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Item #: SCP-4035

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4035 is to be guarded by two security personnel at all times, to avoid any instances of SCP-4035-1 of leaving. Instances of SCP-4035-1 are allowed to continue their daily routine. Personnel are NOT allowed inside of SCP-4035 unless written permission is acquired. Researcher Harthom has approved personnel one drink during their breaks. Security personnel assigned to protect SCP-4035 are to sedate any unwanted vistors, or instances of SCP-4035 attempting to leave, and escort them immediately to Researcher Harthom.

P.S. if the skeletons attempt to take out the trash, take it from them kindly and send it immediately to Research. We cannot have a repeat of the Trash Bag Incident
-Researcher Harthom

Description: SCP-4035 is a bar located in ████████, New Mexico. It is staffed by animate human skeletons, dubbed SCP-4035-1. THe skeletons range in height from 5’6” being the shortest, to 6’3” being the tallest. Each is dressed in attire similar to that of sailors in London in the 1950s. Instances of SCP-4035-1 are capable of speech, and will ask anyone who steps within SCP-4035 if they “want a drink?”

SCP-4035 is a building 200x350 square feet, made of adobe, and is brown in color. The inside has oak wood floors, beams, and pillars. Lanterns nailed to the pillars are the only other source of light, which have been observed to never extinguish. Anything broken on the inside of SCP-4035 will be automatically repaired by an instance of SCP-4035-1, even if the object in question does not originate from inside SCP-4035.

Addendum: A jukebox of unknown origin sits in the corner and can play any song ever created.

The instance of SCP-4035-1 that takes the role of bartender and owner of SCP-XXXX, known as SCP-4035-1A, can serve any form of alcohol in the world, on hand.

> Interviewed: SCP-4035-1A
> Interviewer: Researcher Harthom
> Foreword: //the interview took place at the bar counter, regarding Breach 1476b, or the Trash Bag incident.
> <Begin Log>

> Harthom: SCP-4035-1A, I'm Researcher Harthom. I'd like to talk to you about a containment breach earlier on in the month.
> SCP-4035-1A: Good morning, Mr. Harthom! Would you like a drink?
> Harthom: No, thank you for the offer. Can you explain what happened on [REDACTED] of this month?
> SCP-4035-1A: I don't think I quite remember, can you jog my memory a little bit?
> Harthom: *sighes* One of your staff took out a black bag of trash, which contained an instance of SCP-4035-1, which had breached containment, and attempted to serve drinks to onsite staff.
>SCP-4035-1A Oh! That's old Chinny. He's a bit special up in the noggin, but he didn't mean to “breach contaiment” or whatever mumbo jumbo you use. He's just trying to bring in some patrons. The bar has been pretty dead recently *laughter*
>Harthom Please make sure this does not happen again.
>SCP-4035-1A Wait, Mr. Harthom? Can you help bring in some patrons? We could really use the business. We'll let your guys in for free, we just want some people to serve.
>Harthom I will let my staff have their breaks here, but on one condition.
>SCP-4035-1A Name it, old chum!
>Harthom No more attempting to breach containment through trash bags.

> <End Log>
> Closing Statement: Researcher Harthom authorized each employee one drink on their break inside SCP-4035, and SCP-4035-1A agreed to not let any of the instances of SCP-4035-1 to take out the trash.

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