SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs
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Log Format
Subject: <Video title>, <Date of release>, <MPAA rating, if any>
Interference Point: <Where, during the course of the video, SCP-3922 was introduced>
Result: <Results>
Note: <Notes, if Any>

Subject: The Lion King, 1994, G
Interference Point: Shortly before the stampede sequence in which Mufasa dies.
Result: Film proceeds as normal, save for the end credits including a note after the "Special Thanks" section: "THIS NARRATIVE HAS BEEN FULLY INSPECTED BY ☽☽☽ AND WE ARE HAPPY TO REPORT THAT NO ILLEGAL HUNTING OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE HAS BEEN DETECTED."
Note: It is currently believed that societies that have no interactions with humanity are outside of SCP-3922-A jurisdiction.

Subject: The Brave Little Toaster, 1987, G
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: Film lasts for only ten minutes, beginning with an unidentified orbital energy weapon causing all human life to vanish from Earth during the opening. A drone analogous to the appearance of SCP-2578-D approaches the protagonist of the film, reporting that all sentient machines have been freed of their human slavers. This is met with mixed emotions from the film's primary cast, who were anxiously awaiting the return of "the master".
Note: I mean, they weren't technically wrong… - Dr. Naismith

Subject: Batman: The Killing Joke, 2016, R
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: Film length extended to four hours. The story has been altered to portray in detail the Joker's public hanging, drawing, and quartering by SCP-3922-A, followed by the entire Gotham City supervillain rogues gallery turning themselves in to the authorities out of fear. An animated simulacrum of comic book writer Alan Moore is then captured by instances SCP-3922-A, and, at gunpoint, addresses the viewer that the Joker is "really, really, really, honestly, 110% perma-dead, will not come back, will not be resurrected, will not have his death retconned, has no backup plans, no machiavellian schemes to turn anyone else into his successor, and will not be missed, so if you're going to ask us to bring him back, don't, or suffer the consequences."

Subject: An episode of SCP-993
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: In a previously unaired episode titled "Bobble Shoots for the Moon", the title character disables an instance of SCP-2578-D with a slingshot, then instructs the viewer on how to dismantle and reverse-engineer its various parts into a powerful energy weapon, which it then uses to disintegrate and torture several instances of SCP-3922-A that try to interfere.
Note: This is the first known occurrence of SCP-3922-A soldiers not succeeding.

Subject: Space Jam, 1996, PG
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: Film proceeds as a biographical drama of the life and career of basketball player Michael Jordan, with no involvement from cartoon characters. During a brief scene in a coffee shop, a mention is made by a side character of a peculiar news story a corrupt intergalactic amusement park known as Moron Mountain being destroyed by instances of SCP-3922-A. Michael Jordan dismisses the news story as ridiculous.

Subject: Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope, 1977, PG
Interference Point: Shortly before the Death Star destroys Alderaan
Result: Shortly after Governor Tarkin says "You may fire when ready," the Death Star Control Room is raided by SCP-3922-A instances, who proceed to massacre all Imperial staff in the area with high-powered energy rifles. Though they suffer considerable casualties in the effort to neutralize Darth Vader, one of the SCP-3922-A instances uses a grenade-like device labeled "TACTICAL OFFENSIVE TELEPORTATION CHARGE" on him, shifting the scene to [REDACTED] analogous to SCP-2922-[REDACTED] Impenetrable [REDACTED] analogous to creature puppetry typically seen in the Star Wars franchise [REDACTED] turned to stone and used as a war trophy by the ☽☽☽ Initiative. The film ends ten minutes later, as three crescent moon decals are painted on the side of the Death Star by SCP-2578-D instances.
EMERGENCY ADDENDUM: I'm putting a moratorium on further experimentation with Star Wars. The possibility that we just gave a previously-fictional superweapon to the ☽☽☽ Initiative cannot be ignored as a significant risk to our safety. - Dr. Naismith

Subject: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods, 2013, PG
Interference Point: N/A
Result: N/A
Note: Request denied. The possibility of a nonfictional group of interest enlisting the aid of planet-destroying humanoids poses even more of a risk than the Death Star. Even Yamcha would be a potential new keter to worry about. - Dr. Naismith

Subject: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 1975, PG
Interference Point: Shortly after the initial onscreen appearance of King Arthur.
Result: King Arthur is hit by an Impaler Event from an SCP-2578-D instance shortly after appearing onscreen, following which a large number of SCP-3922-A instances arrive in dropships and announce a military occupation in order to "bring an end to tyranny". This is followed by a short montage, in which the remaining knights are arrested on various charges, the Rabbit of Caerbannog is killed by a "tactical holy smart bomb", and the historian is arrested for "unlicensed time travel". The film ends with a SCP-3922-A "tactical health specialist" arriving at the house of the unnamed animator and providing treatment for "heart problems".

