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Unauthorised access is grounds for immediate termination.

yes ofc I shined my belt buckles!!
defo not getting blackmarked on our first parade with the Sentinels :T
thanks for the reminder though!

Haha welp. Guess I will too, then :p

oh LOL
ahaha peer pressure is a powerful thing :) tardy uniform will not fly
anyways, 745 tmr morning at the launchpad right?

Yup, but that effectively means fallen in by 7:42. Be aware!

i gotta say, it always bothered me that they call it "the launchpad". I mean, its just a glorified spaceframe honestly
where we do morning convocations n stuff
psh, its so… meretricious

Come come, verbose one, let me "do you an educate". *grin*

hey bro, speak for yourself >:(

Quoth the 2012 Handbook for Scholars of Ev'rwyn:

Overlooked by the iconic Ev'rwyn Spire which has become a metonym for the entire Institute, the quadrangle is the venue of the student assemblies that occur every weekday morning. Its sobriquet, The Launchpad, was inspired by our motto - Adsument pinnas sicut aquilae - and alludes to each pupil's latent potential that the Institute strives to develop. It connotes holistic growth, the incipient flight of young eaglets, and the consummation of future realities which have already been inaugurated, however incomplete.

and you're calling me verbose again? Though tbf I understood most of that
…I think

Ehh, no surprise really.

ok fine I had to google consummate lol haiz

I imagine we're a good deal more eloquent than most people our age, so…

or bombastic depending on how you look at it *grin*

Haha. Well we're both geekier types, and we get along, so…

yooo stop implying parity here okay, you give me hokey old scholar vibes :3
but then again we both like scips!! thats so cool omg
and on that note my apprehension has just about reached keter class? like I'm really nervous omg but I shouldn't be?

Hmm… why though? (Also that terrible analogy, ahaha)

like I really detest the Institute's mandatory Vanguard policy. sigh, as if one extracurricular isn't hard enough. and I don't do regimental kinda stuff well cuz I'm such a child :<

I can sympathise with that.

but I chose the Sentinels because they're a vanguard for Wayfarers!
It's a heritage I'm really proud of, and I heard about the close knit community. I mean thats also why you joined right?
so I guess its more archon than keter - excitement that ought not to be contained?
sweet brb posting to mainsite

Sigh, tfw your friend has developed cage-stage Esoteric Class fixation…
But yeah, it's a nice sentiment. Well, how about we keep each other in prayer?

lmaoooo @ that use of "cage-stage". how lyrical. but yeah sure thing :)

In the meantime, you can go still your nerves with some tropical strums
Ya inferior-lute wielder

sounds like a plan bro. cya tmr :DD
hey! pls stop dissing my plucky sidekick sister we are like seeeerious bffs okay <3


Day 2, A.M. - The Amazing Race
Task List


  • Look out for one another and obey the rules of the road.
  • Complete as many stations as possible within the time allotted. Teams that fail to reach the gathering point by 1200 hrs will be penalised in proportion to lateness.
  • Submit your team's photographs and recordings to the "Contest Marshals" WhatsApp group for evaluation, but only when it's over - unless you want other teams to steal your ideas!
  • The team with the best performance at each station receives double points for that station, so don't hold back.
  • Stay safe and have fun!

NOTE: Before departing for downtown, we will be holding our morning devotions and administrative brief at the Ev'rwyn Spire cupola. Please dress comfortably and wear covered shoes. Teams that are late or whose members are improperly attired will begin the Amazing Race with a 15-point penalty!


The Bastion Birdie

Station 1: Bastion Birdie

Task: Presently the world's tallest ferris wheel, the Birdie offers a staggering panorama of Bastion cityscape. Find an unhindered view in the vicinity, and take a picture of one member pretending to clasp the Birdie with their fingers. One man's faith can make the world go round!

[20 points]


The Gondola

Station 2: The Gondola

Task: Board the gondola that traverses the Skyward Strait to the Isle of Frolicking, historic site of the 1983 Gondola Tragedy. En route, your seniors will discuss this disaster, explaining the importance of both structural and moral integrity. Then, in unison, the group will sing the first stanza of "Will Your Anchor Hold" while performing relevant gestures (take a video as proof). Be creative - do this Wayfaring classic justice!

"Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift, or firm remain?"

P.S. Remember to remain civil in public!

[60 points]

Station 3: Oriental Gallery


The Oriental Gallery

Task: A repository of our regional heritage! Visit the gallery’s EduHub exhibit to learn why having a vibrant mixture of school-affiliated youth organisations, uniformed vanguards or otherwise, is an existential necessity for the Bastion in a modernising world. The Spirebourne Sentinels is known to groom refined, Wayfaring gentlemen who contribute to society and walk in the way everlasting. Pose with the lion sculpture in the courtyard!

[35 points]



Station 4: Hypertrees

Task: Meticulously sculpted, nourished, and pruned, these majestic vertical gardens stand in triumphant witness to the Benefactor's handiwork - food for thought as we aspire to the glories of Celestium. Take a group photo with one (or many) in the background, themed around reaching Wayfaring maturity. Stand tall and stretch out your arms, or do something even cooler :)

We pray our Tome to know, know, know; homewards, we will grow, grow, GROW!

[25 points]


The Bridge of Bonds

Station 5: Bridge of Bonds

Task: "You can take the boy out of the Sentinels, but you can never take the Sentinels out of the boy" - as our alumni like to say. This bridge offers the perfect backdrop for a show of solidarity! Compose and perform a group cheer which incorporates the tagline, "the Sentinels are in our D-N-A." Oh, and don't try to volunteer yourself as videographer - your seniors have got you covered.

