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This document has been locked by Dr. Hannibal Romero and may no longer be edited without O5 clearance. Further information may be accessed in Addendum 02 with Level 4 clearance.

Item #:

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

is to be contained in a refrigerated organ storage locker, which is not to be opened for any reason. All Foundation personnel are to presume that exists. All Foundation personnel are to presume is alive.

Description: is a pair of human lungs capable of levitating up to approximately 140 cm in the air. has displayed an ability to breathe oxygen, despite the lack of assisting organs and skeletal structures to do so. has also exhibited that it can survive without food or water, among other things it claims humans need for survival. has claimed that it does not need "form", which may be interpreted to mean it does not need a human body to survive.

While does not have a nervous system or any assisting apparatus, it has displayed an ability to hear sound and utilize touch1, but cannot smell or taste. may have some sort of sight, as it reacts violently should it be in the presence of any light, attempting to knock over physical objects to block the light. Should no objects be in the room is in, it will try to go to the most dimly-lit corner and hide until the source of the light is terminated. When asked about this behavior, it claimed light causes it stress and pain.

also has displayed an ability to speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese, despite not having a larynx or mouth. As of yet, the voice produced by is unidentifiable as either male or female; however, tissue samples taken from have confirmed a genetic match to Bai Zhào, who was reported to have disappeared on 12/13/████ after being released from the Lu Zhiwei Rehabilitation Center in ██████, China after receiving treatment for alcoholism.

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