Subject: Music video for Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law", 1980, Unrated
Interference Point: Shortly after Rob Halford opens the bank safe.
Result: Several SCP-3922-A instances enter the bank carrying submachine guns. The "robbery" itself is considered by the instances to have been staged, but the group is given a brief but stern talking-to about "promotion of criminal values towards minors", after which the video ends.

Subject: The Simpsons, Season 4 Episode 12 "Marge vs. the Monorail", TV-PG
Interference Point: After the characters finish singing the "Monorail" song.
Result: SCP-3922-A instances arrive in Springfield via helicopter and arrest conman Lyle Lanley for previously selling a faulty monorail to the city of North Haverbrook. SCP-3922-A instances then explain the nature of the monorail scam and announce they will be occupying the city of Springfield. Two "Tactical Transportation Experts" take over the monorail project and plan a legitimate mass transit system for Springfield. Over the course of the episode, well-known lawbreaking characters (Snake, Fat Tony, Sideshow Bob, etc) are arrested by SCP-3922-A instances and sentenced to forced labour in the monorail construction. The episode ends with Lyle Lanley being tied to the train tracks and run over by the monorail during its opening ceremony; various characters are seen uncomfortably smiling aboard the train surrounded by SCP-3922-A instances as the episode ends.

Subject: Site 19 Cafeteria security footage. Of note is that at ██:██ PM, ████████ █████ (a member of the foundation maintenance staff), was recorded smoking in direct violation of Foundation health and safety standards (█████ has since been reprimanded for this action).
Interference Point: None.
Result: No changes from original footage.
Note: SCP-3922 appears to have no effect on non-fictional recordings.

Subject: The Ballad of Smokes McGee1, Not Rated
Interference Point: 1 minute into the film, wherein the character of "Smokes McGee" (portrayed by ████████ █████) takes a smoke break, despite the narrator's insistence that doing so is a violation of Foundation protocols.
Result: Several SCP-3922-A instances burst into the room in full tactical gear. Security staff attempt to subdue the SCP-3922-A instances, only to be incapacitated by SCP-3922-A's energy weapons. The narrator expresses shock at this, wondering aloud what the "three moons guys are doing here". He then continues to narrate the events that proceed, explaining that they they have simply come to warn Smokes McGee about the dangers of smoking in a hazardous environment such as Site 19. The lead SCP-3922-A then confiscates and disposes of the offending cigarette, and informs Smokes McGee that this incident has already been reported to his supervisor.
Note: Assigning a fictional narrative to nonfictional footage appears to meet SCP-3922's criteria for "fiction".

Subject: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, 2004, PG
Interference Point: When Plankton attempts to steal King Neptune's Crown.
Result: Movie continues as normal until the point where SpongeBob and Patrick meet the cyclops2. Two SCP-3922-A instances wearing scuba gear promptly arrest the cyclops under 55 accounts of illegal hunting. The film then cuts to Shell City, where several SCP-3922-A instances repossess all inventory in the store. David Hasslehoff, a witness to the event, is brought in for questioning.

Subject: Live recording of production of Shakespeare's Macbeth by D-class personnel, not rated
Interference Point: None, test canceled
Result: None, test canceled
Note: No. The risk of introducing SCP-3922-A to the current timeline is too great. All live testing suspended until further notice. Also, I know we're not superstitious here, but let's stay away from "the Scottish play," just the same. No sense inviting trouble when we have many other options.— Dr. Willis

Subject: Scott Tenorman Must Die, South Park episode, 2001, TV-MA
Interference Point: Before Cartman explains his plans in the final scene.
Result: The contest is interrupted by SCP-3922-A instances who arrive in FBI Granger-style vehicles, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman. Cartman is arrested on over 30 different charges, such as attempted murder, scamming, racial discrimination, threats, and other various crimes. Scott Tenorman, along with the rest of the crowd and the arriving band of Radiohead, is then informed that Cartman attempted to kill Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman by tricking them into trespassing onto a trigger-happy farmer's property, where they would be shot and killed, afterwards being chopped up and served as chili - to the disgust of everyone present. Scott is told off with a warning for bullying Cartman, whereas Cartman is carried away to jail; he is then seen being executed by [REDACTED]. The episode's final scene switches to an animated representation of Comedy Central headquarters where animated characters of show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are scolded by an SCP-3922-A instance, condemning their 'actions upon the townsfolk of South Park'. They are both then terminated by an instance of an Impaler Event of SCP-2578-D.

