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Item #: SCP-3987

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3987 is contained within a cubic five meter long airtight unit made out of inorganic materials in a specialized containment area located in rural Wyoming operating under the cover of a brewery. SCP-3987's containment unit is subject to daily sweeps by Foundation personnel equipped with airtight inorganic hazmat suits to monitor and destroy any emergent technology, and to repair any damage done to the containment unit's bulkhead. Personnel should be subject to EMP decontamination prior to exiting the containment area.

Description: SCP-3987 is a large number of intelligent nanomachines that will, on contact with any non-human organic matter, immediately begin to convert said matter into an alcoholic liquid. Human matter will also be converted, but may present further complications1. Testing has shown that this liquid is composed of approximately 37.5% dark rum and 62.5% ginger beer, with occasional trace amounts of lime juice also having been detected. When exclusively exposed to inorganic materials for an extended period of time, SCP-3987 will begin to slowly2 eat away at said material and fashion it into tools which vary widely in level of technological advancement. Generated tools have included stone cylinders, firearms, and highly focused lasers. Almost all of these tools were utilized to attempt to break containment. Sightings of SCP-3987 were first reported after what is suspected to have been an interdimensional portal described by civilians as “Giant hole in the sky” manifested 1:09 AM on July 5, ████. The landscape behind the portal was described as “a sea of brown liquid with rafts of metal floating on the surface”. Another anomalous object designated as SCP-3987-A, rendered inoperable by local authorities before the Foundation’s could respond, is believed to have been responsible for the opening of this portal, which closed without outside intervention approximately 2 hours after SCP-3987 emerged from it. SCP-3987 was recovered from the partially converted corpses of several local law enforcement officials.

Incident Log
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