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Drawing of SCP-4328-1A, created by Junior Researcher Abrams after a routine expedition into SCP-4328.

Item #: SCP-4328

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-4328 has been constructed around SCP-4328, with the purpose of studying organisms and objects originating from SCP-4328. It is to be monitored by at least 4 guards at any time.

As of ██/██/99, expeditions into SCP-4328 are prohibited.

Description: SCP-4328 is an extradimensional location, accessible by way of a free standing door, located at ██████, Massachusetts. The interior of SCP-4328 appears to be a large church, built in the style of 14th century Gothic architecture. SCP-4328's physical size is unknown, and is theorized by some to be infinite. The farthest expedition into SCP-4328 reached a distance of 16 km before turning back for supplies. Coating the walls and floors of SCP-4328 is a red organic substance. Analysis has revealed a 48% match with human DNA, with unidentified DNA forming the bulk of the genetic sample. Currently, there are no known entrances or exits to SCP-4328 besides the one in Foundation custody.

All electronics will fail in SCP-4328, resulting in a reliance on pen and paper for research purposes. This has created an unreliable basis for the Foundation's current knowledge of the anomaly.

SCP-4328-1 refers to the inhabitants of SCP-4328. SCP-4328-1 instances are reported to range from five to seven feet tall, with variation in body mass common. The heads of SCP-4328-1 are similar to several common flower species1, with a yellow optical organ in the middle. The "petals" of SCP-4328-1 contain two sets of teeth, which can range from 15 to 35. SCP-4328-1's skin coloration ranges from dark red to purple, with the texture being described as leathery.

SCP-4328-1 are generally polite and are willing to communicate with research teams, which has benefited the Foundation's knowledge of SCP-4328 greatly. SCP-4328-1 instances all follow the same religion, which has been identified as "The Order of Cernunnos." According to interviews, the following tenets form the basis of the religion.

  • "Cernunnos" is a potential Class-Ω Theological Entity who was directly responsible for the creation of SCP-4328
  • Currently, the entity is in a "great slumber", following the removal of "infinite flesh", which resulted in the creation of SCP-4328
  • Because of this, SCP-4328-1 have a culture and religion based on fair and equal sharing, i.e, company for food, or help for shelter.

SCP-4328-1 have stated that other "travelers" have arrived before in SCP-4328. However, no evidence of previous non SCP-4328-1 has been found.

Interview - 9/16/97
Interview was taken by Junior Researcher Howell on a routine expedition into SCP-4328. Conducted with an SCP-4328-1 (designated SCP-4328-1A) instance who was currently tending to crops. Originally, it was written as a journal entry and converted into it's current format after Howell's return.

SCP-4328-1A: Oh, hello there traveler. Are you well?
Howell: Good, thank you. And you?
SCP-4328-1A: Tired, weary. My hands feel as if they slip off the bone they reside on.
Howell: How long have you been out here?
SCP-4328-1A: Since first ringing, in the early morn.
Note: Time is kept in SCP-4328 by periodic ringing of bells across the anomaly. Currently, no source has been located. In this instance, first ringing is equivalent to early morning.
Howell: Crouches next to the crops, glancing at SCP-4328-1A instance. Do you mind if I take a sample?
SCP-4328-1A: Not at all traveler, go ahead. We share, like Cernunnos shared his flesh to make us. May I ask what you plan?
Howell: He crouches down and takes a larger specimen, placing it in a biological evidence bag. Specimen is a large fruit, with leathery texture and dark red coloration. Just had to take a sample for research. Can I ask what it is?
Note: SCP-4328 contains multiple species of plantlife, which are a food source for SCP-4328-1 instances. However, no livestock have been seen at this time.
SCP-4328-1A: Lord's Heart. Care to try?
Howell: Lord's Heart? You mean like Cernunnos?
SCP-4328-1A: Yes, exactly. Flesh is given and shared here, all is shared. That fruit represents that, it is the dead, the living, bundled together in simple cellulose and starch. It is Cernunnos, like all of this is. It gestures to the organic coating which lines the walls.
Howell: The bells ring for the third time, marking noon. Guess that's my leave, I need to take this and catch up with my boss. Thank you, hopefully we can see again?
SCP-4328-1A: If the bells are favorable. Safe travels, traveler.

Incident Log 4328-1 █/██/99
D-8892 had been assigned to janitorial duty in Site-4328. On █/██/99, at 13:23, D-8892 attacked two junior researchers and entered SCP-4328, in an apparent escape attempt. Security Team 1 mobilized and entered SCP-4328 approximately 45 minutes later. The following is compiled from Security Team 1's accounts.

13:23 - D-8892 enters SCP-4328
14:08 - Security Team 1 enters SCP-4328. Surrounding the entrance on SCP-4328's side is a swarm of SCP-4328-1. Security Team 1 pushes through the crowd into the center.
14:12 - The crowd is surrounding D-8892, who has been cocooned to the ground by the organic substance present in SCP-4238. By him is a deceased SCP-4328-1 instance. D-8892 is screaming in pain.
14:14 - Security Team 1 debates among themselves if they should free D-8892. At the same time, SCP-4328-1 instances have started to vocalize, chanting. D-8892 has ceased screaming.
14:15 - Security Team 1 turns to see D-8892 being pulled into the ground. It appears as if he is dissolving.
14:16 - The assembled SCP-4328-1 instances move in and surround the encased D-8892, ignoring Security Team 1. They continue to chant, and Security Team 1 reports a bright light filling the area.
14:46 - Security Team 1 wakes up, having lost consciousness. The body of D-8892 is nearby, [EXPUNGED]. Security Team 1 exits SCP-4328.

Two months later, on █/██/99, a research team received fruit from an SCP-4328-1 instance, harvested in the same area as Incident-4328-1. Upon return to the lab, analysis showed a 55% genetic match to human DNA. Further breakdown showed that 34% matched blood samples taken from D-8892.

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