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(Distribute supplementary document to Ms. Raj/classmates before starting)

SILAS: Good morning Ms. Raj and fellow classmates, he's Paul -

PAUL: - and I'm Paul -

SILAS: and we'll now be presenting our literature coursework on our chosen prompt, namely, A Literary Frankenstein! That's right, today we're donning the lab coats so you lovely people can watch us disassemble, analyse, and bastardise -

PAUL: (sternly) Synthesise.

SILAS: Yes - synthesise - two completely unrelated fictional works! Namely, Richard Adams' fantasy rabbit adventure Watership Down…

PAUL: …and the online collaborative fiction platform, The SCP Foundation! Which makes the coats somewhat topical, as you'll see later.

SILAS: (giving an approving shoulder-smack) Touché, Theophilus, didn't even realise. But anyway! Why this diabolical experiment? What might be accomplished through such galling malpractice?

PAUL: Well, simple. We want to use everybody's favourite rabbits to induct you all to the miracle that is collaborative fiction. Ah, writing stuff together: a simple idea with endless artistic potential and the ability to, well, save your life.

Sent: Tuesday, 8 April 2014, 10:23 PM
From: Silas Teo <moc.liamg|99aelfgnipmuj#moc.liamg|99aelfgnipmuj>
To: Priscilla Raj <ude.nywrve|1jarallicsirp#ude.nywrve|1jarallicsirp>
Cc: Paul Theophilus Lee <moc.liamg|syawlaLTP#moc.liamg|syawlaLTP>
Subject: Year 3 Lit Coursework - Supplementary Document and Rationales

Hi Mdm,

Paul and I are so glad you liked our presentation! Please find attached our supplementary document, which you very enthusiastically requested in soft copy. :)

To be honest, we were reluctant to share our inspiration for this topic with you. It is grounded in some unsavoury observations about… a certain extracurricular from our beloved Institution. But we eventually relented, because we know you are an ardent, truth-seeking Wayfarer, and you have always told us that brutal honesty is important when love demands it.

The two of us are now holding ourselves to those words. We've interspersed the document with three "rationales" that embody the themes of our presentation, and we'll leave it to you to read between the lines yourself. Owing to their sensitive contents, we implore you not to share these with our fellow students or the other teachers.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding, Ms Raj.


SCP-4997 - They Know Not Frith.pdf

Item #: SCP-4997

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subsequent contact with SCP-4997 and its inhabitants is to be minimised, if not wholly avoided. Honeycomb rabbits are to abstain from venturing into the surrounding farmland. On-duty watchrabbits are to watch for SCP-4997 activity in the vicinity of the Honeycomb as part of their routine duty.

Insofar as resources allow, any encountered escapees of SCP-4997 may be granted refuge in the Honeycomb upon request.


SCP-4997's loca- wait, how'd this get here!? - Hazel

Description: SCP-4997 is a large, densely inhabited underground warren of leporine origin. SCP-4997 is fronted by a physically robust rabbit identifying as Cowslip (hereafter RoI-4997-1), operational leader and chief emissary of SCP-4997 and its inhabitants. RoI-4997-1 offers permanent residency to any nomadic rabbit colonies he encounters. Parties who accept RoI-4997-1's invitation are then cordially escorted to SCP-4997, where they undergo one-on-one introductory tours.

The inhabitants of SCP-4997, while biologically non-anomalous, exhibit physical stature and agility far exceeding subjective generalisations for warrens in comparable habitats. Non-native rabbits staying in SCP-4997 frequently praise the high quality of life and abundance of daily provisions, but note that the hospitality offered to non-native inhabitants bears an artificial, ingratiating quality. Others fear that vacuous behaviour displayed by SCP-4997's residents portends a malicious ulterior motive, or willful corporate ignorance of some established fact. SCP-4997's residents are also known to ignore or interrupt questions of location, regardless of context or subject.

SCP-4997-1 is a group of small, regularly-spaced stones, mounted on a man-made wall shaft located at the terminus of one of SCP-4997's tunnels. Tour guides enlisted by RoI-4997 invariably explain to newcomers that SCP-4997-1 is a monument constructed by the forebears of SCP-4997's present residents, and forms a crude tableaux of the leporine legend, "El-ahrairah Steals the King's Lettuce". However, Honeycomb analysts were unable to discern any recognised pattern or mythological significance in the placement of SCP-4997-1's component stones. It has been concluded that SCP-4997-1 bears no fidelity to any extant legend within the leporine canon.


