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Item #: SCP-3749


Photograph of SCP-3749 refilling

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3749 is to be sealed in a containment cell measuring 10 meters in all dimensions. Two containers containing no less than 10 liters of human blood is to be kept approximately 1 meter from SCP-3749.

A routine check for any cracks, leaks, or alteration to the drain mechanism of SCP-3749 is to be performed every 24 hours.

Under no circumstances should any liquids enter SCP-3749's containment cell. All weekly cleanings are to be performed using disinfectant wipes. All personnel are to be dried thoroughly using an air dryer implanted in the doorway of SCP-3749's containment before entry.

Description: SCP-3749 is a free-standing ceramic bathtub measuring approximately 1.4 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, and approximately 0.5 meters tall. The drain of SCP-3749 is located directly below the faucet, and consists of a hole measuring 3 centimeters in diameter that is usually filled with a brass plug of equivalent size. This drain is shown to operate independent of accompanying components, as even without proper draining mechanisms any contents exiting via the drain are shown to be transported to the nearest sewage plant. Upon initial discovery, SCP-3749 was shown to contain approximately 135 liters of mixed biological material, which upon further testing was revealed to be traceable to over 13 different DNA origins.

SCP-3749 was brought to the Foundation's attention in ████ by news reports of the C█████ family in a ██████ home all dying of extreme blood loss. After containing the fallout of this story, personnel were dispatched to the home to find the bodies of all 4 family members near SCP-3749, with the individual identified as ██████ C█████, the family's youngest son, partially submerged within SCP-3749's contents.

Autopsy's revealed that all family members except for ██████ had been completely drained of all bodily fluids, including blood, mucus, saliva, sweat, urine, stomach acid, and bone marrow. The individual found in the bathtub itself, however, was found to be only missing a percentage of his blood content. After analysis of the properties of SCP-3749, it's believed this individual managed to close the drain of SCP-3749 and survived for several seconds afterwards before finally succumbing to the trauma of SCP-3749's effects. Further investigation of the C█████ family's lease on the home revealed they had only had ownership for [DATA EXPUNGED].

After removing the bodies from the room, Personnel were then tasked with transporting SCP-3749 from the room to Site-██. In pursuit of this task, Agent █████ attempted to drain the contents of SCP-3749 by removing the brass plug from the drain at the bottom of SCP-3749. Immediately following the plug’s removal, the faucet of SCP-3749 began expelling a fluid later tested to be biological matter from Agent █████. This occurred at a rate consistent with the speed the contents of SCP-3749 should have been removed. The plug was replaced within approximately 37 seconds, and Agent █████ survived with only minor physical and mental trauma.

Addendum 3749-1: After SCP-3749 was successfully contained within its current containment cell, further tests with D-Class Personnel revealed the following qualities of SCP-3749’s anomalous qualities:
• The targeted matter SCP-3749 uses to replenish its contents is drawn from the source in closest proximity, with the effect only occurring to one source at a time. As such, it is possible to change the source of SCP-3749’s effect without the original source being exhausted.
• SCP-3749 only uses liquid biological matter to refill, with material such as skin, bone, hair, and enamel being left in the source, and liquids such as water, remaining unaffected entirely.
• SCP-3749 has not been observed to have a range in which its draining effects can occur. SCP-3749 has been shown to affect subjects approximately 5 miles from the site in the event no other sources are closer in proximity.
• SCP-3749 will completely replenish its contents regardless of the method used to remove the matter already within SCP-3749’s basin. Tested removal strategies have included vacuuming, spilling, scooping, and evaporation. SCP-3749 will always refill at a rate equivalent to the rate matter is removed. As such, the subject who overturned SCP-3749 to spill its contents was observed to immediately [DATA EXPUNGED].
• Any biological liquid material added to SCP-3749 through a method other than the standard refilling property is seen to increase the volume of SCP-3749’s contents equally. It is currently unknown if the contents SCP-3749 have reached or will reach a maximum capacity before overflow due to severe regulations against adding any further material to SCP-3749.
Due to the properties observed of SCP-3749, it remains of the upmost importance to avoid an overflowing of the basin, as there is currently no known method to lower the contents of SCP-3749, meaning a continuous loss of matter would result in endless refilling.

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