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Item Number: SCP-3787 Level 3/3787
Object Class: Keter Hiemal Classified

Special Containment Procedures:

As the anomaly associated with SCP-3787 continues to change over time, it has been documented in chronological order. All observed changes to the properties of this anomaly are to be documented as addenda materials. Only the most recent version of this anomaly's containment procedures are to be considered viable. The original 2021/06/30 documentation is as follows.

Foundation personnel within the Zoology Department are to be inserted into various tiers of the North American horse industry. This is to ensure horse breeding continues as a controlled element to avoid further progression of the anomaly.

Domesticated horse populations are to be monitored for anomalous effects such as uncharacteristic or unprovoked aggression, deviance from feeding habits, and deviance from natural breeding cycles. As the numbers of feral horse populations cannot be properly quantified, known populations are to be monitored and tracked for behaviour that deviates from the norm.

Sterilization efforts of current horse populations in an attempt to slow down birth rates and overpopulation are to be avoided to ensure no deviance to the well-being of baseline horse populations. Instead, hormonal agent 762988-16-7 is to be dispersed among horse populations. 762988-16-7 targets horse endocrine systems to promote docility and extend breeding cycles.

Due to the nature of SCP-3787-ε as a widespread anomaly, there are no known methods of containment at this time. Containment initiatives are being accepted by Site-82. Until such a point that acceptable levels of containment have been met, this anomaly has been classified as a Keter-class object.

Description: SCP-3787-A describes a deviance to the natural breeding trend within domesticated and free-roaming Equus ferus caballus1 populations. This deviance has been noted to exist primarily in the Southern and Southwestern United States, though horse populations within the entirety of the US and Canada are potential vectors for this anomaly.

Specifically, SCP-3787-A refers to the emergence of a gestation period 8 to 10 times more rapid than the baseline breeding cycle. The baseline gestation period of 11 to 12 months is shortened to a roughly 30 to 45 day period from conception to birth among horses affected by SCP-3787-A, and up to 10 times as many foals are born as a result. Growth rates of this magnitude over an extended period of time are considered vastly unsustainable and pose a serious risk to the horse industry's ability to maintain it.

Horses involved in this breeding cycle, including both newborn foals and pregnant mares, appear not to be negatively affected by this accelerated gestation period. Newborn foals exhibit physiological properties similar in nature to their non-anomalous counterparts and develop within pregnant mares despite lacking the necessary sustenance over the accelerated developmental period.

SCP-3787-B describes an anomalous increase in horse aggression in free-roam horse populations. SCP-3787-B has been observed primarily in the mustang populations of Nevada, where the largest feral horse population in North America exists. Examples of aggression include unprovoked hostilities toward horses outside a constituent pack (leading to fatalities), the active killing of most or all members of a feral horse pack by that pack's dominant stallion, and in some cases, the cannibalization of foals as a show of dominance2.

Increase in horse hostility has extended into normal horse feeding patterns as well. Feral horse packs affected by this anomaly will carry out apparently organized attacks on other wildlife as a means of feeding, escalating to the point of ignoring herbivorous feeding habits. This occurs despite horses being biologically unsuited for meat consumption in terms of their jaw structures and digestive systems. This manner of aggression has led to the progression of horses to the top of the food chain in many areas.

SCP-3787-B appears to have initially begun in newborn foals affected by SCP-3787-A but has since transferred to an unknown number of horse populations of varying ages based on a geometric infection model. In addition, this anomaly has developed in the same time frame and area as a second equine anomaly. This anomaly, designated SCP-3787-ε, refers to the immediate consequences of a marked increase of total horse populations, which has led to the increase of the equine in the human consciousness.

SCP-3787-ε is the designation given to an anomalous memetic form of equinophobia. This is the emergence of an intense fear of horses among humans with no previous basis to fear horses. Individuals may not be aware that they have been affected by this anomaly until they have been re-exposed to the concept of horses through forms of media, or through personal conversations that reference horses.

SCP-3787-ε occurs in suburban areas and urban centres, and among populations far from rural communities. More specifically, SCP-3787-ε occurs among populations with little access to that which is equine in nature3. Individuals within these populations with a fascination of horses on any level are not affected by this anomaly. An estimated 350,000 individuals within the continental United States (approximately 0.1% of the total population) are believed to have contracted this anomaly.

Addendum 3787.1: On 2021/06/30, Foundation efforts to reduce the heightened equine birth rate were deemed successful, and the median horse gestation period levelled out to approximately 1.5 times the baseline. In the two months since the anomaly was detected, approximately 450,000 new horses are believed to have been birthed in the United States alone.

On 2021/07/12, domesticated horse populations began to contract what is hypothesized to be an anomalous illness. Horses affected by this illness experience a period of extreme stress, leaving them in a comatose state, and eventually killing them in approximately 18.5% of cases. Current trends predict that approximately 37% of horses in the Southern and Southwestern United States are afflicted with this illness.

Research efforts into a cure for this illness have, as of 2021/07/29, proven ineffective.

Addendum 3787.2: Since 2021/07/12, approximately 1.1 million horses in the US are believed to have been killed as a result of the accelerated spread of this illness. On 2021/08/10, Site-82, in conjunction with the Scientific Department, published a report regarding PROJECT: DIRE HORSE to SCiPNET. A summary of the report is as follows.

Addendum 3787.3: On 2021/09/03 at 01:04 AM, unknown anomalous entities attempted to force access into Site-41 before being repelled by automated lockdown procedures. A transcript of the encounter, as recorded by on-site surveillance, is as follows.

