Item #:scp-5043

object class:thaumiel-keter

Special:containment procedures: scp-5043 must be contained in an area not much lower, it seems that scp-053 differentiates it and that it can have absolutely nothing and no type of opening, so that the scp can have some kind of corage.

Description:he seems to be a boy of 5 or 7 years old who is completely black and has white eyes. he is able to speak normally like a normal human being but he does not like to speak so much … he has a very calm personality sometimes.

the abnormality of the scp-5043 and that any human or abnormality … that seeing the scp-5043 will find it the cutest thing in the world … the scp-5043 is also able to pass through an opening in the wall and manage to change the its form will be multiple and hide in the leftovers of others…

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