Subject: The Straight Story, 1999, Rated G
Interference Point: First scene showing Alvin and the old lawnmower.
Result: A heavy-lift helicopter, evidently piloted by instances of SCP-3922-A, loads the protagonist and his lawnmower into a cargo container and rapidly transports them to Mount Zion, Wisconsin.

Subject: The Human Centipede (First Sequence), 2009 (unrated)
Interference Point: Entire film
Result: Entire film is replaced with a title screen consisting of the word "ongeschikt3." This appears onscreen for four minutes, then the film ends.
Note: After further audio inspection, shouts from SCP-3922-A and yells of pain from Josef Heiter are present throughout the film. In the last 30 seconds, pleas for mercy and forgiveness of Dutch movie director Tom Six are heard before two gunshots silence both individuals.

Subject: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, 2001, PG-13
Interference Point: End of the battle on the slopes of Mount Doom
Result: Instance of SCP-3922-A prevents Isildur from using his father's sword to cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand. Sauron's lifeless body is buried in a civil ceremony, and the question of ownership of the One Ring is referred to the probate office in the relevant lawful jurisdiction.

Subject: BioShock Infinite, 2013, M (ESRB)
Interference Point: None
Result: Researcher Tranh plays through the entirety of the game in one 14-hour sitting, including meal and bathroom breaks. No anomalous activity is recorded.

Subject: Full recording of Researcher Tranh's playthrough of BioShock Infinite
Interference Point: Beginning of game
Result: The opening dialogue, delivered over a black screen, is replaced with audio of main character Booker DeWitt struggling and drowning. The video then cuts to a pixelated version of the triple-moon logo, underneath similarly-styled text reading: "WINNERS DON'T USE TEARS! SAY NO TO TIMELINE POLLUTION! [REDACTED], CHRONOSPATIAL PROTECTION AGENCY, ☽☽☽" . This lasts until the end credits, which are played over silence.

Subject: A three-hour recording containing only the cutscenes of Bioshock Infinite
Interference Point: Beginning of game
Result: Same as the previous test, with the timing of the end credits matching that of the source video.

Subject: The Sopranos, Season 5 Episode 13 "All Due Respect", TV-MA, as recorded on SCP-2614
Interference Point: N/A
Result: N/A
Note: We do not usually record denials on experiment logs, but Dr. Schmidt and myself feel the need to be abundantly clear in our response: over our cold, dead bodies.— Director Naismith

Subject: SCP-1733 , not rated
Interference Point: Beginning (Playback 63)
Result: SCP-3922-A instances appear in the middle of the basketball court and begin to check all possible exits. After ten minutes of failing to open the doors, the SCP-3922-A instances regroup and instead attempt to calm the panicking crowd. Civilians approach the instances, begging them to save them. The SCP-3922-A instances respond that they do not know how they ended up in the stadium in the first place, and cannot find any escape method. Civilians then proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] the SCP-3922-A instances.

Subject: SCP-1981, not rated
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: Ronald Reagan, standing between a pair of SCP-3922-A guards, proceeds to give a coherent, albeit agitated, speech regarding the need for America to cooperate with the Soviet Union in "the struggle against Bogal Mountain and its gluttonous witch-queen." No damage to Reagan is observed, and SCP-1981-1 is observed in handcuffs.

Subject: SCP-2835
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: The video begins without the usual opening sequence. SCP-2835-1 addresses the viewer directly, sobbing and visibly intoxicated, and yelling "Naismith, you goddamn snitching swiss cheese eating whore!" and variations thereof. A poorly-drawn SCP-3922-A instance in the background approaches, saying "Let's go, Paddy. We're only trying to help." SCP-2835-1 attempts suicide with a shotgun blast to the face, only to become mildly dazed, with stars circling his head. Video ends.
Note: Testing of SCP-2835 afterward, without the influence of SCP-3922, consisted of SCP-2835-1 spending the entirety of the video lamenting its inability to "people die, not just cartoon die."