Addendum 3787.4: On 2021/09/05, individuals known to be affected by SCP-3787-ε experienced a spontaneous shift in anatomy, becoming more equine in nature. Not all affected individuals were able to make a full transformation7, with some expiring before the full transformation became possible. Individuals undergoing this transformation have been given the designation SCP-3787-ε-1.

In addition to this, Foundation personnel specializing in antimemetics training have begun to make note of large numbers of SCP-3787-n. These entities have begun to appear en masse as a direct result of extended Foundation efforts to control North American horse population numbers8. The appearance of these entities has prompted the reclassification of SCP-3787 to a Hiemal-class anomaly.

A full description of SCP-3787-n is as follows.

Since the appearance of SCP-3787-n as a collective, North American horses have begun to deviate from their normal behaviour9. Nearly all horse populations have begun to display SCP-3787-B and attack humans, leading to civilian casualties beyond Foundation control. In areas with a high volume of SCP-3787-ε-1 instances, SCP-3787-ε-1 as a population10 has begun to form large groups despite pre-existing human class structures. These groups have begun a mass pilgrimage to an as of yet undesignated area in the American Southwest, being lead by groups of SCP-3787-n. How the two groups communicate is currently under active investigation.

In addition to this, numerous North American equine anomalies have begun acting in an anomalous manner that deviates from their documented behaviour. Equine anomalies seem to have taken an adversarial position on humanity as a whole and are acting in the best interests of SCP-3787-n populations. A full list of the changes to these anomalies is as follows.

Equine Anomaly Documented Behaviour Behaviour Post-SCP-3787 Emergence
SCP-042 A wounded sapient horse that spreads a sense of euphoria after making physical contact. The horse destroys most forms of vegetation it makes contact with by dehydrating them. SCP-042 manifested a wingspan approximately 15 meters in width, which it used to breach containment by flying over the fence of its enclosure. Contact with SCP-042 was lost for approximately 3 hours as it entered a high altitude. Contact was remade when Foundation personnel became aware of reports of a flying horse above Sedalia, Missouri. When personnel arrived, nearly all of the city's 21,000 citizens had been afflicted with "horse fever", which made them believe they were horses. The use of amnestics has not been able to reverse the effects of "horse fever".
SCP-1556 A group of 15 mustangs that manifests during foggy conditions in the American Midwest. SCP-1556 manifested in downtown Houston, Texas, after a dense fog and gale force winds were reported. The horses were highly hostile and engaged in attacks against civilians for approximately 16 hours. Attacked civilians were later reported to behave in an equine manner and were later designated as instances of SCP-3787-ε-1. Over 3,400 civilians are estimated to have been affected by this anomaly.
SCP-2514 A horse that sings a modified version of "Happy Birthday to You" at a high volume, instilling joyful memories into anyone that listens, while emitting pyrotechnics. The Director of Area-12 found SCP-2514 out of containment and inside his office. After following the Director around for the next 12 hours and causing damage to its surroundings with pyrotechnics, SCP-2514 de-manifested. The next day, on 2021/09/07, SCP-2514 re-manifested within Site-17 and spontaneously turned all human-produced food within 1 kilometre of Site-17 into horse feed, while following around any personnel with a birthday. Site-17 personnel were advised not to consume the horse feed. All food shipped to Site-17 within the next 36 hours was also rendered as horse feed. After 72 hours, personnel attempting to consume the horse feed fell into a comatose state and began to emit equine vocalizations.
SCP-3996 An intangible feral horse pack that manifests within the Nevada Great Basin desert every 12 hours. Individuals that choose to ride on the horse pack during this manifestation are brought to a tangent dimension with a high Hume level. SCP-3996 manifested in a relatively normal manner. Agent Emile, upon mounting one of the manifested horses, expected to be brought to the tangential frontier of SCP-3996-1. Instead, Agent Emile was taken to the apparent homeworld of SCP-3787-n instances11.

As of the creation of this document, the aforementioned equine anomalies have yet to be re-contained.

Current SCP-3787-n efforts appear to be directed toward creating an equine ethnostate composed of both horses and SCP-3787-ε-1 populations. Contact with passing equine populations by any non-equine populations has led to confrontative behaviour by SCP-3787-n, mostly in an effort to protect equine populations. Foundation personnel attempting to hinder the effects of SCP-3787 also face aggression by SCP-3787-n, and in some cases become transformed into horses by unknown means.

Addendum 3787.5: MTF-Pi-5 ("Glue Factory") has been formed to repel the attacks of SCP-3787-n. Each member of MTF-Pi-5 has been specially trained to deal with antimemetic anomalies and are to remain on a strict Class-W mnestic prescription. A summary of the task force's equipment is as follows:

  • 40 combat operatives using light-based weaponry such as the 1000W N-62A Laser Optics Pistol, the 2000W G1A Tactical Solid-state Laser Rifle, and the prototype █████W Basok-Prokhorov RX-7Z Hard Light Heavy Rifle "Nulltaker"
  • 4000 lm flashlights and interfaces utilizing night vision and blue-light eye protection lenses
  • 15 Polaris MV800 ATV medium support vehicles outfitted with Light Reconnaissance Laser Optics (LaLo) gun platforms
  • 10 Chenoweth RAV light action support vehicles
  • 4 SL/SX Support Drones utilizing Mariotte-Pashler antimemetic perception filters

Despite the formation of MTF-Pi-5, the full containment of SCP-3787-n and any related anomalies is not believed to be possible at this time due to their widespread nature. Foundation efforts are to be directed towards reducing any public knowledge of SCP-3787-n.

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