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SCP-4087 prior to recovery.

Item #: SCP-4087

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4087 is to be locked in a 4x4 room. SCP-4087
shall be placed on a pedestal about 3 ft. off the ground.
Every 30 minutes a person or staff must deposit any
amount of money. The piece of money could be from any
country. Failure to do so will result in SCP-4087 killing off
any near-by personnel, the amount of personnel killed will
be determined by the amount of money SCP-4087 has inside

SCP-4087 is a porcelain Piggy Bank. The surface appears to be
smothered in dirt and a tiny crack runs down its entire body.
SCP-4087's money slot can be found on it's rear end. SCP-4087's
origins dates back to 1945, where it was presumably made.
Attempts to break SCP-4087 and retrieve the money inside
it have failed, due to SCP-4087's property of indestructibility.
Although the slot for money to be put inside SCP-4087 is
small, paper money, no matter how big it is, can still fit in
the slot. SCP-4087's method of killing is sending a wave of
energy, enough to destroy the brain cells in a person's brain.
Personnel reported that whenever they are in the presence of
SCP-4087, they feel like they are being watched and begin to
develop anxiety.

SCP-4087 was retrieved from a garage sale. Our investigation
team got a tip from an anonymous person. The anonymous
source explained the properties of SCP-4087 and gave the
location of SCP-4087, which was in the suburbs of Chicago.
The person who was having the garage sale, Mark ████,
said he got it from his deceased Grandmother,
Jessalyn ████. He remembered he sold it to a man in his
20's. After tracking the man down, the man, who chooses
his name not to be revealed, told the investigation team
that he had not yet put any amount of money yet, nor
there was any amount of money inside SCP-4087.
After our investigation team explained what SCP-4087
is and what it does, the man surrendered SCP-4087 and
has swore not to talk about what happened. The organization
has sent people to spy on the man, making sure he doesn't
spill any information. On March 18, 20██, one of our spies
had to kill the man, for he was about to talk to one of his
friends about what happened to him. He had been killed
by a [REDACTED] that had fried his brain cells.

Addendum no. 1: The following interview was conducted to better understand the "feeling" people experience whenever they are in the vicinity of SCP-4087

Interview with one of the personnel:
Interviewed: Class-D personnel that is assigned to put money inside
Interviewer: Dr. ████


Dr. ████: So tell me, you and a number of people have a strange feeling whenever you are near SCP-4087. Can you describe that feeling?

Class D personnel: (Takes a deep breath, then exhales) Well, you know that feeling whenever you're gonna give a speech and you feel nervous and you feel weird inside?

Dr. ████: Yes. That feeling you are describing is anxiety.

Class D personnel: Also, do you know that feeling when you're finally gonna give that speech, and you got that feeling of 300+ eyes staring through your body?

Dr. ████: You also feel that whenever your are near SCP-4087?

Class D personnel: Yes sir.

Dr. ████: I know this feels unrelated to the purpose of this interview…but what was your previous job prior to your reassignment to SCP-4087?

Class D personnel: Well, i was one of the people who had to clean up after SCP-173. I was the cleaner while my buddies Rick and Shawn watch over SCP-173. I trust those shucks with my life.

Dr. ████: Mhm. What happened to Rick and Shawn?

Class D personnel: Well, last time i heard, they got their necks snapped with another guy who replaced me.

Dr. ████: I am sorry to hear that. Well, thank you for letting me interview you. You can go do your job now.

Class D personnel: Thanks to you too, Doc. (Exits the room)


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