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Interior of SCP-4938.

Item #: SCP-4938

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Protocols: Standard containment procedures for large mass objects are to be followed with the following modified conditions: SCP-4938 is to be contained in a dome enclosure in Site-127 disguised as a zoological observatory. Unnecessary deposits are to be pruned from SCP-4938's surfaces daily. A combination suite mechanized ladder and hydraulic pressure hose have been provided to assist in contained disposal procedures. Original architecture must be maintained.

Procedure Candid Exposure is to be performed daily:

  • Drone extraction of 8μm SCP-4938-1 spores through filtration mechanisms aligned around the inner perimeter of its dome.
  • Administration of Psilocybin derived from SCP-4938 to D-class.
  • Superficial mass performed by infected D-class.
  • A MEDI-Drone is to accompany D-class to assist or retrieve the aforementioned should they fail to respond to directions.

Evaluation and dissection of trepanned D-class following this procedure are done by mycologist specialists and taxonomists with level-3 clearance credentials. Ongoing research into growing and maintaining instances of SCP-4938 cultivars are to be verified with Department Heads with level-5 clearance credentials and O5 Command.

MTF Xi-81 "Anansi's Vacuum" are tasked with securing the perimeter of the dome enclosure and redirecting civilian(s). They are to detect GoI Recursionem Ex Nihilo cultists who consider SCP-4938 and its instances a priority one target in past raids on Site-127.

Description: SCP-4938 is a 250m3 structure trapped in a fixed position 10m above ground analogous to objects trapped in geostationary orbit. The visible portion of SCP-4938 is a two-level dwelling with one living room, two bedrooms, and the main room, which consists of a foyer, five nave-aisles, an apse, and walls adorned with frescoes. Though SCP-4938 is comprised entirely of continually-growing psilocybe and laetiporus sulphureus fungi1, its exterior resembles a Monolithic church2. SCP-4938's edifices appear as rock-hewn pillars, windows, ornamental designs, and buttresses carved on its freestanding surfaces. The lower-leftmost of SCP-4938 is left entirely exposed3 leading to a basement level with displaced hallways and platforms, indicating the structure was derived from a larger dwelling. This is considered the only entry into SCP-4938.

Individuals will begin to experience phenomena upon entrance into SCP-4938's exposed area. MEDI-Drones4 performing keyhole surgery on subjects reveal that their basal ganglia's neurotransmitters are brought to elevated states of activity which invariably leads to involuntary spasms, sporadic emotional outbursts, and loss of proper motor reflexes. SCP-4938 spores designated as SCP-4938-1 laced with lysergic acid diethylamide anomalously spawn in blood vessels leading to the brain. Affected serotonin 5-HT2A receptors trap the derived chemical agent as fungal matter begins rapidly devouring and replacing the meninges5. As the brain attempts to absorb the receptor into its cells to diffuse it, SCP-4938-1 will persist in tissue cysts spreading from the prefrontal cortex to other regions of the brain in four (4) to five (5) days.

Contemporary neuroimaging techniques performed by MEDI-Drones on subjects indicate abnormal grey matter growth leading to tonic paralysis. Additionally, a massive overhaul in how neurotransmitters receive dopamine and serotonin is shown as fungal extracts act as surrogates for centers of the brain. Subjects will lose the ability to accurately track time while under SCP-4938's influence. They will assume they have traversed through hallways measuring much longer then mapped regions in detailed post reports. Ongoing inspection into SCP-4938's interior can only be performed by reconnaissance drones.

An exploration into SCP-4938 beyond an acceptable boundary of 5m will render the subject into a catatonic state. However, 90% of subjects will often about-face prior to that boundary and return to the mechanized ladder with the following alterations:

  • Subjects experience trephination; burr holes are dug by spiraled tips evidenced by circular abrasions made along layers of the subject's cranium. In some cases, an eye is penetrated with a hardened organic mass to make an entrance.
  • All subjects exhibit crystallized Psilocybin fungi instead of pressurized blood build-up from burr holes. These fungi are designated SCP-4938-2.
  • Subjects exhibit increased cognitive flexibility. Most report they are bombarded with peripheral hallucinations that seem like "flickering television channels" even when unconscious.
  • The infection and process of trephination are asymptomatic to subjects.
  • Subjects will be diagnosed with emotional unease, irrational fear, and deprivation from SCP-4938.
  • Subjects will report a spiritual "kinship" to those who experienced SCP-4938's anomalous effects.
  • Subjects will invariably attest that they had explored SCP-4938's extensive courtyard, fortress, village plaza, and inner chambers.

Those who come back in a catatonic state exhibit the following:

  • Subjects that are awakened from this state are highly religious, but cannot determine their deity's name or delineation.
  • Often, SCP-4938-2 will internally combust when subjects are unconscious until both the cap and the hyphae are cremated, then regrown once awakened.
  • Permanently comatose subjects will keep burning until all organic matter is incinerated. This leaves behind scant puddles of wax similar to what is produced by otomycosis6.

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