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Item #: SCP-3967

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3967 is currently housed at Site-17 and is allowed to freely roam the facility under supervision of at least one (1) Level 1 researcher. It is allowed to have a fully furnished housing unit located in the staff housing wing. When not in its housing unit, SCP-3967 is to be equipped with a tracking bracelet attached to one of its arms or legs, even when under supervision. SCP-3967 should not be allowed near exceptionally sharp objects including but not limited to kitchen knives, needles, and saw blades.

SCP-3967 is allowed daily meetings with Site-17’s psychiatry staff. If SCP-3967 enters a distressed state, it is to be brought to its housing unit and left alone. Every morning and evening, SCP-3967 is to be shown a handwritten or electronic journal of the events that transpired the previous day. Any edits, entries, or changes made to this journal are to be reported to Dr. ███████. Similarly, any alterations to SCP-3967’s memory loss rate are to be reported immediately to Dr. ███████.

SCP-3967 is not to be let outside under any circumstances due to risk of accidental containment breach. In the event SCP-3967 ever accidentally breaches containment, Mobile Task Force Tau-7 “Firewatch” is to be dispatched to safely recover it. Recovery via helicopter is strictly prohibited following Incident A-3967.

Description: SCP-3967 is an animate, humanoid-shaped balloon standing at approximately 1.4 meters and is matte black in color. It has no appendages other than its arms and legs, each only having little use. SCP-3967 can control at what altitude it floats below 6 meters, but above that altitude will begin to uncontrollably float upwards. Although SCP-3967’s surface is made of common, non-anomalous polychloroprene used in commercial-use balloons, only one incident to date has resulted in a rupture in its surface. When ruptured, gas does not leak out of SCP-3967 nor does it deflate, however SCP-3967 will lose its ability to control its altitude and will fall to the ground. Any damage to SCP-3967s surface will self-regenerate after a period of one (1) hour. SCP-3967 also lacks an inflation outlet on its surface, making it unclear how it was initially inflated.

During Test A-3967-1, it was discovered that the gas inside of SCP-3967 is non-anomalous, but has not been previously recognized. The gas has a similar density to helium, approximately 0.183 g/L at STP and an average molecular mass of 4.046 g/mol. However, when exposed to extremely low temperatures that would normally liquify helium, the inside of SCP-3967 did not change. Likewise, the gas inside SCP-3967 did not change at absolute zero. Similarly, when exposed to extreme pressure, the gas did not solidify. SCP-3967 does not notice temperature or atmospheric pressure changes, other than limitations on what altitude it can float.

Despite lack of any internal organs or orifices capable of vocalization, SCP-3967 is able to speak. It is generally conversational and friendly, showing enthusiasm and cooperation with staff. SCP-3967 claims that its name is “Paul” and can be addressed as such under individual discretion. SCP-3967 is of average intelligence and has an IQ of roughly 92, but shows little to no understanding of complex technology or machinery.

Within a certain period of time after creating a memory (determined to be between 15-19 months), SCP-3967’s memory begins to deteriorate. Usual memory loss begins with SCP-3967 being unable to recall certain details-such as a person’s skin color or height-followed by SCP-3967 being unable to discern whether or not something happened or not. The only memory SCP-3967 is able to recall that is older than 19 months is its name. To prevent complete memory loss while in containment, a handwritten or electronic journal is to be recorded of daily events and shown to SCP-3967 every morning and evening.

Incident Log A-3967: SCP-3967 was escorted outside under supervision of Dr. Lang and Dr. Summers during a light rainstorm. Windy conditions had not yet developed. The three were sitting underneath a covered pavilion when conditions worsened and a strong gust of wind forced SCP-3967 out from its seat and into the open air, where it began to float upwards uncontrollably. Mobile Task Force Tau-7 was dispatched to recover it, using two (2) Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters.

During recovery, SCP-3967 was struck by one of the helicopter rotors and its surface was torn, resulting in it falling towards the ground. MTF Tau-7 began descending in an attempt to find it, but increasingly worse conditions forced them to return back to Site-17. Recovery was postponed until the storm had passed. Four hours later, SCP-3967 arrived at Site-17 with no damage to its surface, claiming it had been able to regenerate itself and walk all the way back to Site-17.

