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One of the entrances into Foundation Area-71-A. Officially known as the Joint Security Area.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4399 is to be stored within Area 71-B. Personnel scheduled for transfer to Area 71 must enter through one of the specified access zones (See Addendum 4399.2). Travel between Area 71-A and Area 71-B is to occur via high-speed underground railway.


Key: The DMZ is shown in Orange, with Area 71 shown in black. The black line connecting the two portions of Area 71 is the approximate path of the underground transport. Civilian areas are in gray.

SCP-4399 is to be contained within Area 71-B in a suspended 5m*5m*5m vacuum enclosure to minimize the power of its discharges. The enclosure’s structural integrity is to be maintained using micro-reinforced ultra-high-performance concrete, and checked for exterior and interior damage at least once every two weeks. For the purposes of interior inspection, an airlock is available for entry into SCP-4399’s enclosure.

Within the enclosure, SCP-4399 is to be suspended along carbon-fiber rope with a tautness of no less than 85% and no more than 90%. The enclosure itself must also be suspended along the same specifications within the primary containment arena of Area 71-B.

Should any tremors within the territory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea be detected by non-Foundation seismological agencies, a cover story is to be released regarding a DPRK nuclear test, with a yield to match the intensity of the tremors detected.

Each tremor is to be regarded as a containment breach and should be responded to accordingly.

Only foundation personnel of East Asian ethnicity or otherwise convincing Korean appearance are to serve as Area 71 external security. Security personnel in the northern half of the DMZ are to appear in DPRK military uniform, while security personnel in the southern half of the DMZ are to appear in RoK1 military uniform.

In exchange for containment of the anomaly and regular shipments of agricultural and industrial equipment, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has agreed to supply personnel to assist in Foundation security of SCP-4399, as well as D-class personnel for other Foundation experiments.

The Foundation is to sway the diplomacy of both the DPRK and RoK so that while no military conflict is to resume between the two, reunification of the Korean peninsula is likewise prevented from occuring in such a way that allows settlement of the DMZ2.

Description: SCP-4399 is an anomalous weapon deployed by the United States of America during the Korean War. Located within the DMZ, SCP-4399 has remained in the same place since the end of hostilities in 1953.

The dimensions of SCP-4399 are as follows:

  • Radius: 1m
  • Length: 4m
  • Weight: [REDACTED]

SCP-4399 is cylindrical in appearance and covered in plates consisting of an unknown metal, presumably to protect the internal components upon impact. The internal structure of SCP-4399 is unknown, as the exterior plating has yet to be removed (See Addendum 4399.3), and the United States and Department of Defense destroyed all records of the weapon’s development prior to the GOC raids on DoD facilities.


SCP-4399, prior to containment.

SCP-4399 is still active, and if not properly contained could potentially lead to a WK "Shattered-Earth" scenario.

First proposed by Dr.██████ to the Department of Defense’s Parascience division in 1951, SCP-4399 was intended to form artificial earthquakes in targeted areas in order to disrupt enemy infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, and bunkers. The Department of Defense approved the construction of the weapon in 1952(See Addendum 4399.1), though only three were completed before the Global Occult Coalition became aware of the Department of Defense’s actions. Two of the devices were captured while inactive by GOC a strike team and subsequently destroyed via high-intensity incineration, while the third (SCP-4399) was deployed into the Korean War in 1953. While SCP-4399 did not detonate to its full capacity, it did cause significant damage to targeted areas and was subsequently contained by the Foundation.

SCP-4399 has an unidentified power source. This source is presumed to be nuclear in nature, due to the above-average background radiation present in the immediate area surrounding SCP-4399. This power source has been steadily escalating energy production, leading to repeated discharges of the weapon. These discharges result in earthquakes, and while contained within Area 71-B, the scale and intensity of these discharges has been steadily increasing. Should these discharges permanently breach Area-71-B, a WK-Class "Shattered Earth Scenario" would likely manifest within ██ months.

Addendum 4399.1: Archimedes Project

Addendum 4399.2: List of Entry Zones for Area 71

Addendum 4399.3: SCP-4399 Disassembly Test Logs

fileserv/4399/add3/dtl5.log [DATA EXPUNGED]
fileserv/4399/add3/dtl6.log [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Future disassembly attempts postponed until further research on the composition of SCP-4399’s exterior can be conducted.

Addendum 4399.4: GOC Strike Team Logs

Addendum 4399.5: List of Notable Breaches and Foundation Responses

Addendum 4399.6: Foundation Correspondence on DPRK Involvement in Containment of SCP-4399

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