is an herbivore.

SCP-5199-3 has been nicknamed 'Stick'. It is a very calm and understanding head. SCP-5199-3's neck is the colour pink. Its beak is straight and inside proves only a few teeth. These are mainly for vegetables. 'Stick' is gentle with anyone and is usually always keep the other two out of trouble. It is the one who controls the body mainly.

When the entity is angered, the heads start to fight with each other which causes them to all want to take control of the body. This also happens when SCP-5199-3 is injured. The anomaly doesn't have any effect on anyone and a bite from 'Bone' is not dangerous, but it does have powerful feet with sharp claws that could leave a nasty, pierced wound. The entity also has a 'deafening' scream that will leave ones ears to ring for around three minutes giving SCP-5199 time to either attack or flee.

Addendum 5199.1: Feeding Experiment.
During feeding time on [REDACTED], ████ was instructed by Dr ████ to feed SCP-5199-2 first. ████ hesitantly obeyed and fed 'Mud'. SCP-5199-1 replied aggressively but was distracted by SCP-5199-3. ████ was removed from the room.

Addendum 5199.2: Observations.

████ was put into the containment cell.SCP-5199 walked up to ████ and stayed there for [REDACTED] before the entity walked off back to where it was before. The subject was left unharmed.

Addendum 5199.3: Tests.

SCP-5199-3 was shot with [DATA EXPUNGED] bullets to cause anger from SCP-5199-1 and SCP-5199-2. During the time that the anomaly was trying to [REDACTED], SCP-5199-1 let off a deafening screech which in turn woke SCP-5199-3 up. Three minutes later everything was back to normal and the doctor's observing got their hearing back.

Addendum 5199.4:

The entity can talk.

Interview with SCP-5199-3:

Interviewer: ████
Interviewed: SCP-5199-3.

<Begin Log>

████: So. SCP-5199-3, my name is ████. I am going to ask you a few questions and you are obliged to answer them

SCP-5199-3: Okay.

████: Are there any more like you?

SCP-5199-3: No. Not to my knowledge. We are the only ones.

████: When you say 'we'. Do you mean the other heads?

SCP-5199-3: Yes.

Foreword: ████ asked SCP-5199-3 more questions related to its species.

████: What are your intentions?

SCP-5199-3: Intentions? We have none.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview was unfortunately ended shortly. Reason being, SCP-5199-1 grew agitated.

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