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Item #: SCP-3801

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained in a 6.1x6.1 meter cell. The cell must be examined twice a month. During examinations, subject must be removed. Often he will do this willingly. The cell contains a bed, a toilet and a shower. Subject must be medically examined twice a year.

Description: Subject was found in an alien craft of some description near the Chicxulub impact crater. Carbon dating reveals the craft to be almost as old as the crater, indicating it either caused the impact event or at least witnessed it. It was found in a remote area of the Mexican coast, around 60 kilometres from Merida, by two teenagers.
Subject appears as a white humanoid, almost identical to a human. However, it has pearl white skin, and no hair of any kind. For modesty's sake, it has been provided with clothing. It's blood is blue, indicating it does not require oxygen to breathe.
The subject heals from injuries much faster than any human could, regenerating lost limbs in minutes. Upon testing, the blood was found to be alkaline in nature, but quickly evaporated upon contact with air. As such, samples of it have not been able to be tested.
The subject claims to be an alien, who visited Earth sometime during the end of the Cretaceous era. It also claims that it is from the Proxima Centauri system, and that it created humans by cloning itself, then allowing natural selection to evolve it's cloned offspring until it culminated in humans. As such, it refers to itself as the Judo-Christian God.
It's DNA is almost identical to human DNA, but it does not have any information pertaining to respiration, suggesting it does not need to eat to survive.
It seems extremely well versed in human technology and language, flunetly communicating with anyone who talks to it. It has a preference for English, which it claims is the native language of it's homeworld.
It possesses some sort of clairvoyance, as it was aware that SCP-343 "God" was being kept in this facility.

Interviewed: SCP 3801 "The Man"

Interviewer: █████████
<Begin Log, 0800 hours, June 26th 2017>

Interviewer:[Interview with SCP 3801 commencing 0800 hours. Subject appears well rested, and willing to cooperate. First question, what would you like us to refer to you as?
SCP 3801: Just call me Adam.
Interviewer: Adam, you are here because you were found in a spacecraft near the impact crater created when the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. Why were you there? Did you have a hand in their extinction?
Adam: I drove the asteroid into Earth's path on purpose, for the sake of wiping it clean and starting an intelligent race that could replace my species, which at the time was amidst civil war and soon to be destroyed.
Interviewer: Are any other members of your species still alive?
Adam: I do not know, for I haven't had contact with them for all the time I've been here.
Interviewer: What is your species like?
Adam: They are much more technologically advanced than humans, and have achieved virtual immortality. They are much smarter than humans, and are very poud. As such, when their pride is threatened they will obliterate whatever caused the threat. If they came here, you'd think they were gods.
Interviewer: There is in this facility another subject claiming to be god. Are you aware of this?
Adam: SCP-343, or Jehovah as he may be known here, is the one responsible for my race's technological supremacy. We worship him just as your species worshipped me.
Interviewer: This interview is now over, if you'd like to return to your cell. You shall be compensated for your time. Interview over at 0810 hours.

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