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Item #: SCP-4623

Object Class: Safe Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4623 is located 400m below the surface of █████, Mexico. SCP-4623 is attached to a thermoelectric generator used to power many Foundation Facilities in the area including Site ██ and Site ████. The area around SCP-4623 is to be routinely inspected by on-site staff in order to locate cracks in desert rocks and check the surface ground temperature. The exact Location of SCP-4623 is classified due to attempts by Chaos Insurgency to destabilize SCP-4623's containment Unit.

SCP-4623 is located in CU-4623, ███ Kilometers underneath Mt. ███████, ████, China. CU-4623 is a ██ meter thick Tungsten Hafnium alloy shell, with ██████ kg of Radon, Xenon, Krypton, and Argon1 inside being the only parts touching SCP-4623. Thermometers are located inside and outside of SCP-4623 in order to accurately measure temperature conductivity. Above CU-4623 is a small Foundation Base, armed with ██████ Tonnes of water in case of a breach in containment.

Description: SCP-4623 is a small ball made of an unknown substance, measuring 1.5mm radius. SCP-4623 is unable to lose or gain thermal energy by any means including water, molten iron, or exposure to cold air. SCP-4623's temperature is locked at 4021˚K is increasing in a linear trend at █˚K per year. SCP-4623 is capable of producing ████ GW/h when exposed to thermoelectric generators. These abilities can be used to power large Foundation sites, and plans are being made to move the SCP-4623 Generator to Site ██.

If When CU-4623 fails to contain SCP-4623, operation 277-Porter is to be enacted activated at the soonest possible notice. CU-4623 is to be hoisted out of the ground and coated with Ceramic, Hafnium-Nitrite, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. CU-4623 is to be launched as far away from Earth as possible using methods that would not harm alien life any means necessary to get CU-4623 out of the Milky Way. Operation 277-Porter is to be practiced twice monthly once weekly and should be able to be fully completed in less than 2 hours 30 minutes.

Addendum 4623-A: After multiple failures involving melting support structures at the original location of SCP-4623, Dr. Petrov was asked to measure SCP-4623's properties in-depth.

Experiment: 4623-SP-A - Date: ████-3-3

Object: SCP-4623
Procedure: Record Temperature of Tungsten in direct contact with SCP-4623 over a course of Twenty Four (24) months, checking temp bi-weekly.
Results: Over the course of 52 measurements of the Tungsten's temperature, an increase of ~0.28˚K per measurement was found. A total of ~7.3˚K per year.
Analysis: SCP-4623's containment procedures must be updated, and a plan for when SCP-4623 breaks containment must be established.

Addendum 4623-B: Official letter sent to O5 council by Dr. Petrov after the conclusion of experiment 4623-SP-A.

To: O5 Council.
From: Dr. S. Petrov
Subject: SCP-4623

Experiment 4623-SP-A has bee completed. Temperature measurements reveal a linear increase of ~7.3˚K per year. At this rate, the latest we could contain it with the materials we have available is ██ years at most. If SCP-4623 were to break containment, we run the risk of an XK-Class End of the world Scenario.

I propose that we construct a device to get SCP-4623 off-planet as soon as possible. This will not stop SCP-4623 from getting to us, but it will give us a few thousand years to think (depending on how far away we launched it). As of right now, the energy it is releasing is through conduction and convection, but if it were in space far from Earth it could only release energy through radiation.

Ideally, we would have it outside of the Milky Way, but I don't know if that would be possible with our current tech.

With thanks,

Dr. Samantha Petrov

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