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Item #: SCP-4026

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4026 is to be contained in a standard size containment cell in Site 21. SCP-4026 must have no less a metre of space between it and either wall. Testing with SCP-4026 must be authorised by personnel of Clearance Level 2 or higher. The covers must be well made and disinfected between testing.

Instances of SCP-4026-1-A are to be disposed of immediately and kept from direct contact with organic matter. Testing with SCP-4026-1-A can only be authorised by personnel of Clearance Level 3 or higher.

Description: SCP-4026 is a queen sized bed with an aluminium frame. The sheets, designated SCP-4026-1, are stained in multiple places with human blood, attempts to identify who the blood comes from return multiple results. The covers are printed with repeating patterns depicting stylised diamonds over a blue (hex:#00bbff) background.

SCP-4026-1 displays no anomalous properties on its own, though attempts to burn SCP-4026-1 fail due to apparent fireproofing in the fabric. When SCP-4026-1 makes contact with SCP-4026, it is pulled into position on SCP-4026 as if one were to be replacing the sheets.

If SCP-4026 is moved less than a metre away from any object weighing more than 500 kilograms, it will attract to the object until the frame touches its surface. If SCP-4026 is placed near a moving vehicle, it will match the speed of the vehicle and catch up to it.

Subjects near SCP-4026 report feeling the urge to approach SCP-4026 and lie down. Subjects who fall asleep in SCP-4026 do not wake on their own. If a subject remains asleep on SCP-4026 for over 120 minutes, SCP-4026-1 will produce crystals in jagged shapes which pierce into the subject's skin. Test subjects woken up during this period do not report feeling any pain and go immediately back to sleep despite orders to proceed to the nearest infirmary.

If left for over 6 hours, SCP-4026-1 will produce crystals which can be over a metre long and completely impale the subject in multiple places. Test subjects removed from SCP-4026 display signs of tissue crystallising around sites of injury. Subjects left asleep on SCP-4026 for over 24 hours are completely crystallised and start to lose the appearance of a human form.

Crystals produced by SCP-4026-1 (designated SCP-4026-1-A) display similar properties to quartz. Instances of SCP-4026-1-A are usually light pink (hex:#ffd6d6) in colour. Instances of SCP-4026-1-A spread to nearby organic matter covering approximately 7 square centimetres every hour.

Addendum 1120-A: Discovery

SCP-4026 was discovered in a room on the second floor of a hotel in [DATA EXPUNGED].

A room service maid at the site of discovery reported a large pink crystal the size of a man on SCP-4026 after the room was rented out to a former science fiction author named █████ ████████. A journal left on the desk reads:

The flies landing on my bed don't seem to move, like they've been put under some kind of trance. I'm also starting to find small pieces of crystal, maybe quartz or garnet between the sheets.

This could be a great idea for another story.

Addendum 1120-B: Experiments with SCP-914

In light of recent incidents, all personnel are prohibited from inputting instances of SCP-4026-1-A into SCP-914 on Fine and Very Fine settings.

An instance of SCP-4026-1-A was placed inside SCP-914 on the Rough setting. The output was various chunks of rose quartz showing no anomalous properties. The Coarse setting shows similar results.

An instance of SCP-4026-1-A was placed inside SCP-914 on the 1:1 setting. The output was various instances of SCP-1037-1.

If inputted on Fine or Very Fine settings, instances of SCP-914 will output ███ kilograms of rapidly growing crystals resembling instances of SCP-4026-1-A. The crystals, designated SCP-4026-1-A-914, appear to rapidly crystallise most inorganic matter within a metre from its surface. Instances of SCP-4026-1-A-914 are to be immediately disposed.

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