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Item #: SCP-3875


Image A: SCP-3875 traversing coronary vessel. Image B: Only known positioning that triggers safe SCP-3875 activation.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances should SCP-3875 be connected to any power source or device other than the specified below. No other special containment procedures aside from standard security are required.

SCP-3875 is to be transferred to a standard locked safe-deposit box at Site 19's Item Storage Facility.

SCP-3875 may only be removed from its safe-deposit box for experimentation by Level 2 Security Clearance Personnel or higher, prompted they have a specialized medical degree in interventional cardiology with at least 3 (three) years of internship working with cardiac arrhythmia and stent catheterism.

Prior to the connection of SCP-3875 to an ECG machine, SCP-3875 must be inserted initially into the femoral artery with subsequent proper coronary placement1. Improper placement may result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Personnel must create a 5-meter radius safety area from the subject prior to activation.

After the experimentation, SCP-3875 must first be disconnected from the ECG machine in order to void safety area. Thoroughly cleaning with silicon-based detergent and sterilization with ionizing radiation is required before its storage.

Containment Addendum 3875-01: Following Experiment 3875-24/2017 and an Ethics Committee request, SCP-3875-1 instances are to be offered termination if prompted. Subjects remains are to be cremated and the ashes properly disposed of.

Description: SCP-3875 resembles a poorly constructed2 guide catheter commonly used in the low-risk cardiologic intervention. Despite its structure and composition, SCP-3875 can be easily operated by anyone properly trained in angioplasty procedures. The inflatable stent near the tip of SCP-3875 expands upon input at the handle and is believed to be the source of the "communication" attained during experimentation. While not connected to an ECG machine, SCP-3875 is otherwise unremarkable, as no anomaly is observable.

SCP-3875 was first discovered in the countryside of ██████, Argentina, during a raid on a clinic believed to be under the control of one of the Foundation's GOI.

The clinic was found deserted and disconnected to the power grid, with a few damaged medical equipment scattered throughout the facility. Suspected signs of attempts in █████ resuscitation3 by a modular ECG-defibrillator machine to which SCP-3875 was connected were soon found.
Upon restoration of power to the location, MTF-███, Dr. Ericssen and ███ civilians in a radius of ██km were [DATA EXPUNGED].

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