The Spirebourne Sentinels
Growing Leaders Camp 2013: Cohort Games
Saturday, 1 June 2013, 2000 - 2200 hrs
Administrative Instructions



Name of activity: Double whacko
Venue: The Launchpad


  • 1 x crude bludgeon (scrunched-up newspaper)

Gameplay: Cohort to split into reasonably-sized groups. Each group forms two concentric circles by splitting into pairs, with a whacker or "monkey" taking position in the circles' centre. To progress the game, a Sentinel in the outer circle calls the name of a Sentinel in the inner circle (other than their partner). The monkey then attempts to whack the named Sentinel. To save them, their outer-circle proxy must call another name from the inner circle. The cycle repeats until someone has been successfully whacked, whereupon they become the new monkey.

Rationale: The superficial purpose of the game is to encourage familiarity with each other's names. However, since the fates of inner-circle members are entirely contingent on their outer-circle counterparts, the game reinforces that Sentinels are mutually accountable for one another's actions and/or deficiencies. During debrief, the inner circle's vulnerability and representative function may be used to illustrate penal substitutionary atonement.


The Loft of Supplication by daylight.

Scavenger Hunt


Name of activity: Post tenebras lux (Station #5)
Venue: Loft of Supplication


  • 4 x classroom chair
  • 2 x classroom desk
  • 1 x exercise ball
  • 1 x water trough
  • 3 x bath bomb
  • 3 x rubber duck
  • 9 x laminated puzzle piece

Gameplay: The stairwell leading to the Loft of Supplication is to be furnished with obstacles, viz. assorted classroom furniture, and the lights turned off. Team members will ascend the stairwell one at a time, negotiating said obstacles; their aim is to retrieve from the Loft one of nine laminated puzzle pieces submersed in a trough filled with bath-bombed water. To create atmosphere, two Senior Patrol Leaders in plain black T-shirts are to stand phlegmatically along the course and vocalise creepily when a team member approaches. The Station Master convenes the team once all nine objectives have been retrieved, revealing through assembly that the puzzle pieces form a depiction of the Great Benefactor. They are then rewarded with their next clue.

Rationale: The macabre, brooding atmosphere of the station, together with the requirement to sift through clouded water, accords with the "Through a Glass Darkly" theme of the scavenger hunt. Hearkening to the Scriptural context of that theme, the Wayfaring imagery formed by the laminated pieces presents Sentinels with a sober, hopeful view of Celestium at the end of their dark and perilous pilgrimage.

N.B. Due to the presence of the exercise ball, this station is classified as moderate-risk.

SCP-4997-2 is a proximity-based phenomenon whereby rabbits possessing prophetic or clairvoyant abilities perceive that there are osteal growths embedded in the ceiling of SCP-4997's central hall. Affected rabbits generally flee from SCP-4997 and subsequently refuse to proceed beyond SCP-4997's antechamber, citing an incipient threat to life and generalised social malaise within SCP-4997. Affecteds also display an overwhelming empathic response to SCP-4997's designated poets and scribes, whom they perceive to be stifled creatives grappling with spiritual repression, and the guilt of being involved in a morbid conspiracy.

It remains uncertain whether SCP-4997-2 arises from a cognitohazard that selectively targets seers, or is simply a sequela of affected rabbits' innate abilities.



No you idiot, just because I wasn't trudging away in the mud doesn't mean it was easy, you can take that notion and shove it up your ass sorry

You know how you ribbed me after this morning's frankly harrowing fieldcraft session? How you said "WOW the photographer orderly has it easy, right?" Well, first of all, FU Do you know that was hardly me?

No, I assert that I was momentarily a kind of… Wilhelm Brasse. You know, the Auschwitz photographer? It does something to you, when you see poor Antony trip over the mallet and abrase himself, and Instructor Jonah just kind of stands there going "is nobody going to help him up?", and then they all grunt and think to themselves, we aren't gonna pitch the tents in time - oh what a shame we’ve already had three time extensions, self-interested parochial di pricks they all are -

Gosh, it's like you see fifty precious souls on the precipice of eternity, and here they are being nonchalantly sifted, and all you can fuc do is take pictures. What's the point of taking pictures of beauty turning to ashes? And what the hel ^shucks I'm so sorry, topical in the worst way is the point of witnessing this vanity every week, then going to the auditorium to sing "where strivings cease" week after week, and pretending to mean it? This kind of shit doesn't go down in a Tabernaculum, right?

