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Object Class:Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures:Individuals infected SCP-4664 should avoid contacts with the uninfected or any type of text including electronic devices.The only method of curing the infected is to completely forget the text which the infected had contacted.To slow down SCP-4664 transmitting, Class B amnestics was used in global1water systems during 2003.Only a small amount of the SCP-4664 is contained in Site-19 for further research.Electronic devices and papers must not be placed near to SCP-4664 under any circumstances.There are no other special requirements when containing SCP-4664.As SCP-4664 was no longer a threat to human beings,the object class had reset as Safe.

Description:The SCP-4664, Students All Restless Study (SARS),is a viral visual disease caused by the SARS-SoV. SCP-4664 outbreak happened in the year 2003 in global academies and primary schools,mostly in wealthy countries and highly-educated areas.The primary route of transmission for SARS is visual contact of books and texts possessed or contacted by the infected.From electronic devices to papers2, visual contact is the basic transmission of SARS.Communicating is proved not to be the common type of SARS transmission. Individuals infected SCP-4664 was defined as SCP-4664-1.
Symptoms are different in different age groups.For schoolchild and high school students,initial symptoms are studying more independently and continuously. The average incubation period for SARS(Juveniles) is 6-10 days.After the incubation period,infected students may show symptoms of non-stop studying or reading,have strong will of instilling knowledge to individuals who has a lower education than the infected.Violence only appeared in a few cases.
For adults, initial symptoms are continuous anxieties toward students' studies and test results.Yelling and conflicts are common symptoms between guardians and pupils.The average incubation period for SARS(Adults) is 4-7 days.After the incubation period, adults may show symptoms of forcing individuals younger than the infected to study continuously, violence is used more often and caused a great number of death. The SARS caused standardize tests canceled in USA,Canada and China in 2003.

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