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Item #: SCP-3862

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 are to be kept in a Secure Containment Locker at Site-73. SCP-3862-2 contains the nonlethal infohazardous symbol locus-ZGll1 and must be observed through a digital medium. Any personnel complaining of headaches or chest pains during or after viewing this symbol must be treated with class-A amnestics to prevent permanent disability. Any personnel directly exposed to SCP-3862-2 must be treated with class-B amnestics and kept in ICU for at least 24 hours.

As of 1/19/16, a single surviving instance of SCP-3862-A is cleared for light duty and is to be provided on-site quarters only.

Description: SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 are 55cm X 80cm portions of a ceiling painting originating from the parish church of St. Gallus and Ulrich in Germany. Prior to 7/12/16, these paintings depicted scenes from the Bible and from the middle ages. However, as of 7/12/16, they now display several differences due to the death of SCP-3862.

The sky in SCP-3862-1 is now painted red and black, using digital techniques. This pattern strongly resembles an anomalous effect produced by Chaos Insurgency weapons during a conflict that led to the recovery of SCP-2925. Previously, the sky was a pale orange.

The figure on the left side of SCP-3862-1 now has a tattoo corresponding with personnel records for Agent Jenkins, reported MIA during the aforementioned conflict. The corresponding head of this figure has a cyan ‘Virgo’ astrological symbol painted on its forehead. The central figure is brandishing an M9 pistol instead of a sword. This central figure has a faint black circle with a red dot in the middle painted on its forehead reminiscent of that of the Chaos Insurgency. If so, then the figure depicts POI-813. All other aspects of this instance of SCP-3862 are unchanged.

The face of the central figure in SCP-3862-2 now closely resembles O5-██. The prone figure has an infohazardous locus-ZGll astrological symbol painted on its forehead. The face of the prone figure strongly resembles SCP-███.

SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 were discovered by Agent Cutler during routine undercover fieldwork as a member of local authorities. The priest of the parish church of St. Gallus and Ulrich reported signs of vandalism in the church. The police report and descriptions of the vandalism included several extrastellar astrological symbols, including locus-ZGll and locus-ZmFy2. Agent Cutler followed up on the police report, leading to the discovery of a local Chaos Insurgency cell (See field report compilation 3862-01). Class-B amnestics were later administered to the priest and exposed parishioners to treat the infohazardous effects of the astrological signs.

Chaos Insurgency members had already burned the majority of SCP-3862 instances upon being alerted to the ongoing Foundation raid of their cell. Only SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 were recovered intact.

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