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SCP-4259 after initial discovery.

Item #: SCP-4529

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-4259 are contained in the Site-██ 3rd floor men's restroom and require little other containment, as subjects affected are incapable of motion. Subjects affected should be fed regular cat food at least twice a day. Site-██'s 3rd floor men's restroom has been blocked off by Site-██ administrators. Any change in aerial position should be reported to Dr. B█████, current head researcher into SCP-4259.

Description: SCP-4259 is a phenomena affecting certain black housecats. All known specimens are currently suspended in the air between .8 and 1.6 m above the floor in the Site-██ 3rd floor men's restroom. Subjects are designated SCP-4259-1 through SCP-4259-5. The specimens have been observed to possess a vocalization significantly louder than a non-anomalous house cat of a similar size, measuring approximately 125 dB, and resembling a sound more akin to a larger cat, such as a lion or tiger.

Addendum: SCP-4259-1 through 5 were discovered by Dr. B█████ on ██/██/20██. Janitorial staff were questioned and reported that the specimens had not been there the previous night.

Experiment Log: 13-001

Name: Dr. B█████
Date: █/█/███

D-53578 was instructed to enter the bathroom and interact with the specimens. Upon entering the room, D-53578 commented that the specimens were, "immensely cute" and asking the head researcher "Is it OK to pet them?" Once given the go-ahead by the head researcher, D-53578 began stroking the cats. D-53578 continued petting in this fashion for the next eight hours, until instructed to leave the restroom. They reported feeling as if it had been, "only a couple of minutes" since they had entered the restroom.

Experiment Log: 13-002

Name: Dr. B█████
Date: █/█/███

D-486461 was instructed to enter the bathroom and interact with the specimens. D-48646 displayed a slight revulsion and moved away from them. After several minutes, D-48646, seemingly against his will, began moving in jerky, halting motions towards SCP-4259-4, the closest one to his position. He also began grimacing, and seemingly straining against the direction he was being pulled in. He began petting SCP-4259-4 in the same jerking motion until instructed to leave the restroom approximately 4 minutes later. D-48646 reported feeling like he'd "been in there for like an hour, at least."

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