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Item#: 4088
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4088 is to be held in a secure storage facility sized appropriately for a grand piano to move freely. SCP-4088 is to be fed 1 sheep every week. Testing that involves additional feedings or different diet is to be approved of by at least 2 Level 4 Personnel. SCP-4088 is to be consistently monitored for any changes in behavior. SCP-4088-1 is to be kept within a standard containment locker at least 30 meters away from SCP-4088-1's containment cell. Testing between SCP-4088 and SCP-4088-1 is to first be authorized by at least 1 Level 3 Personnel. Any music played by SCP-4088 is to be recorded and sent to Head Researcher Bannock.

Description: SCP-4088 is a sentient black grand piano of unknown make or model. The lid and outer rim of the interior of SCP-4088 are covered in 3 rows of black teeth, appearing to be made of the same material as SCP-4088 itself. The interior of SCP-4088 is unknown, as all attempts at viewing it have shown a featureless black hole where its interior components should be. SCP-4088 is mobile, moving around in the same manner as a quadruped. SCP-4088 is carnivorous and will hunt prey by mimicking an average grand piano with an open lid. SCP-4088 will then wait until any large creature comes within 0.6 meters of it, then will lurch forwards and slam its lid shut on the prey. SCP-4088 will continue to do this until the prey is deceased, then drop the corpse into its interior where it will disappear.

SCP-4088-1 is a 53-meter-long rope composed of average nylon and polyester. At the end of the rope is a 1.6-meter-long metal nail, found to be composed as a currently unknown metal. When tested alone, SCP-4088-1 has shown no anomalous properties. SCP-4088-1's anomalous properties only manifest when left in a sealed room with SCP-4088 and not observed. Upon continuing observation, the nail of SCP-4088-1 is found driven into the ceiling of the room, with the rope of SCP-4088-1 wrapped around and suspending SCP-4088. The way that SCP-4088-1 is able to support SCP-4088 is unknown, as SCP-4088 is presumed to weigh as much as an average grand piano, or about 362 kg.

When any subject walks directly beneath SCP-4088, SCP-4088-1 will suddenly break and SCP-4088 will fall onto the subject. The damage to the subject will almost always end in death, with the cause being either blood loss or spinal shock from a broken neck. SCP-4088 does not appear to be damaged from falling, even from heights that should cause irreparable damage. After SCP-4088-1 is broken, it begins to regrow the length of its rope through unknown means, at a rate of 2 meters an hour.

Addendum: While in its predatory state, SCP-4088 has been observed playing several well known classical songs. These songs have been generally described as "suspenseful" or "overwhelming" and a full list of songs SCP-4088 has played has been provided. It is unknown how SCP-4088 plays these songs, as its keys appear to depress themselves with no outside force.

Song Played Amount of Times Played Reason for Song Played
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 87 SCP-4088 frequently uses this song to draw in prey.
The Ride of the Valkyries 5 The most likely reason for SCP-4088 to play this song is to frighten predators, as it has only been observed playing the song during other SCP breaches near SCP-4088’s containment chamber.
The Barber of Seville Overture 18 Unknown, as SCP-4088 has only been observed playing this song while alone in its containment chamber.
In the Hall of the Mountain King 37 This song is also used by SCP-4088 to draw in prey but has only been played while also hanging from SCP-4088-1.
Night on Bald Mountain 24 This appears to be another song used by SCP-4088 to lure in prey.
Piano Man 1 See Incident Report #4088-CK for details

Incident Report #4088-CK: On 04/23/20██, SCP-4088 breached containment following a test observing how long SCP-4088 would remain in its dormant state without food. After a total of 406 hours of dormancy, SCP-4088 began attempting to play the song “Piano Man”, but would falter 58 seconds into the song and attempt to play the song correctly again. A live sheep was then released into the containment cell. Once the containment cell was opened, SCP-4088 immediately ceased its dormant state and breached the cell using previously unobserved speed. 8 personnel were killed in the breach, all of whom were consumed by SCP-4088. After consuming the personnel, SCP-4088 fell into its natural dormant state and was relocated back into its containment chamber.

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