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Item #: SCP-4026

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4026 is to be contained in a 4x4x4 meter meticulous fiberglass containment cell. No more than one form of luminance (which should be sheltered by a 2x2 ballistic glass covering) is permitted inside of the specimens containment. At no point should a metallic component weighing over 4.7 gram be adjacent with SCP-4026.

Motion trigger is always to be active inside the containment chamber. Upon entering, personnel are instructed to take periodic pauses in order to separate the entity between whom which is inside of the chamber. When leaving, any items the subject may have on them are to inspected. Personnel are not to leave until they been deemed safe.

Incase of containment breach, all items in a nearby radius should be dented, scraped or tore, depending on what SCP-4026 may be possessing.

Description: Although the precise size is unknown. Density measures have shown SCP-4026 to be small in size, measuring roughly 2 x 2 x 2 CM. Tests have proven that SCP-4026 will "float" around an area until coming into contact with an item. The entity can not be killed or injured in its natural form, although when possessing a form, it can flee from whatever it may be controlling in an unnatural and rapid way.

Upon encountering an entity, SCP-4026 will occupy it. Although, it has been observed that it can not posses any such thing above 4.7 grams. SCP-4026 does not have the ability to control any form of biological entities and will often "float" around them as if they are invisible. It is unknow how SCP-4026 can locate any item due to its lack of vision, as it more resembles a taxonomic organism rather than a humanoid figure. The only known way for SCP-4026 to "leave" an item is from striking the entity which it has possessed. SCP-4026 can not use any item is has controlled or rather, wobble or infect it from airborne bacteria it has collected.


Interview Log
// Dr.Kyle: D-6345, attempt to interact with SCP-4026. The entity is to your right.
D-6345: (Reaches hand around in a worried manner) I.-I don't.. Feel anything..
Dr.Kyle: Please walk around the containment area and report anything you feel
(D-6345 moves around in a relieved look) There is nothing in here.. Is this some kind of joke?
Dr.Kyle: No, do you feel anything on you?
D-6345: No. (At this point, it appears D-6345 begins coughing roughly)
Dr.Kyle: How do you feel?
D-6345: Sick.. What the hell is going on?
Dr.Kyle: Noted.
D-6345: Get me out of here!

As it appears, D-6345 had been infected with the cold from SCP-4026, presumably by leaving disease in his mouth or nose//



SCP-4026 was discovered when a man was reporting anomalous behavior such as: appliances shaking and items randomly falling.

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