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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure:
SCP-3943 is to be contained within a standard containment room with an available electrical power socket mounted along the wall. SCP-3943 is to have both doors secured shut by a hardened steel padlock and chain when not being used in active testing approved by level 3 or higher research staff. SCP-3943 is allowed to be taken out of standard containment for extended periods of 24 hours or more if approved by two senior research staff members of level 4 or higher for the purpose of testing. In the instance that SCP-3943 is being transported SCP-3943 is to be unplugged from the wall in it’s containment chamber and then loaded onto a dolly. SCP-3943 must be supervised during transport by a level 4 or higher researcher. SCP-3943’s temporary containment procedures are to be created in relation to it’s location by a level 4 researcher who is familiar with SCP-3942 as well as it’s anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-3943 is a white double door refrigerator approximately 1.8 meters in height, 0.8 meters in depth, and 0.9 meters in width. No branding marks are present anywhere on or within SCP-3943. On it’s interior SCP-3943 appears like an ordinary double door refrigerator in pristine condition. If unplugged SCP-3943 does not display any anomalous properties other than the fact that it seems to be impervious to damage or decay regardless of it being in a powered or unpowered state. If plugged in, any biological matter placed inside of the right side refrigerated compartment of SCP-3943 will be “consumed”
immediately upon closing the fridge door. If biological matter is inside a container at the time of being consumed by SCP-3943 the container previously containing the biological matter will be found completely intact and without so much as a microscopic trace of what was previously inside the container. Upon the closing of the fridge door any cameras placed within SCP-3943 malfunction for unknown reasons and are unable to capture any footage. Thus any attempts to capture what occurs to the biological matter within the fridge have been unsuccessful. Several personal present during experiments involving “feeding” SCP-3943 have noted that they occasionally hear the faint sound of chewing along with other sounds commonly associated with eating emanating from within SCP-3943. It is thought that any biological matter placed within SCP-3943 can be consumed instantly as any attempts to open the fridge door immediately after shutting it will still result in the absence of any previously placed biological matter within SCP-3943. Keep in mind that SCP-3943 is able thus far to consume anything that is or ever was alive along with the products of anything that is or ever was alive as long as it is powered and the refrigerator door is shut. The left side of the refrigerator which is the freezer compartment appears to have no anomalous properties other than being resistant to damage at the time of writing this document. Future testing testing may be required to further understand the nature of SCP-3943.

Addendum 3943.1: Discovery

SCP-3943 was discovered after it appeared by security gate A at site [redacted] on [redacted]. No Foundation personnel claim to have seen anyone deliver SCP-3943 to security gate A. When security footage was examined there was a time gap in the footage between [redacted] and [redacted] . It is currently unknown at this time how SCP-3943 arrived at site [redacted] .

Addendum 3943.2: Further Notes.

SCP-3943 requires further testing to evaluate how safe it is and what other effects it may be capable of. There are multiple planned experiments at this point. The first planned test will be to use different methods to try and monitor the activity within SCP-3943 during it's “feeding” process. The second planned experiment is waiting for final revision and approval by senior research staff. The proposal for the second planned experiment consists of a social experiment involving the junior research staff and their lunches.

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