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Item #: SCP-3921

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3921 is to never leave its cell without approval of at least two (2) Level 4 personnel. Video and audio surveillance is required 24/7, with guard shifting every 8 hours. Anyone who enters SCP-3921’s cell must have approval from 05-_. Helmets using DEAFEN technology must be in use during any interaction with SCP-3921. Removal of helmets is not permitted at any time. Any communication to SCP-3291 is to be in written manner. Removing the helmet within the presence of SCP-3921 is grounds for immediate termination. In the event of a Containment Breach, SCP-3921’s cell is to be immediately filled with Class-A Amnestics. Should this not be met in two (2) minutes or less, the explosive device hidden within SCP-3921’s cell is to be detonated. Under any circumstances, SCP-3921’s violin should not be in its possession.

SCP-XXXX should be given anything requested, so long as nothing is deemed to breach Foundation security. Following Incident SCP-XXXX-A, only the following items are permitted for use:

  • A dulled pencil,
  • A maximum five (5) sheets of paper (per day)
  • Standard watercolor and art supplies
  • One (1) canvas (per day)
  • Rosin
  • One (1) tub of water

All material(s) should be handled with extreme care, and are to be analyzed, refilled as seen fit, and redistributed daily.

Personnel that experience hallucinations of SCP-3921’s likeness need to see the on-site psychologist immediately. Their mental state should be judged and reviewed on Protocol 99C's requirements, and if deemed unfit by 05-█, are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-3921 appears as an average Asian female humanoid measuring approximately 1.58 meters in height. Its sandals, made of an unknown form of bamboo, are irremovable, SCP-3921 will bat away anything’s hands or lengths representing hands should this be attempted. SCP-3921’s skin has a complete lack of any pigmentation. Its violin, designated SCP-3921-1, appears as belonging to Amadeus Mozart, dating back to the 18th century. A lack of expected severe deterioration is currently being studied. It came to the Foundation’s attention after reports of a violinist causing atomic-level explosions at a local market in [DATA REDACTED]. The scope of these events was decided to be too great, and all witnesses were terminated.

Through extensive questioning, SCP-3921 seems to have an innate knowledge of music and can clean and maintain SCP-3921-1 blindfolded. During controlled testing, Foundation researchers have learned only a select few songs trigger blasts. All Recovery Teams and Mobile Task Forces are instructed to listen for the following pieces:

  • Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • "The Lark Ascending" - Ralph Vaugh Williams
  • "Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto" - Felix Mendelssohn

SCP-3921 has shown ability to play the any violin at three (3) times the speed the most renowned current violinist can. Should it retrieve its violin, Procedure Xulu is to be carried out instantly.

SCP-3921-1 is near-indestructible, and if any entity harms it, accidentally or intentionally, SCP-3921 will enter a state of emotional distress, sobbing and speaking in an unidentifiable language, suspected as a modified version of Japanese. After 3-5 minutes, if the entity now given the title of subject, is still in the same room, SCP-3921 will slap the subject with enough force to propel it backwards several meters. Following this, SCP-XXXX will then try maim and/or murder the subject. If this action is deemed impossible by SCP-XXXX, or the subject left the room shortly after damage was caused to SCP-3921-1, then SCP-XXXX will return to the activity it was doing before the event.

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