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Item#: #3943

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3943 must be contained in a greenhouse like room with glass panels allowing sunlight to reach inside the room. SCP-3943 must be fed 1 gallon of water every 12 hours. All personnel may enter the containment chamber during the day time although during night hours only level 2 personnel or higher as well as Class-D personnel with permission may enter.

Description: SCP-3943 is a humanoid, ambulatory plant with a masculine structure and measuring at 2.41 meters tall but contrary to its height its weight is 19.4kg. It has light greenish skin and lacks human like genitalia instead at the top of its head it spreads open into the head of flower with pedals and a pistil in its center.SCP-3943 lacks a nose and thus assumed it breathes through its skin. SCP-3943 while having a mouth it does not have a digestion system and can only consume fluids. Like most flowers SCP-3943 produces pollen see Addendum-2 for more information. SCP-3943 has the mental capacity similar to 3-4 year old child. SCP-3943 can understand simple gestures but is not yet able to speak any language fluently. Professor.██████ is currently teaching SCP-3943 basic english so it can properly react to commands. SCP-3943 was discovered in the ██████ rainforest located in ███████

Addendum-1 SCP-3943 is asked if it can spread pollen on its own. It tries and fails.

Addendum-2 personnel bring pollinators to attempt to spread SCP-3943's pollen on to another plant. The ordinary plants seem to create an embryo almost immediately and the fruits of the plants have an unordinary rapid growth. Shortly after, the seeds fell to the ground and then taken for examination

Addendum-3 After examination it is revealed that the seeds are much bigger in size compared to ordinary seeds.

Addendum-4 The seeds SCP-3943 produces are planted and at a rapid speed SCP-3943-1 crawls out of the soil. SCP-3943-1 has the appearance of SCP-3943 but is much smaller and looks more like an infant. This has been confirmed as SCP-3943's reproduction system and shortly after SCP-3943-1 was terminated.

Addendum-5 Multiple Class-D with a pollen allergy are asked to inhale SCP-3943's pollen to see if it would react as an allergen. Class-D personnel at first experience regular symptoms like nasal congestion and watery eyes but soon after the Class-D personnel start coughing violently quickly drop dead.

Dr.█████ and Professor.█████
This interview is a simple questionnaire for SCP-3943 to answer. It is understood that SCP-3943 has a small mental capacity so Professor.█████ will help SCP-3943 with its responses.
Dr.█████: So, SCP-3943 we are going to ask you some questions, okay?
Dr.█████: Alright, the first question. Do you like it here?
SCP-3943: N-No.
Dr.█████: Do you like nature better?
SCP-3943: Yes.
Dr.█████: Are there more of you?
Professor.█████: SCP-3943, if you are unsure of something then you can say I don't know.
SCP-3943: I don't know
Dr.█████: Alright, this will be the last question. Do you want to hurt us?
SCP-3943: No
Dr.█████: Thank you for your time.

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