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Item#: 5025
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5025 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell. This containment cell is to have four dehumidifying units installed within it to reduce potential further damage of SCP-5025 due to moisture.

Description: SCP-5025 is an entity that superficially resembles an 18-year-old human male. At time of discovery, SCP-5025 was measured to be approximately 1.8 meters tall and weigh approximately 86 kilograms. Although upon touch SCP-5025's surface maintains the texture of human skin, SCP-5025's body is composed entirely of paper recycled from various sources. Among the types of paper found within SCP-5025 are:

  • office paper
  • newspapers from varying time periods
  • worn posters depicting various boy bands
  • torn pages from coupon books
  • torn pages from various fashion magazines
  • torn pages from various tabloid magazines
  • torn pages from "Just Girly Things" Magazine12

SCP-5025's body has sustained major water damage, with approximately 60% of its body destroyed by rain upon discovery. As such, SCP-5025's motor functions have proven to be limited. SCP-5025 is incapable of speech, however, preliminary tests have revealed that SCP-5025 is capable of communication via a TTS3 device provided by the Foundation.

Interviews with SCP-5025 have been mostly inconclusive, as SCP-5025 has been noted to ignore Foundation personnel and avoid eye contact with appointed interviewers. Mental state evaluations predominantly focusing on body language as well as observations in containment have revealed that SCP-5025 displays extreme guilt and displays symptoms consistent with major depressive disorder. Attempts at psychiatric treatment of SCP-5025 are currently ongoing.

Addendum 5025: Instant text-message correspondence between PoI-78984 and PoI-7899.5Memetic hazards have been redacted.

10:02am|KeeLee: Good morning, Jess!

10:03am|Jess: KeeLee! Hi!

10:03am|KeeLee: Listen, dear. I've been wanting to ask you something.

10:03am|KeeLee: You remember that great discussion yesterday about what kind of guy everyone wanted, yes?

10:21am|Jess: I don't think I was around last night, sorry :(


10:21am|KeeLee: Putting aside the fact that you were just staring at the screen saying nothing last night…

10:22am|Jess: wait omg how did you know that??? :O

10:22am|KeeLee: And also putting aside the fact that you lied to me about it, something a [MEMETIC HAZARD] should know by now not to do, Jessica.

10:22am|KeeLee: Putting those things aside, I have something I'd like to give to you.

10:22am|KeeLee: That is, if you understand what I'm saying of course!

10:27am|Jess: I understand 100%! [MEMETIC HAZARD]s should never lie. [MEMETIC HAZARD]s should always listen. I wont upset you again Keelee UuU

10:27am|KeeLee: Glad that we're on the same page, dear! Now for your "reward!"

10:29am|Jess: !!! :D


This is what I've named "Ken."

10:31am|Jess: OMG Kens adorable

10:31am|KeeLee: I'm very happy to hear you say that because Ken will be all yours.


10:31am|KeeLee: You're very welcome, Jess!

10:31am|KeeLee: I made it using the magic from my old magazines, not to go into the boyish details of course!

10:33am|Jess: Oc oc

10:33am|KeeLee: Anyway, think of Ken as a "training boyfriend" of sorts. Something to help you overcome your completely nonsensical boy-fears.

10:33am|KeeLee: Ken will appear at your door at around 8:00 PM your time. Try to look good for your man.

Ty again KeeLee I'm nervous but also excited ty ty

1:38am|Jess: Keelee u busy?

1:44am|Jess: Keelee help

1:46am|Jess: Idk what happened

1:47am|Jess: The night started out so good yde KNOW

1:48am|Jess: I put so much work into looking pretty I didnt have time to be scarred

1:50am|Jess: Nyway so we went to dinner to a fancy Itallian place downtown. We were there for AT LEAST 3 hours (the place kicked us out becuase they were closing)

1:52am|Jess: For the first time in my life I FELT GOOD around a boy yknow?

1:52am|Jess: I felt like I could tell him anything!

1:57am|Jess: We talked we laughed it felt like we really could have gone somewhere Keelee!

1:57am|Jess: I really wanted it too


2:03am|Jess: But yeah after the italian place kicked us out he wanted to go out on a walk so I joined him

2:04am|Jess: We wound up at a nearby creek after like an hour of walking and talking. The sky way so pretty

2:05am|Jess: It started to rain but we found a big rock to sit under. Looked like his skin was peeling but we were cold

2:13am|Jess: I asked him to hug me and he did but I sdjjgdf

2:17am|Jess: Srry hard to type this rn but Ill try

2:30am|Jess: Out of nowhere I felt that same dark place Im always falling into. I saw every boys face that hurt me all at once. I had to scream

2:31am|Jess: Ken meant no wrong but I still freaked out and pushed him into the rain. I was so shocked by what I did all I could do was watch him lay on the ground and watch his skin melt

2:35am|Jess: I can barely even describe the look in his eyes. Easiest way I could put it is that it looked like he could never forgive himself for something I did

2:36am|Jess: All he wanted was to make me happy and now he thinks that he can never do it

2:36am|Jess: All the sudden I started running. Running as far as I can while crying and tripping over stuff

2:38am|Jess: At Angel's house now. Her magic mustve brought me there. Didn't tell her what happened yet. Wanted to try to talk to you first

2:51am|Jess: I know I have noone to blame but myself but please talk to me KeeLee. I feel so alone and scared

2:51am|KeeLee: It takes a lot of work to try and fix you, Jess.

2:51am|KeeLee: I wanted you to be happy with what I got you, but you never care about what I want, do you?

2:52am|Jess: :(

2:52am|KeeLee: [MEMETIC HAZARD]

3:00am|Jess: LOL! Thanks for helping me understand KeeLee :) [MEMETIC HAZARD]s are never ungrateful. [MEMETIC HAZARD]s always put their men first. I won't upset you again KeeLee UuU

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