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Item #: SCP-3815

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3815 is currently housed on a clandestine farm in ██████, Utah, under the visual supervision of three female, Level-2 personnel, trained specifically to counter its anomaly. Once a month a courier from Site-11 is to be dispatched to the location to resupply the group with amenities as needed. SCP-3815 is allowed free roam around the property during daylight hours provided an escort, and limited television and internet access dependent on good behavior.

Description: SCP-3815 is a human female of Icelandic nationality by the name of Elena Bell. Subject is 20 years of age, stands approximately 1.5m tall and weighs 46kg.

SCP-3815 is an entity whose immediate location is solely dependent upon being in the sightline of the nearest human being, disregarding itself. If visual contact of the subject is severed by prolonged blinking or sufficiently obscured by any means, SCP-3815 will spontaneously materialize into view of the nearest living individual including its clothing and any untethered objects it may be holding at the time.

Subject does not appear to be in control of this phenomena as relocation occurs regardless of its will, disposition, or state of consciousness.

According to SCP-3815’s own testimony this anomaly began manifesting five days after its 20th birthday, following its mother’s passing. If it is to be believed, interviews suggest there might be a correlation between the two events, though the actual cause remains unknown.

Any further experiments involving SCP-3815 have been discontinued following Incident SCP-3815-08, in which line of sight testing caused the subject to partially materialize into a concrete wall where the nearest researcher was focusing, resulting in a small crater and substantial spinal injury for SCP-3815. Any new relevant information denoting a change in relocation behavior or circumstances involving significant harm brought to the subject are to be documented and logged by assigned personnel at the time.

Addendum 3815-01: Any abandoned parts of the subject’s physiology including locks of hair, fingernail clippings, skin scrapings, saliva, blood samples, and bodily waste products no longer possess the line of sight anomaly.

Addendum 3815-02: Experimentation with mirrors, reflective surfaces, and live camera feeds reveal that an indirect line of sight is sufficient to prevent dematerialization and relocation of the subject. In addition, complete obscuration is required for a line of sight relocation to occur; so long as the subject’s perceived outline is still visible the subject remains in place. This may also help to explain why typical blinking patterns by observers does not trigger the anomaly, as perception seems to take precedence over actual line of sight. Utilization of mirrors and translucent curtains in subject’s residence to allow ease of containment and privacy have been approved.

Interview Log 3815-3

Interviewer: Dr. Elijah Rhalli

<Begin Log>

Dr. Rhalli: Good morning, how are you feeling today, 3815?

SCP-3815: Just call me Elena. You know my name. Half the people on site do since I’ve been bouncing around here.

Dr. Rhalli: Your anomaly appears very inconvenient for you.

SCP-3815: I can’t even sleep without someone gawking at me, though… if I’m being honest it is rather relaxing being able to stay in one place for a couple of hours.

Dr. Rhalli: We’ve established chaperones to help in that department. We want to make sure you are comfortable.

SCP-3815: After the last experiment you conducted I should hope so. I don’t want to get slammed into any more walls, thank you. The company isn’t bad, I’m just not used to so much of it.

Dr. Rhalli: That’s understandable. You said you lived alone with your mother?

SCP-3815: Ah, now we are getting into the Freudian shit. Yes, I lived with my mother. I took care of her and paid our bills. Life was simple.

Dr. Rhalli: Do you think her death triggered you in some way? Did you mourn her loss?

SCP-3815: Of course I did. What, you think she had something to do with my current condition? She wasn’t a witch. She could barely move or speak.

Dr. Rhalli: She was stricken with cystic fibrosis, correct?

SCP-3815: Yes, and early on-set Alzheimer’s. She was a wreck in the end. Can we get back to my condition?

Dr. Rhalli: But of course, do you have any education on or understanding of quantum mechanics, or perhaps the Von Neumann-Wigner interpretation1?

SCP-3815: Is that some sort of universal source code or something? I just want to stop teleporting.

Dr. Rhalli: It's more of a theory about the presence of consciousness being required for existence.

SCP-3815: You're way off.

Dr. Rhalli: Then maybe you could enlighten me.

(SCP-3815 reclines in its chair, crosses its arms, and remains silent. After one minute elapses, Dr. Rhalli resumes speaking.)

Dr. Rhalli: We might be able to afford you more freedom, in exchange for your continued cooperation.

SCP-3815: (sighing) I don’t know anything about quantum mechanics, but my mother did say something to me the day before she died, and I woke up on my neighbor’s kitchen table while he ate breakfast. Just… promise me you won’t dig her up or anything.

Dr. Rhalli: What did she say?

SCP-3815: It was the clearest thing she had said in three years. She said… she was sorry I didn’t have a social life because of her. She said she was sorry I didn’t get to go to college because all the money went to her disease. She said that just looking at me was the greatest feeling in the world, and that when she died she hoped that someone would always look after me. I guess… the universe took her too literally on that.

<End Log>

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