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Item #: SCP-5021

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5021 is to be stored in a locked 0.5M X 0.3M X 0.2M container at site-28, instances of SCP-5021-1 should be stored inside of SCP-5021 whenever not being used, only personnel with clearance level 3 or higher shall access SCP-5021 or 5021-1. SCP-5021 should be given to mtf commanders whenever going between different dimensions1 as well as any SCP capable of human speech, and multi-dimensional travel. (SCP-507)

Description: SCP-5021 is a is a rectangle shaped, 0.3M X 0.15M X 0.2M steel box, it is divided into 12 sections, which work as charging ports for SCP-5021-1 instances, it requires 60 watts for each instance of SCP-5021-1 that it’s charging and will take exactly an hour and a half to fully recharge one, on the inside it is covered with rubber, to protect SCP-5021-1 from damage, SCP-5021 comes with an extendable super-efficient solar panel, the solar panel is only capable of charging four(4) SCP-5021-1 instances at once. Both SCP-5021 and SCP-5021-1 are presumed to be from an alternate universe. There are total of twelve (12) SCP-5021-1 instances.
SCP-5021-1 is a walkie-talkie. It has a text and/or a logo printed on it, which changes depending on who’s using it, the text and logo are of a company the user works for, this was discovered when a janitor read out what he saw on SCP-5021-1 (see addendum-5021.2). Unlike a regular MTF walkie-talkie it comes with a wider selection of actions, each one has an atomic clock, and an incredibly compact 260 AMP Frr-battery, it is unknown to what material Frr is. SCP-5021-1’s main function is communication between different universes, which it does so using a 5D crystal made of an unknown material, SCP-5021-1 has a display on the front along with multiple buttons, selection on the screen is vertical, and can be operated using the up or down buttons. The device also comes with games (the original version of pacman and snake), web browser, calculator, mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, compact extendable keyboard, a DNA scanner, GPS and a so called “UniverseFinderTM”. SCP-5021-1 connection is dependent on when and where the walkie-talkie is, more inhabited the planet is more likely it is to have a better connection, though the connection is not dependent on population. while using SCP-5021-1 the user can switch thru channels 1-6, as well as connecting and communicating to multiple channels at once. SCP-5021-1 can reach out to any other SCP-5021-1 with an infinite range but with a delay of 0.1 second every 100 000 KM

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