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Item #: SCP-3873

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3873 must be surrounded by an anti-memetic screen shield to covert its existence. Tampering of any kind to SCP-3873 is strictly prohibited. Daily inspection is required to ensure continued function, with any kind of damage or malfunction found immediately repaired. Mobile Task Force Theta-404 is to continue Operation Lockout until further notice.

Description: SCP-3873 is a Mark 7 Titan model Rho-Wolf Reality Finalization Anchor, a product of Operation Lockout and now the centerpiece for their ongoing mission. The purpose of SCP-3873 is to prevent a XP-Class Reality Blue Screen Scenario.

Such a scenario is hypothetical and the effects are highly variable. It is understood that an influence existing outside the multiverse can alter anything within the multiverse (these events are designated as SCP-3873-A instances). Any concept or object in any given amount can be affected in almost any way, resulting in atypical behavior than previously seen (SCP-3873-B instances). Although SCP-3873-A instances can result in neutralized SCPs, more often than not new SCPs are created1. If even a single instance of SCP-3873-B can disrupt the stability of the multiverse enough, it can trigger a XP-Class Reality Blue Screen Scenario. Once started, the hue of all visible matter will begin to slowly blueshift until objects cannot be discernible from each other. The multiverse is presumed to cease its existence after this point.

Addendum 3873-1: XP-Class Scenario Discovery

Addendum 3873-2: Project Blue

Addendum 3873-3: Operation Lockout

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