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Item #: SCP-4019

Object Class: Euclid (provisional reclassification to Safe is currently pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Toronto-based radio and television stations are to be monitored for the mention of SCP-4019. If discovered, a minor disinformation campaign is to be spread showing the instance's anomalous abilities as a hoax and Class-A amnestics are to be administered when required.

Any object found to be an instance of SCP-4019-1 is to be taken to Site-83 and monitored until the instance loses its anomalous properties. At this point, if the object is of sufficient value, it is to be returned to its previous owner if possible. Otherwise, the instance is to be given to a randomly selected Foundation personnel for home usage.

SCP-4019-2 and all related documentation by PoI-9952 are to be stored in a standard object-class containment locker inside of Site-83.

Description: SCP-4019 is an anomalous phenomenon in which a seemingly random object (hereby designated an SCP-4019-1 instance) located within the city limits of Toronto, Canada becomes unable to be removed from the city boundaries. All attempts to leave the city limits with SCP-4019-1 instances result in the instance vanishing and reappearing to the nearest location inside Toronto's limits1. The full amount of current or former SCP-4019-1 instances is unknown, however, an abridged list of notable SCP-4019-1 instances has been documented below.

Addendum-4019-A: On 08/22/18, the Foundation agents stationed within the Toronto Police Service flagged a call made by one Gillian Barber reporting "suddenly starting to teleport when I'm trying to walk home" as a possible SCP-4019 related incident. After responding, Agents Baird and Rivington escorted the woman to Site-83, where she was classified as SCP-4019-1L and interviewed. The full interview is available below.

Addendum-4019-2: On 08/30/18, Agent Rivington received a call from an unknown source claiming to be PoI-9952. It invited the agent and her "Foundation people" to their "debut as an individual artist extraordinaire" at a storage facility in Western Toronto. Upon entering the building, Foundation personnel found PoI-9952's locker completely empty save for a cell phone, written note, and SCP-4019-2.

SCP-4019-2 is a thin cardboard cylinder with words "say Torontorlock Majik Alex is cool" are written on it using a permanent marker. When the object is held and pointed at an object or entity and the words "Torontorlock is cool" are spoken by the holder, the object or entity will undergo an unknown process and become an SCP-4019-1 instance.

A transcription of the note recovered alongside SCP-4019-2, believed to have been written by PoI-9952, is also available below.

The cell phone recovered during the incident was found to be partially damaged, with many files and applications unable to be opened3. The "Messages" application showed only three numbers available, all of which have since been canceled. One of these numbers has been identified to belong to Ronaldo DeCoste, a known member of the Great Lake Connoisseurs, an Are We Cool Yet? branch operating in Western Toronto. Relevant text messages between DeCoste and the as of yet unknown owner of the phone have been documented below.

Investigations into the identity and whereabouts of PoI-9952 are currently ongoing.

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