[40 points]

Station 6: The Cantilever

Task: Viewed from the outside, it's a half-banana perched on three futuristic struts. But the capstone of the Bayside Resort is actually a luxuriant rooftop haven, replete with dazzling flora, infinity pools, and a bustling emporium. It also looks like a boat! Climb to its precarious-looking overhang and sing:


The Bayside Resort and Cantilever

"With our Captain in the vessel, we can smile at the storm,
Smile at the storm, smile at the storm,
With our Captain in the vessel, we can smile at the storm,
As we go sailing home!"

Do you trust Him to get you safely to shore?

[40 points, additional 20 points if raining]


The Bibliotheca

Station 7: Bibliotheca

Task: First founded in 1917, our eminent organisation has done a world of good for the community and nation, having endured war, political strife, and the vicissitudes of decades past. Enter the Reference Library on the eleventh floor and locate Underneath the Spire, the singular account of the Sentinels' long and socially-involved history. Read the blurb, then answer this online quiz!██████

P.S. Shhhhhhhhh!

[30 points]

Station 8: Electric Eric's Chic Eclectic Eatery


Woah, what is that artsy thing!?

Task: Our final gathering point and lunch venue in the Bayside Resort's Gastronomic Alley. In the interest of promoting senior-junior interaction, orientation groups may lunch on their own time.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: You may know that being a heavenly exile in a fallen, pluralistic world carries a mandate to be culturally sensitive. And you can't be culturally sensitive if you're not culturally aware. As such, all newly inducted Sentinels are invited to write a creative essay of any style on any foodstuff found in the Gastro-Alley. The winning entry will earn 75 bonus points for their team and have their work featured in the monthly newsletter! Email your submissions to ████████ within three days after the end of camp. Note that entries are to be strictly kept within 350 words.

Transit back to school after lunch; resumption of normal camp timetable.

~ Have fun! ~

From the 10th to 12th of March, the freshly recruited 1/2012 cohort took part in the annual Sentinel Consecration Programme. Over the course of their first residential camp in Ev'rwyn Spire, the boys were taught about Sentinel customs, regimentation and discipline standards, and how to properly wear their uniforms. This culminated in a written test where they earned the Pilgrim's Badge, signifying their initiation into the vanguard.

The camp was also marked by a great deal of levity, Wayfaring fellowship, and fun. A highlight was the Amazing Race, where the boys raced to complete a host of challenges spanning the Bastion's most famous landmarks. Take a look at the prompts on the opposite page - the fruits of the planning committee's delightful work!

We are hereby pleased to announce that Silas Teo, of the third Corinth squad, has catapulted Orientation Group 5 to victory with their astounding winning entry in the Amazing Race bonus contest, SCP-4996: Badly Cut! Our heartiest congratulations to Silas and to OG5.

Item #: SCP-4996

Object Class: Delicious

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4996 designates a worldwide culinary phenomenon comprising a ubiquitous carbohydrate element and its associated emotional responses, active containment of SCP-4996 is neither possible nor desirable. All are encouraged to seek out SCP-4996 or learn to prepare it in their own kitchens, in the interest of enjoyment, satiety, and most of all, humility.


SCP-4996 in joyful fellowship.

Description: SCP-4996 is the collective designation for every bowl, scrap and morsel of maltagliati ever produced; it is that which might be nimbly extruded by some factorial contraption, or even the homemade detritus, perhaps, of nobler gastronomic endeavours, like a pappardelle or tagliatelle - once all that is orthogonal and right and aesthetic has been exquisitely culled, to be boiled and dressed in feastly ragù; it is the misshapen, undignified dross that remains to be binned, or given culinary amnesty in a pauper's bowels.

And yet this latter thing, should it happen, is a thing of unmirrored - and dare I say, anomalous - beauty. For it is not merely the perfunctory combination of atomised units: It is ragtag misfits given new life, the consummate joy when unequals are somehow grafted together, though they do not tessellate. It is membership, symbiosis, philoxenos, the kindness of strangers. It is the beauty of beggars telling other beggars where to find food, reified, and waiting for you to dig in. It is redemption, and it is delicious.

SCP-4996 is perusing the menu at an upscale Italian restaurant, and seeing the outlandish likes of malloreddus and bucatini and strozzapretti and orecchiette. It is tied tongues, failed enunciation, grinning sheepishly at the bemused waiter - like meeting a sojourner at the wayside inn and stumbling over his name. It is diversity, and by consequence, indecision. And it is wiling away many edifying hours with your newfound friend, in conversation and in grievance. It is soberly expecting your imminent departure, but wishing you could linger.

SCP-4996 is giving up, ordering spaghetti alle vongole like you always do, and rejoicing. You slurp it all up happily, for it is the chef's beloved, and you know it is no meaner dish.

(Word count: 349, inspiration:

Instructor's Comments: Glad to see that you like pasta as much as we do. Kudos to mentioning humility as it is one of the values in the Sentinel's Creed. With that awesome vocabulary, we look forward to seeing what you'll do when your cohort starts its Autonomous Regime. You'd be good as an Exegete or a Publicist. Congratulations, Silas! - Instructor Sceva

Heh. Guess OG5 owes me one for teaching you the meaning of consummate, eh?

well technically you didn’t TEACH me
thanks bud <3 I'll buy you super meat boy or somethin
but imo getting you terraria should be higher priority :>

In the same way getting you at least a bass is high priority? *rolls eyes*
Haha, no worries, don't need anything of that sort :)

aww you sure? ily dude

Oh, by the way
One packet of Jing Cai Boneless Chicken Rice
Add rice, add egg, add bok choy
Deliver to my house by 1:00


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