Scp 4992 - omni
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  1. item scp 4992

object class :keter

special containment procedures: this scp must be bounded down by 4 chains dipped in holy water
surrounded 20 grams of sodium and have it blessed by multiple priest. this scp needs to be in an air tight room approximately 10 by 10 square inch surrounded by thick titanium walls with biblical crosses littered round the premises. in any case the scp 4992 is with in 30 feet of any living entity or d class a personal
it will cause high mental trauma,exhaustion,nausea and cardiac arrest.
if you are with in 10 to 20 feet will cause madness or immediate death.

description: scp 4992 seems to be a human like figure but has no human complexion or facial features.
at no time at all any personal should listen or converse with this scp his very words can cause personal to go mad and start terminating other classes

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