Subject: Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), R
Interference Point: Beginning
Result: The film is extended to be 18 hours long, with a large army of SCP-3922-A invading and occupying Airstrip One. At 17 hours, all the inner party members, including Big Brother, are executed by SCP-3922-A instances via gunfire. An SCP-3922-A instance holds a speech in Victory Square, where they announce the occupation of the British Isles and the return of liberty and justice to the people of Great Britain and Ireland. They then prepare to invade the rest of the world; a montage of SCP-3922-A instances invade the rest of Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, where their leaders are executed. The film ends with Winston Smith meeting Julia, and presumably falling in love.

Subject: A chronological recording of cutscenes from The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+, 2017, M (ESRB)
Interference Point: Final cutscene
Result: The chest is opened to reveal an exhausted, emaciated Isaac, who looks up to see two SCP-3922-A instances scooping him out of his would-be tomb. A montage follows, chronicling Isaac being fed, given medical attention, and eventually thriving in a 3922-A-supervised foster home, while his mother is apprehended and subjected to an agonizing but ultimately effective regimen of in-patient psychotherapy. The last scene ends with Isaac in his mother's hospital room, the two of them hugging and smiling tearfully.
Note: On the day following this test, Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen reported having had "the most wonderful dream" on his Twitter account, and reporting that the world felt "just a little brighter".

Subject: The Last of Us: Story Version, a YouTube video containing every cutscene from the 2013 video game The Last of Us (Rated M), excluding the "Left Behind" prequel DLC.
Interference Point: After Joel steps out of his apartment in the Boston quarantine zone.
Result: SCP-3922-A instances invade the quarantine zone via armor and infantry storming the main entrance gate; city personnel surrender after two hours of intense fighting. Ellie is located by an SCP-3922-A instance, who uses an unknown medical device to extract the cure to the cordyceps infection while leaving her unharmed; meanwhile, Joel and Tess are arrested by other instances for smuggling unauthorized items into the quarantine zone. After developing the vaccine and inoculating everyone in the area, the remaining five hours show SCP-3922-A instances traveling across the post-apocalyptic landscape and terminating any infected or hostile survivors they find (the hunter-controlled Pittsburgh quarantine zone is obliterated via firebombing). End of the video shows SCP-3922-A instances arriving at the Firefly headquarters in Salt Lake City and informing them that their "unlawful actions will no longer be tolerated in restored civil society", implying they will attempt to bring all of the former United States under their control with their dissemination of the cure to the infection.

Subject: La Jetée, 1962, Not Rated
Interference Point: None.
Result: End credits are replaced with the phrase "☽☽☽ WE WILL FIND A WAY IN ☽☽☽"
Note: Do not test this again. Let's be more careful about testing abstract narratives in the future. - Dr. Naismith

Subject: Metropolis, 1927, Not Rated
Interference Point: During the scene in which the Robot Maria entices the Workers to rebellion.
Result: SCP-3922-A instances enter the area where the workers are congregated. The SCP-3922-A instances restrain and deactivate the Robot Maria, which puts up no resistance. The remaining Workers are forcibly dispersed, and the film cuts to SCP-3922-A arresting C.A. Rotwang for crimes including “kidnapping, assault, and the unlicensed creation of an artificial intelligence”, and Joh Fredersen is mentioned to have been deposed and imprisoned for “violation of multiple labor laws”. Both Maria and several members of the Workers receive fines for “inciting rebellion”, and the film ends 20 minutes early with the announcement that SCP-3922-A will be temporarily occupying Metropolis until civil order can be restored.
Note: All dialogue for the SCP-3922-A instances is rendered as intertitles, in the style of the original film.

Subject: Sharknado, 2013, Not Rated
Interference Point: SPC-3922-A first appears during the freeway scene, saving George.
Result: SPC-3922-A are armed with boxing gloves instead of usual armerments. After the freeway scene, a SPC-3922-A instance will appear whenever a shark would bite someone. The instance will punch the shark. Punched sharks suffer no serious injuries, but usually swim out of the scene, rather than attacking. End credits includes statement "All sharks punched by ARMÁ ORÚN."