Please Silas, there's no need to tell me it's not historically equivalent, I get it. But there's something real squamous about the whole thing, I tell you. Ugh. By the way, thanks for helping Antony. I shot that real good. You're my hero.


Paul, come on. I expect better from you. Being a WWII buff with a Wayfaring worldview carries a mantle to steward your knowledge properly, and you know it. I'm willing to discuss this issue more, but this one is too far. PM me after GLC ends okay? - Silas

Addendum 4997.1: Incident Log

Two days after the Honeycomb's present inhabitants first sheltered in SCP-4997, brawler Bigwig was caught in a snare emplaced by the neighbouring farmer. While the now-Honeycomb rabbits were eventually successful in rescuing Bigwig and fleeing from SCP-4997, it was noted that RoI-4997-1 and the other inhabitants of SCP-4997 showed agitated contempt towards their pleas for help.

Regarding this incident, Researcher Dandelion has consulted Brother Fiver, a clairvoyant Honeycomb rabbit who expressed serious initial reservations about settling in SCP-4997. Brother Fiver proposed that most of SCP-4997's inhabitants consider the subject of the farmer taboo, hoping to increase their chances of survival at the expense of the unknowing minority. Moreover, the existential stability achieved by this deception has eroded their survival instinct and mythological knowledge, with RoI-4997-1 reportedly boasting that "[they] do not tell the old stories much."


11/2013 Instructors Council: Cohort Promotion
Note on Onesimus Phua

To all 2/2013 Instructors,

Particularly to those drafting the 3/2014 Autonomous Cohort Structure: kindly note that Onesimus Phua (Class 2M) did not meet the minimum academic threshold to be eligible for any leadership positions or key appointments next year. Regrettably, he is the only Sentinel in the cohort to have incurred this penalty.

Scan of year-end results transcript as follows -

Ev'rwyn Spire
Final Report: Academic Year 2013

Name of Pupil: Onesimus Phua
Class: 2M (Mr Philemon Goh)
Extracurriculars: Spirebourne Sentinels (Uniformed) / Wayfarers' Tavern (Clubs and Societies)
Transcript Generated: 16 November 2013

Subject First Semester Second Semester Overall Grade
Literature 94 89 92 (A+)
History 75 80 78 (A)
Mathematics 47 71 59 (C)
Biology 63 87 75 (A)
Chemistry 60 74 67 (B)
Physical Education N/A N/A Poor (D)
Wayfaring Studies Elective 94 99 97 (A+)
Commserv* Negligible Negligible - (E)

*Assessment is conducted qualitatively by contacting mentors from the student's chosen extracurricular(s), and stakeholders from pertinent volunteer work organisations across the Bastion.

Teacher's Remarks: Onesimus is an unassuming pupil who displays literary maturity and theological insight well beyond his years. However, his reticence in group settings, coupled with his poor physique and psychomotor skills, casts doubt on his ability to translate abstract thinking into practical reality. His mentors from the SS have surfaced that he tends towards pomposity while shying away from volunteer work, being "all head knowledge, no heart knowledge". Ev'rwyn Spire prides itself in producing globally-minded citizens who fear the Great Benefactor and apprehend that actions speak louder than words. We hope Onesimus will improve and avail himself more readily next year.

Given the Institutional mandate that academics take precedence over extracurriculars, Onesimus' involvement in voluntary SS activities is to be restricted. This applies to squad outings, post-parade luncheon and soccer (not that he comes), supplementary badgework classes, and Friday night Scripture studies. Math of all things might seem like a trivial reason, but rules are rules.

Note that Onesimus, though he lacks any marketable skills, often asks unwieldy theological questions during our Friday night sessions that confuse the group and undermine its cohesion. No loss to axe him; we can care about the rest of the Scripture study group as they're more concerned about unity and putting others' needs first. They've got Instructor potential and most have expressed interest in returning as alumni from 2016.

Let this be an object lesson. We all know the cutthroat realities of life in the Bastion and in this unnavigably complex world. Wayfarers stand on a timeless foundation and an eternal hope; as the world changes, they must adapt. No point if you can prophesy like Elijah but are too feeble to shout it from the hilltops.

In His Service,
Chief Instructor Judas


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And so it was, that guided by their new knowledge and by the providence of Frith, these rabbits came to live another day, and SCP-4997 did not have dominion over them.

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