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The following documentation, along with three videotapes, were recovered from a Class-A wormhole which manifested over Site-225 for exactly one minute. Origins are unknown.

Item #: SCP-4087

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4087 is currently uncontainable. MTF Delta-98 ("Schrödinger's Hole")1 is to monitor SCP-4087 via implanted camera equipment and a tracking system attached to SCP-4087 via dermal implant.2 Along with a camera and implant, SCP-4087 has a large explosive device attached to itself from previous incidents that can be remotely activated from Dimensional Site-97. The explosive, tracking implant, and camera are made of an anomalous steel alloy unable to be consumed by SCP-4087. This alloy is immune to extra-dimensional radiation and is much stronger than conventional steel alloy, due to higher Hume values and specific use of SCP-████. Due to this, the alloy acts as a "self sustaining reality anchor".

In the event SCP-4087 enters our reality, Protocol Epsilon-38 is to take full effect. Procedures of Protocol Epsilon-38 is as follows:

  • SCP-4087's position is to be traced and located. Once SCP-4087 has been located, the explosive device on its back is to be detonated.
  • Once SCP-4087 is incapacitated by the device, it will go into a state of shock, and will retreat back to it's home reality. If SCP-4087 exhibits any change from this set of behavior after being incapacitated, specifically if SCP-4087 attempts to consume more matter, all efforts should be made to contain SCP-4087 and keep it inert until this behavior resumes.

In the event protocol fails, all civilian population centers within 50 kilometers are to be evacuated.


MTF Delta-98 during Protocol Epsilon-38.

Description: SCP-4087 is a large, interdimensional entity resembling Lumbricus terrestris3. SCP-4087's skin absorbs 99.98% of all wavelengths of light, and does not appear on all forms of spectrometers, despite the fact that SCP-4087 can be viewed by the naked eye. SCP-4087 "consumes" reality, leaving behind absolutely nothing. SCP-4087's speed varies between 100-200 km/h.

SCP-4087 is capable of multi-universal transportation via Class-A wormholes. These wormholes will typically close after 2 hours, however, SCP-4087 has shown it is able to close wormholes it produces if being pursued. Matter consumed by SCP-4087 will cease to exist entirely, and will instead be replaced by an unidentified material, which is presumed to be of similar composition to SCP-4087 itself. SCP-4087 seems to operate on a set of laws of physics distinct from our own. For example:

  • SCP-4087 does not obey the laws of gravity.
  • SCP-4087 is able to regenerate quickly over a course of about 15 minutes, and seemingly requires no energy for it.
  • SCP-4087 does not need energy from food to function. Subsequently, SCP-4087 does also not need to "eat" realities to function, and seems to automatically consume matter it contacts.

SCP-4087 possesses very basic signs of intelligence, and has displayed a "fight, flight, or freeze" response to entities that act hostile towards it. Very little is known about the reality from which SCP-4087 originates, or how it was created. Exploration attempts are currently underway.

Addendum: On January 2nd, 2022, exploration of the dimension which SCP-4087 originated from commenced.4

Video Exploration Log 1 2078#-4087:

Forward: During an incident involving SCP-4087, D-091283 was dispatched into a Class-A wormhole. D-091283 was provided with three flashlights, ten batteries, and a backpack containing five days worth of supplies. D-091283 wore a jumpsuit and camera laced with an anomalous steel alloy unable to be consumed by SCP-4087.

(D-091283 can be seen entering a large wormhole produced by SCP-4087)

D-091283: I'm in Doc, what now?

Dr. Roman: D-091283, can you hear me?

D-091283: Yea. Lord, where the hell am I?

Dr. Roman: Please describe your location.

D-091283: Yeah yeah, it's like, what, Egypt? Looks a lot like Egypt, except it's not. Everything is grey and black and, distorted…

Dr. Roman: Please activate your video feed.

D-091283 does as he is told. Camera activates, revealing an open desert.

Dr. Roman: Interesting. Please continue forward.

D-091283 continues for 15 minutes until a large structure is observed in the distance.

D-091283: Is that the Eiffel Tower…? It's not colored grey like the rest of this place, it looks, unnatural. There's a border here, looks like someone just took a completely different piece of land and just stuck it here.

Dr. Roman: That's strange. Have you seen any living things since you have arrived here?

D-091283: Now that you mention it, no, I haven't. Everything seems dead here. No plants, no animals.

Dr. Roman: Alright, pl-

A large wormhole opens in front of D-091283, and SCP-4087 is seen emerging. Gunshots and shouting in an unidentified language can be heard coming from the wormhole. D-091283 begins shouting expletives.

The wormhole SCP-4087 emerged from closes and SCP-4087 quickly flies away, opens another wormhole, and enters it.

Dr. Roman: D-091283, please remain calm.

D-091283: (D-091283 begins to breath heavily) What the hell was that?

Dr. Roman: Nevermind that. Were you able to observe where the entity went?

D-091283: I don't know, but it's gone now.

The tracker on SCP-4087's back confirms it has not entered our reality.

Dr. Roman: Okay, D-091283, what are you current surroundings?

D-091283: Hold on, let me look aroun- huh? That- the thing dropped something.

D-091283's camera feed displays an object resembling SCP-2207, but with red coloration.

Dr. Roman: Please insert the object into your bag and continue walking.

D-091283: Alright- wait- doc? I can see something in the distance, I think it's a person!

Dr. Roman: A person? Please describe it's appearance.

D-091283: Uh, I think it's seen me. It's getting closer. Ok, ok, it looks kinda like a human. But it's eyes are black. I think it's trying to speak to me.

A loud voice can be heard in an unknown dialect.

Unknown: (Indecipherable)

D-091283: Hey! Hey you! What!?

Another entity can be seen approaching D-091283.

D-091283: Uh doc, there's more of them. Holy- holy shit is that me? Are those copies of me? What the- this this-

Dr. Roman: D-091283? D-091283 do you copy?

D-091283: Holy shit- they're coming they're coming they're coming- they're fucking all running towards me- SHIT SHIT SH-


Remarks: After 48 hours with no communication, D-091283 is presumed lost.

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