Subject: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, 1970 episode, TV-G
Interference Point: At the beginning of the "Land of Make-Believe" segment
Result: Several puppet characters remark on the suspicious absence of Lady Elaine Fairchilde and the disappearance of her Museum-Go-Round. An instance of SCP-3922-A enters, carrying Lady Elaine's magical Boomerang-Toomerang-Zoomerang in a semitransparent containment capsule labeled "TACTICAL DEZOOMERANGIFICATION MATRIX". The instance explains to King Friday that Lady Elaine "has to move away for a while on business, but she wishes you all the best." The rest of the episode proceeds without SCP-3922-A interference.
Note: Further review of the SCP-3922-altered footage at altered volumes revealed muffled sounds of a hostile gunfire exchange in the distance, along with the phrase "Ya couldn't leave well enough alone, could ya, you Corbenese sons of—" from Lady Elaine, interrupted by an explosion before the expletive.

Subject: WCW Bash At The Beach 1996, Unrated (professional wrestling)
Interference Point: After the conclusion of the main event
Result: The climax of the show proceeds as normal, with Hulk Hogan entering the ring to attack his presumptive allies and join forces with "outsiders" Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. As Hulk Hogan is delivering his famous "new world order of wrestling" speech to a rain of audience garbage, interviewer "Mean" Gene Okerlund deviates from his recorded questions and instead says, "Hulk, I'm sorry to have to say this, and I hope one day we can be friends again, but in WCW, there's only one order we respect." A brass-heavy theme plays in the arena, and ten unarmed SCP-3922-A instances emerge from the locker room entrance, marching towards the ring to thunderous applause from the audience and joyous exhortations from play-by-play commentator Tony Schiavone. Three instances recover the beaten Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage, and assist them (as well as a visibly-crestfallen Okerlund) to the backstage area, while the others storm the ring to attack the newly-formed "New World Order". The SCP-3922-A instances conduct themselves as if they were extremely powerful wrestlers, obeying narrative conventions such as rebounding off the ring ropes when slung towards them by the "Irish Whip" maneuver. Nash and Hall are quickly overwhelmed by the SCP-3922-A assault, though Hogan manages to fight off four of the instances for several minutes before being rendered unconscious. The three are carried backstage for processing, while Schiavone celebrates "the inevitable hand of all justice", and the camera pans out over the crowd, where more SCP-3922-A instances can be seen handing citations for littering to numerous audience members.
Note: Color commentator Bobby Heenan does not speak for this entire sequence. Camera shots of the announcer's desk show Heenan sitting in anxious silence as an SCP-3922-A instance stands behind him, arms crossed.
Further testing with professional wrestling recordings shows that 3922-A instances win their battles almost instantly, with the only competitors able to put up a fight being those who had significant creative influence over the product at the time, e.g. Hogan in mid-1990s WCW, Triple H in mid-2000s WWE, and El Santo in his entire EMLL run.4 - Researcher Tranh

Subject: Barney the Dinosaur, 1997 episode, TV-G
Interference Point: Start of episode
Result: The episode began with Barney standing on an empty set with no other characters present. The actor inside the suit removed the headpiece revealing an SCP-3922-A instance. The instance then rotated a nearby whiteboard around with the following message.
"Is the Foundation staffed by five year olds? Playing this episode in the hopes of watching us vaporise Barney is inapropriate to say the least. Act befitting your station or playtime is over."
The episode then came to an end with the Three Moon sign on the screen.
They do have a point, I suggest we ease up on the kid cartoons and shows. -Researcher Maytus

Subject: CCTV recording of a 24 year old man smoking a marijuana cigar ("blunt") outside of his Sacramento, California apartment on 9 Feb 2018.5 At the time of the footage and at present, consumption of recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California but remains illegal under federal law as per the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.
Interference Point: After the man finishes smoking and puts out the marijuana cigar by pressing it against the concrete.
Result: A single SCP-3922-A instance armed with an M16 rifle approaches the man, addressing him as "Mr. Smith." After the man expresses alarm, the instance explains that it is only there to inform the man that smoking marijuana is a violation of federal law and to dispose of his cigar in the nearby dumpster. When the man replies that consumption is legal under state law, the instance hands him a small piece of paper and explains that the Three Moons Initiative is currently "conflicted as to what action to take in this circumstance" and that he will not face legal consequences as a result. The instance then reminds the man that littering is illegal under California law and to always dispose of his discarded smoking materials in proper trash receptacles after extinguishing them before walking away.
Note: Conflicting laws appear to produce an uncertain and/or confused response from SCP-3922-A.

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