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SCP-4026 observed during late winter. Significant visual noise reduction has been done to this image.

Item #: SCP-4026

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4026 is contained within a large-scale containment zone with a 10km radius of chain-link fencing. Any personnel or individuals attempting to cross this perimeter are to be detained by Foundation personnel manning the perimeter before subjects are able to escape to SCP-4026-A. Direct observation of SCP-4026 is strictly forbidden during daylight hours without the use of light-scattering optics. A strict no-fly zone has been put into effect around SCP-4026's location, with a 30km radius.

Description: SCP-4026 is a large-bodied stratospheric cloud formation believed to be a permanent or semi-permanent structure above the former town of ███████, Canada. After reports of many disappeared hikers and several airplanes in the local area during the 1990s, Foundation personnel were dispatched and discovered SCP-4026 and the former town, heretofore designated SCP-4026-A, directly beneath SCP-4026.

The large-scale cloud structure that makes up SCP-4026 has an unknown composition and quality to it, but maintains a permanent reddish-orange hue despite differences in day light or season. During nighttime, SCP-4026 will take on a black hue until dawn. Attempts to determine the reasons for SCP-4026's formation and continued existence have been met with frustration; aerial drones flown towards it will inevitably fail once they draw within 500m, and attempts at long-range imaging has revealed it to have a constant internal temperature of 102.7° F/39.28° C year-round. Visual images of SCP-4026 exhibit intense noise distortion patterns in the images themselves, the cause of which is undetermined. Despite other weather patterns determining cloud coverage of different amounts throughout the year, SCP-4026 remains a distinct entity that is unabsorbed by secondary weather structures.

SCP-4026 is a known visual cognitohazard, with direct observation of SCP-4026 causing compulsive behaviors in its victims (designated as SCP-4026-1 collectively) to approach it and SCP-4026-A. If SCP-4026-1 instances are with others who have not seen SCP-4026, they will attempt to draw them closer to SCP-4026 for direct observance and conversion, often utilizing force to do so. SCP-4026-1 instances have additionally been noted to patrol the woods around SCP-4026-A searching for new individuals who have entered this area; on occasion, they have attempted to capture security personnel, researchers, and civilians, likely for the purpose of exposing them to SCP-4026.

An observation log of significant incidents regarding SCP-4026 is below:

Date Notes
03.03.2000 Perimeter reports that a Cessna 172 has started approaching containment area. Despite frequent attempts to contact the aircraft, it does not respond. At 0922 local time, Cessna 172 flies directly into SCP-4026. Aircraft does not emerge from SCP-4026.
07.21.2000 Group of three backpackers manage to make it through Perimeter and directly observe SCP-4026. Security teams sent to retrieve them recover only one individual. Individual currently kept at Rehabilitation Facility at Area 313
01.01.2001 Two fishermen traveling into the bay two miles northeast of SCP-4026 directly observe anomaly. They immediately land their ship and despite efforts to detain them, arrive in SCP-4026-A.
11.12.2002 Cessna 182 is blown off course due to a late season thunderstorm. Despite attempts by Perimeter to contact it, Cessna 182 does not return signals. At 2219 local time, aircraft flies into SCP-4026; SCP-4026 pulses with a blue light for approximately 3 seconds before Cessna 182 reemerges from entry point nose first. Flight path indicates that it is returning to a localized airport 34 miles away. Despite attempts to radio Cessna 182 crew, no response is received. At 2226 local time, Foundation issues shootdown order. No survivors found in wreckage.
06.13.2005 7-person group of young adult hikers from Ottawa cross a breach in Perimeter that has gone undetected. Group is summarily assaulted by SCP-4026-1 instances, and all but 3 are converted to SCP-4026-1 instances. Non-converted civilians are recaptured and detained by security personnel; four SCP-4026-1 individuals shot and killed after attempting to capture a guard. Noted increase of marked hostilities following this event, including attempts by SCP-4026-1 instances to sabotage Perimeter and snipe at guards using makeshift weapons or captured rifles.
09.10.2009 Disappearance of Senior Researcher Oswald, a long-time Foundation member and head of the Cognitohazard Identification and Neutralization subunit of the SCP-4026 team. Perimeter cameras record Oswald entering the SCP-4026 containment zone at 0640 local time, and his approaching of SCP-4026-A. At 0744 local time, Oswald is last seen directly outside of SCP-4026-A while SCP-4026 pulsates with a blue light. All cameras fail in the containment area at 0745, and Oswald disappears. Post-incident reports attribute nothing unusual to Oswald; his presentation materials for a keynote speech on cognitohazards at a prominent intra-Foundation conference the following week, as well as other social obligations, would preclude any elaborate suicide attempt. No explanation can be offered as to his disappearance or current whereabouts.
02.03.2015 Canadian Airlines Flight 3██'s flight path intersects with a direct observational field of SCP-4026. Flight 3██ steers towards SCP-4026 and flies into it at approximately 1304 local time. SCP-4026 flashes a pulsating blue color for approximately 22 seconds before aircraft reemerges from the same entry point, now nose first. Flight 3██ begins a flight path that appears to be aimed at Ottawa/Macdonald–Cartier International Airport. For 23 minutes, Flight 3██ continues this path despite Foundation jets escorting it and attempted communications. Foundation aircraft flying beside Flight 3██ are able to view the inside of the aircraft's cabin, revealing [REDACTED]. At 1327 local time, Foundation jets are ordered to shoot down Flight 3██. Aircraft is hit with two AIM-9 Sidewinders, causing fuselage to rupture in three places. No survivors are recovered from Flight 3██'s wreck. All records of Flight 3██ scrubbed, with 22,139 Class-A amnestics administered in Operation Splendid Tiger.
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