Dr. Lang and Dr. Summers were assigned janitorial duty for two (2) weeks.

Addendum 3969-A: SCP-3967 was discovered at [DATA EXPUNGED] on 8/15/16 by a group of high school students. It was brought to the Foundation’s attention when a local newspaper published an article mentioning a “magic balloon man.” The town was administered Class-A amnestics and SCP-3967 was moved to Site-17. The entity expressed gratitude upon being contained, stating that “[he] was tired of almost flying into outer space.” It is unknown how SCP-3967 is able to return to the surface after floating above 6 meters. Testing to determine this is prohibited.

Addendum 3967-B: Test logs of SCP-3967.

Addendum 3967-C: Second recorded transcript between SCP-3967 and Dr. ███████.

Interviewed: SCP-3967

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: SCP-3967 had been floating on the ceiling of its housing unit for three hours.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████ enters SCP-3967’s housing unit. SCP-3967 is floating on the ceiling “face

Dr. ███████: Good morning, SCP-3967. How are you today?

SCP-3967: Oh, good morning, doctor. I’m doing pretty okay, how about you?

Dr. ███████: I’m quite well. Would it be okay if I asked you a few questions? It won’t
take too long.

SCP-3967: Oh, sure! SCP-3967 descends from the ceiling and floats in front of Dr.
As long as you aren’t going to ask me to do math, haha. Go right ahead.

Dr. ███████: All right, let’s see… Dr. ███████ opens a notebook. What do you know
about human biology?

SCP-3967: SCP-3967 scratches its head. I just know your basic stuff. I know that humans
have blood, a brain, a heart… you know, major organs and all that. Oh! The pancreas makes

Dr. ███████: Yes, it does. Do you know how humans speak?

SCP-3967: Uh, not really. I mean, I understand the vibration of soundwaves creates
sound or something like that, but I don’t really know the science behind it.

Dr. ███████: That’s close enough. You’re aware that you have no internal organs, correct?

SCP-3967: Yeah, I don’t. Are you going to ask me how I’m able to speak? Because I have
absolutely no clue. It just happens.

Dr. ███████: It just… happens? You don’t understand the process of how you’re able to
create sound?

SCP-3967: Not a clue. You guys move your lips and know when you're talking, but for me, I don’t move any of my body. I just… create the sound somehow.

Dr. ███████: I see. Well, is there anyone that you might know that could understand your
inner workings?

SCP-3967: Uh… no, not really. I mean, the only other humans I’ve interacted with were the
ones in [DATA EXPUNGED], but they were asking me a bunch of questions, too.

Dr. ███████: Do you know who created you? Can you remember anything about how you
were made?

SCP-3967: SCP-3967 remains silent for a few seconds. I know my name is Paul, if that

Dr. ███████: Do you have a last name? Can you remember any other names?

SCP-3967: SCP-3967 shakes its head. Nothing. I’m really sorry, I wish I could. I don’t
remember anything.

Dr. ███████: That’s okay. Do you remember how you ended up in [DATA EXPUNGED]?

SCP-3967: No, not really. I think that I wanted to be there. Or I might have known someone there. It’s getting hard to remember. I’m forgetting about that place.

Dr. ███████: You think you knew someone?

SCP-3967: Not anymore, no. It was like I remembered something wrong. It’s weird, though.

Dr. ███████: What is?

SCP-3967: I feel like I know someone here now. Not a specific person, but I feel like I want
to be here. With everyone working here. It’s like… I’ve known everyone here forever.

Dr. ███████: You feel as if you’ve had previous relationships with the staff here?

SCP-3967: Something… like that. SCP-3967 becomes visibly distressed, wiping its forehead
despite no sweat forming.
Doctor, I’m sorry, but I’m getting quite anxious. Is it possible we could continue this later? I’d like some time alone.

Dr. ███████: Of course. Thank you for your time, SCP-3967. I’ll come by when you feel

SCP-3967: Thank you, doctor.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It seems SCP-3967 appears unable to remember events or locations that appeared in its past or understand what exactly it is. To avoid SCP-3967 becoming distressed, I’m allowing it to have daily meetings with Site-17’s psychiatry staff. If it can’t remember what it is, maybe we can help it understand it isn’t alone. - Dr. ███████

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